In the heart of the desert

Photo essay: Deep into the Iranian desert

by Masoumeh



by Amir Kabir (not verified) on

in particular number 53 and 57.


What's the name of the place in Farsi?

by Faribors Maleknasri M. D. (not verified) on

I am also interessted to know the name in Farsi.
may be given a Hit? Where i could get it? Thank you.


Very Refreshing and Different

by cat (not verified) on

We always get to see pictures of Shomal, Isfahan, Shiraz, the usual tourist places but these are very different.
Those flowers, I’m wondering if they are fragrant or not?


What's the name of the place in Farsi?

by Anonymous Mountain Biker (not verified) on

I need to know exactly where this place is. What the name, "The Everlasting Silence of Desert" in Farsi. I want to go over there and mountain bike. Are they from Iran or some other country traveling there? Did they take their bikes with them to Iran, or did they purchased or rented them in Iran. Anyone please?

persian westender

That desert, is all I

by persian westender on

That desert, is all I need...a faraway horizon where the sky meets earth.  



Anonymous iranian..

by Khar on

According to the blog link provided by Masoumeh the location is; "The Everlasting Silence of Desert in Yazd,2007(Norouz Holiday,1386)"


Very Nice

by Niki on

Cool pix, it is especially nice to have a look at these photos of sunny landscapes while experiencing a severe cold front!



by Jaleho on

Thanks a lot for sharing your fantastic unique trip. Was it an organized trip with regular tours inside Iran? You guys seem to have fun of a life time!


Loved the pictures. I want a water color of #58 and #64!!

Jahanshah Javid

Great trip

by Jahanshah Javid on

I really enjoyed these pictures. Goes to show deserts can be just as beautiful as historic cities, forests or beaches. And being with a bunch of good friends is always a bonus.


Thanks for sharing,but

by Anonymous iranian (not verified) on

What desert was it and was it located?



by Anonymouszzz (not verified) on

This looks like a great experience! ....and nice to see friends together in the desert hunting with their cameras. Cheers,