History of Art

Photo essay: Iranian artifacts, ancient & contemporary

by A. Davey


Real Nice

by Cost-of-Progress on

to see photos of Perisan artifacts and the not freaking mosques and religious establishments.

Thanks for this refreshing change of scenery. 






by onlyinamrica on

Does anyone know?



by aasoudavar on

unfortunately many of the pieces from the Reza Abbasi Museum are modern forgeries that were first sold  by the notrious Iranian dealer Rabenou to various European dealers and collectors, and then gathered by Koutoulakis of Geneva and sold in the 1970's to the bureau of Queen Farah Pahlavi, as genuine. the first director of the museum, the late Mina Sadegh upon receiving them at the mueum understood they were fake but did not know what to do with them. these include images : adair 01-02-03-05-07-08, that i have seen myself. adair06 I have not seen physically, but seems wrong too.

If forgers are considered artists (in a way they are), then J. Javid's "Long Live the Artists" may apply to them as well!

Abolala Soudavar



by P_J on

Such a TERRIFIC show!  Reminding us of our GREAT ancestors!  JJ, I second your feeling of politicians!



by yolanda on

Great collection of photos....I wish there were captions...I e-mailed this one to myself:


Hopefully I can see the artifacts with my own eyes one day!


I second JJ

by divaneh on

Thanks for this magnificent collection. Here are my conclusions.

No 16: Definitely needs some explanation.

No 17: Picasso’s great great grandfather was Iranian.

No 18: Socks were not very comfortable in old days.

No 24: AN’s great great grandmother was also Iranian.

No 28: Women suffering is not new.

No 65: Cheap Chinese imports has a long history.


no explanation

by ahmad_ on

almost all of the artifacts had some kind of description telling viewers of their history.

would have been nice to be able to read them.


Thank you so much

by Marjaneh on

for showing that at least some artifacts are still in Iran for the Iranian people,
although it pains me; I know (some of )what is missing and has been looted ....


Jahanshah:  Long live citizens

If I had a mind; I'd change it.   - Marjaneh

Jahanshah Javid

Bah bah...

by Jahanshah Javid on

Haz kardam. Items thousands of years old, to more recent... all of them so amazingly beautiful. Long live artists! Down with politicians!