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Photo essay: On the road to Kalat Naderi

by Soroor Ghanimati
The region around Kalat Naderi in Khorasan, northeastern Iran, is one of the most beautiful yet remote parts of the country. It is home to a number of Kurdish communities that were forcibly settled there during the Pahlavi era. We passed by a group of Kurdish women and children on our way to Kalat Naderi. Nader Shah Afshar (1688-1747) employed Indian artisans from his conquest of parts of the sub-continent to build a personal monument known as "Ghasr-e Khorshid" (Castle of the Sun) but it was left incomplete after his death. Not far away is also an historic Islamic shrine known as Imam Zadeh Imam Zaman.


Kurds were moved to Khorasan during the Safavid era

by Rostam-e-Dastan (not verified) on

Ben is right. Kurds were moved to Khorasan during the Safavid era -- more specifically during Shah Abbas era.


I wish I was there

by urstruly (not verified) on

Looks like a nice life...


Simply Magnificent - Thank You!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

These are some of the most beautiful pictures I have seen!! From its north to its south, east and west each region of Iran is beautiful because of its diversity of people and scenary!

Thank you for giving us a glimpse of yet another amazing region of our country.


Soroor Ghanimati: Excellent!

by Tafreshi on



These are simple, beautiful pictures. Simple and beautiful like the faces of the women and the landscape in these pictures.
They take me back to the land I left years ago.
This is one of the reasons why I check Iranian website on a daily basis.
Keep more pictures coming. My compliments to the editor/s of this website.

Ben Madadi

During Pahlavi???

by Ben Madadi on

I knew they were moved to Khorasan during Safavid and Qajar 9especially Safavid) era, not the Pahlavi era. Am I wrong?



by Majid on


KALAT is , as you know a general name for some specific geographical trails and environments for that part of our "MIHAN"


This is the area of "Bakhsh-e Chenaaran", far from sabzevaar.

It's (or KAAR DEH was) about 50-60 Kilometer North East of the city of Mash'had .


Beautiful and informative

by Zando-Human-Yassan (not verified) on

Great work, a fresh experience after seeing all those cafe and restaurant of Shemiran that everyone photographs.

I was in Sabzevar during Sepah Danesh! There were also a few Kalats in that area. Can you tell me the proximity of this Kalat to Mashad and or Sabzever?
Funny, it took me to my days of service as well...


I can't believe this

by Majid on

I spent 18 months in this region, (KAAR-DEH to be exact)! as a literacy corp "Sepaah-e daanesh" back in the days!

Seeing this pictures took me back to ...........Holy Moly!

Thanks for this wonderful pics.



by farokh2000 on

Thanks for sharing. These are beautiful Pictures.