Hang Them!

Photo essay: Calls for punishment of Mousavi, Karroubi and Khatami

by Fars, ISNA
Friday prayer crowds, many holding signs printed by the regime, took to the streets condemning 25 Bahman protests and calling for the punishment of Mousavi, Karroubi and Khatami. These are scenes from Tehran and Qom taken by Fars News and ISNA photographers.


Don't forget August 18,1953

by Siavash300 on

Don't forget these are the same people who were saying "Long live Mosaddeq" in the morning of August 18,1953 and then they were chanting "death to Mosaddeq" in the evening.


One of my Serian friend was saying once they were going to the cemetary in Damescus chanting with hate against Hafez Asad and afterward when Hafez Asad came to cemetary and made a speech for them, everybody on the way back from cemetary loved Hafez Asad. Just in few hours all mood of crowd changed.

Most of these people didn't attend out of their wish or love for stinky mullahs. They forced to attend. They were intimitated. Majority are government employees who afraid to lose their job if they don't attend. The empty buses came to the place they were working and pick them up, took them to demostration. If I was employee such as teacher or worker at Donya Felez, I would be one of these crowd. Is that mean I love stinky mullahs? for sure, I hate these bastards and looking for an opportunity to show my hate. Once regime change, eveybody will be surprise to see the same crowd chanting in happiness and joy.

بت شکن


by بت شکن on

Was this one your comedic numbers or was it serious. I can't tell the difference.


Dear Kooshan

by divaneh on

Thanks for your explanations, but I still think your figures and quoted number of pro IRI people are like the IRI figures for the number of AN votes. There is just not enough money for 8.4 million thieves, even if we had those many thieves between us. Gathering a few thousand sandis drinkers from Qum, Kashan and their surrounding villages is a piece of cake. This state-organised  demonstrations with Sandis, transport and chelo kabab is not a match for the real people with a job to finish.

Tomorrow you will see this nation in action.



by afshinazad on

Who cares about these three stooges and some people trying very hard to put them as a leader. if these are leaders and they want the same regime, but why is every one on the street chanting dead to islamic regime, so does it make any sense to you to call these morons leaders. they are nobody,they are only firewall to save the regime. O - I SAY HANG THEM TODAY LESS THREE CLERIC TWO WITH CABAGE HEAD AND ONE WITH OUT IT.



Mullah's show... change is coming....

by Siavash300 on

lol ....stinky mullahs put all their people on streets for show. All who are on payroll. ha ..ha ha....

Their paid agents such as N.P and superman are leaving this site one after the other. Sounds economy sanction along with cutting subsides cut the paycheck of these puppets as well. Good sign for change. Mullahs are heading fast toward dumpster of history. They're trying their last resort to stay on power. What a joke... 


Dear Divaneh

by Kooshan on

I said 20% of THE POLITICALLY ACTIVE PEOPLE. and I said that there is Majority Silent.


So what % of Iranian population is Politically Active? I would say leest than 30%. You need to realize that more than 50% of Iran population is less than 16 years and so on and so forth.


Please be fair in your calculations.


I equate that 20% in raw numbers of 4.2M for opposition and 8.4M for pro-government. Yes pro government number includes all the special-interest groups affiliated with regime and so is the case with opposition.


I lost my hope in green when it became a vilent one. AND YES: IT TAKE TWO TO TANGO!



Dear Aynak

by Kooshan on

The pervcentages I gave is of course not a fact data but what I see in the streets. You need to realize that regime has the pulse of masses in hand with robust organization. We can not underestimate power of religion - EVEN in America!


I do not believe brutality of police is the reason why people stay home> I think it is "what the social state demands".

I think Police in Iran is not as brutal as arab countries. Not that they do not want to be but IRI is far more pragmatic than popular belief.


regime knows that violence breeds instability and that is exactly what the terror-preeching side of the opposition wants. If you do not believe me take a look at clips in youtube and see how groups related to ultra-royalist and mojahedin and cummies teach people to challenge police with militia tactics! This is the major reason that took away the masses behind green movement away.



David ET

آدرس خانه میر حسین موسوی

David ET

 آدرس خانه میر حسین موسوی : ابتدای کوچه‌ی بن‌بست اختر در خیابان پاستور

رسانه شمایید

areyo barzan

An Important Note

by areyo barzan on

You should all remember that most of these people are members of basije and their families who directly benefit from IRI and the rest are the government workers who have to attend otherwise the Hefaazat Ettelaat makes sure that they will loose their job.

Furthermore they are not from the same town or city. They are herded into these rallies by government paid bus transport. It is a day out with lots of Saandis for them and a propaganda tool for the government, as simple as that

Another important point worth noticing here is that most of the banners held by these demonstrators are government printed and identical. None of the participants actually believes in the slogans written in the banner they are holding . You can see it in their faces.

That is why all of the banners put together do not hold as much water as one hand written banner produced by the 25th of Bahman demonstration.

If you look at the history of 20th century it is full of these phoney demonstrations organised by dispirit dictators and it will fool no one Furthermore even by the standard of these types of paid rallies the turn out in this one is quite poor and pathetic 

Siamack Baniameri

Have no fear

by Siamack Baniameri on

You are forgetting the historic fact that many traitors and collaborators live among us. These are the same diehard supporters of Massadegh and Shah who turned their backs against them in the final hours. These people have no loyalty and turn against their masters in a heartbeat. When the day of reckoning comes, many of these very same people will go out in the streets and hunt Basijis down. That’s who we are. That’s our culture.


There are more than ten thieves

by divaneh on

Guys if you thought there were only ten thieves, then you were wrong. These are those who have a share of the blood stained stolen money of Iran. There is no belief in them, but there is plenty of greed. Unlike those who fight for liberty, these vulchers will not risk their lives to save IRI. Just look and see how many Akhonds are in the crowd.

If I am not mistaken, this is Qom, the stronghold of the regime. Those who say 20% of Iranians with a straight face seem to forget that it means around 16 million people. Don't take a few thousands Sandis drinkers serious. They fizzle out like the wind that they are.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

I don't know how much support IR has. But I doubt it is as high as 20 %. Maybe it is. But you are right people are afraid and do not want to be raped so they hide their feelings. Heck we hide our feelings for much less. danger than it.


It is absurd to say this regime has 40% support

by aynak on

and the opposition 20%.    The brutality of the regime has caused people to go back to their homes.   But fundamentally, what has changed for better to think they are more popular now than election time?

That is why the regime is so affraid of allowing a simple rally to take place.   Else why not give them permission instead of shooting them?



May we all have good dreams.


I say lets do it

by عموجان on

After all execution is not something new to this regime they were doing it when these three stooges were on power any way now it’s their turn, they should have said something then may be thing would have turn out differently, too late now. But if they hang them I am sure their supporters wouldn’t be taking it lightly,they don't have the balls otherwise it was a done deal by now, they are just making life harder for them which is fine they all want the same thing, Islamic government and I don’t care for that.


Ahle beite basijia

by statira on

hatman jeereheh tarykeshoono ziad kardand. Kofr az ghiafeyeh hameh che zan o che mard mibareh. Bishtareshoon peerohato shakh sheekastand.


Dear VPoK

by Kooshan on

Please read your paragraph:

"You are not silent or majority. You are a vocal pro IRR minority. Do you
really think we are fools. Do you think we are unable to tell a pro
IRR. For God sake it does not take a genius to tell where you are."

There are many errs in your 3 sentence para:

1. You know me more than me (Did I say it right? please rethink!!!)

2. You try to think for me by saying " Do you
really think we are fools."

Did I say you are fool? I said you have special interest and I know Democracy or Freedom is not one as per item #1 above.

3. You are a heart reader as I quote you: "does not take a genius to tell where you are."

There is a rule #4 in my philosophy " a Human-being truly can not know what is in one's heart (intention). So what I can count on is on the obvious incidents and events and I have no right to judge people behind my monitor!

4. You say: "Do you think we are unable to tell a pro

You remind me of Mr Bush as he said : "you are either with us or against us"!!!!!!!!!!

Well reality is that there is many other options.

My philosophy there is no pure black or white in this world. We have some 99% black or white and then there is a gray area in between that occupies the other 1%. That 2% is called the world we live in my friend. Once we understood and accepted this, Democracy and Justice is inevitable, whether you are Pro-Opposition or Pro-IRI or the SILENT MAJORITY!


Dear Rastgoo

by Kooshan on

Yes I love Khatami and voted for him; He is a brave man with bright vision in the clothes he wears. He truly believes in democracy.

The issue is his supporters are not sworn supporters but sympathizers. This is the problem in Iran. We do not have an establishment to support the stance of the SILENT MAJORITY!

Based on CIA report, 17% is the critical # for a regime to barely stay in power. Reality is that IRI support whether it is sweet or bitter to our taste is far far more than that.


about the signs

by alireza on

Have you all noticed that all the signs in the hands of protesters are professionally printed and made. I think, I saw only one hand written sign. The rest are all nicely printed.


You see what they are

by norooz on

You see what they are saying? They say the greens have taken side with west and Israel. How greens responded to that? By tearing down an anti Israeli banner. What do you expect them to think and react?

Just as west doesn't know the psyche of Iranians, the opposition doesn't know the psyche of hardliners and conservatives.  Even those who were supposed to know gambled and made a bad bet counting too much on their supporters.

I have said this a million times. Issues could have been resolved if the opposition had taken similar approach toward west and Israel and at the same time asked for freedom and democracy. They wouldn't be accused and issues would have been resolved. Based on what the conservatives have seen and heard from the opposition groups, they think the day the oppositions take over, is the day Iran will be controlled by west again. Unless the oppositions can prove otherwise, I very much doubt if they ever succeed.  Unfortunately, most oppositions except the nationalists are in fact supported by west and Israel.     

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

These crowds of IRR supporters would be perfect targets

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

for American/Israeli bombing campaign! Just imagine how wonderful Iran would be without these animals!?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are not silent or majority. You are a vocal pro IRR minority. Do you really think we are fools. Do you think we are unable to tell a pro IRR. For God sake it does not take a genius to tell where you are.


Statistics are on our side

by Rastgoo on

The reform movement has some hard numbers to back up its popularity claims:  Khatami won by 80% of the popular vote.  This is hard statistics counted by people in the interior ministry who opposed him.  There is no room for error.  This means that at a minimum 80% of Iranians are pro-reform and hence green.  Statistics implies that the other 20% are non-reformers hence regime supporters.  This is a very conservative estimate.  Some put the IRI support at 6-10% max based on other indirect polling that has been allowed to take place in Iran.  In either case even if they have 20% support it doesn't surprise me.  I think if you look at any nation, you can find a 20% fundamentalist faction.  Look at the American evangelicals and the tea party supporters, look at the Israeli right wing of Likud or the French ultra-right.  Another good piece of hard data to note is that 75% of the revolutionary guards voted for Khatami ;)


Yes IRI has support

by IRI on

Yes, as you can see, IRI has support. HELLO, IS ANYONE HOME? lol


My pseudo-cynical view

by Kooshan on

Guys, I'm sorry but this is not a little crowd as some likes to see it.......until you win over 70% of people, forget about toppling IRI.

OPPOSITIONs are at 20% right now  and Pr-IRI are 40% and then there is 40% SILENT MAJORITY like me. Yes they are 40% because of major religous affiliations with regime in the countryside. SILENT MAJORITY (SM) flactuates +/-20% based on their stomach barometer!


The hard part is that it is not like Dr. Mossadegh era.  People are very alert and politicized. It is hard to win SM over unless you start buying weak-hand SM's out......I would suggest America to cut the pro-opposition spending it has and allocate $10B to buy out 10M people. That is $1000/capita. This should definitely do it!


yes, regime buys people with a Sandis but US needs to pay a big price!




Hang'em High!

by Faramarz on

One thing for sure, the Basiji crowd don't have a sense of humor or much talent in rhythm and rhyme!

They don't look happy either! Too much Limo Amani in Gheymeh Polo!

Here is a quote from Clint Eastwood's "Hang'em High":

The Hangman: You have a last request?

Prisoner: Sure, would like me a chaw of tobacco. What's the matter, hangman; afraid I'll choke to death and you'll lose your hangin' fee?


Here is the theme song from "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly" by Ukulele Orchestra.




off all the pictures,

by aynak on

only #1 and#2 shows masses, but based on the size of the street in number 1 the crowd can not be even  10,000.   For the second, even less.

The only way to show real crowd, is by areial photo from a helicopter.   That way the crowd size can not be manipulated.   For instance, what is happening in the adjacent street?

So not much to lose sleep over here.

May we all have good dreams.

Mardom Mazloom

There were pro-Shah manifestations

by Mardom Mazloom on

just some weeks before his fall too


The density of people with their banner, reminds me those lost souls !!

Jeesh Daram

we don't need them

by Jeesh Daram on

Revolutions no longer need leaders, because the information flow allows people to understand common ailments. Today in dictatorial countries people are moved not by any revolutionary leader, but rather they are moved by sheer forces of anger. 

You need to be angry and frustrated to revolt and not by and because of someone's instruction. Regime in Iran might very well hang these two loyal and dedicated scapegoats of the regime, but that will not extinguish the anger that people are carrying. Our anger is reaching to a Pakistani level of anger and that is chaotic.

Mousavi and Karoubi are no longer relevant, no matter how hard government tries to make them look relevant. 




The big risk Iran is facing

by vildemose on

The big risk Iran is facing now is some form of a back door deal between these "melli mazhabis" and the united states to divert people from a Revolutionary path to a "regime change", per Egypt.  

Spot on. 


I hope for regime supporters to stand up and fight.....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Instead of legging it to London or Toronto.

Had there been a bloody fight -call it a civil war if you wish -  between the forces loyal to Shah and Revolutionary forces in 1979, then the most militant and progressive -by nature- sections of the society would have gained  power, instead of a bunch of Bazaris, so called "melli mazhabis", who turned the clock back to safavieh era!

The big risk Iran is facing now is some form of a back door deal between these "melli mazhabis" and the united states to divert people from a Revolutionary path to a "regime change", per Egypt.  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."