From Happy to Grim

Photo essay: People & Places

by Mohsen Rashidi


Amazing work!! The pictures

by Fandogh on

Amazing work!! The pictures are from West of Iran(Kurdish people).

Bijan Douli

Now I can see the result of Mongol invasions!

by Bijan Douli on

So they really did rape our people! What region is the cover photo from? beautiful children.


Most beautiful pictures!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred


Nice work, thank you for


Nice work, thank you for sharing.

Anonymous Everyday


by Anonymous Everyday on

Very expressive pictures. I think I smelled the distinct smell of Spring when I saw #23 and heard the children's laughter in #5. You have a great eye. I only wish you would go easier on the Photoshop. You don't need it. Use it as a tool you control. Don't let it control you. #20 and #29 for example are too much. Don't over saturate your photos. Don't allow your work to become tacky. Best of luck and happy shooting.

hamid bahrami

hamid @ houston I didn,t

by hamid bahrami on

hamid @ houston

I didn,t know which one to save so I saved all of them. what an eye for detail.

good camera too.




What a treat!

by Monda on

I had never seen so much detail than you covered in #15, and so many other faces.  Thanks for sharing.

Hoshang Targol

Pics 17,18, 19 from Shaamloo's grave, keep in mind that

by Hoshang Targol on

Hezbollah thugs have attacked his grave practically every single year, since his transition. They still have a hard time with him, even now.

Have a feeling Shaamloo is going to be around  a very long time after all these murderers are gone and done with.



The Camera is a Nikon D90 with an 18-105 Lens

by kazem0574 on

How do I know you ask?  see pic 41.


The camera? Right camera!

by pharyd on

The camera is not as important as the photografer. A guitar is not as important as the one who plays on it!

But my guess is a Nikon :)



by pharyd on

Daste agha Mohsen dard nakone. Kheyli aksaye jaleb o roh bakhshi bod.




by Abarmard on

Unreal. what kind of camera is this?

persian westender


by persian westender on

The black and white as impressive as the color pictures. 



Love these pictures !

by kazem0574 on

Is there anything we Iranian's can't do well? 

Don't answer that!!! ;-)

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Amazing portraits, rich colors. So expressive.



by yolanda on

I sent #48 to is gorgeous! I like smiling kids and scenery shots.....very natural and beautiful!