Invitation to Israel

Photo essay: Message to Israeli colleagues

by Jahanshah Javid

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M. Samii

Good decision...but I don't get the tennis thing!

by M. Samii on

I think you have made a great point in balancing a free trip to Israel against the indignation one must go through in the required intterogation, just because he/she is a journalist and happened to be Iranian-born. No one needs such indignation, no matter how attractive a free trip sounds.


And with great regrets about your divorce which I think is hard on you as it would be on anyone...I didn't get the tennis thing! Are you a tennis player? Do yo play it all by yourself? Do you have any tennis partner? Who you were serving to? Who took the pictures?...Just curious!


I play mostly social doubles (highly recomended). If you happen to be in the Midwest though, let me know to round up some players and hit! Dress warm though...this is no California...!!!


Hang in are doing well and the site is great.


Best regards,


Visit Haifa...

by alborz on

and the Bahai Gardens...



Nuclear "danger"

by Nazanin (not verified) on

This was really nice. I liked the page where you cite the environmental dangers posed by going nuclear. However, you're right about the exaggerated danger of a nuclear Iran. The West just can't stand a scientifically prosperous Iran - Jeesh Daram commented a while ago about this and he was very right. Iranian scientists get very little credit for their work to advance Iran and are only viewed as "terrorist collaborators", as Heisenberg was when he was the head of the German nuclear program. Thank you for also reminding us about the lovable lunatics who had thousands of nuclear weapons at their disposal. However, you left out Boris Yeltsin!


To Go Or Not To Go

by Mehdi on

First off, fantastic work of art! Very creative. Timeless, people's kind of work of art (as opposed to government sponsoring kind of art - if you can call those art at all). Isn't it a mystery that people like you are never on a country's list of candidates for presidency or something like that? Why do we always get depraved or at least dim-witted people in positions of power? Is there some kind of conspiracy? Or should we think that this is just natural?

Next, I think you could have had a very positive impact if you had gone. I think the only trick in such an adventure is to do your best to keep being who you are. Some offers can be very tempting - not the materialistic ones, because I can tell those would not work on you but in the way that "maybe if I step over some of my principles, I can do something for people (which would justify stepping over principles)." If you can manage that and not be "too greedy" in what you can do for the situation, then you could do a lot. Just speak your mind and see what comes up. All you have to do is communicate. And if you communicate enough, you will establish agreements. And with that, people will start to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Next time, dear JJ, don't underestimate your power please!  




by Aref-Adib on

I really like  your "Dar 2 Del". I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the photos and text! It works.


Missed opportunities....

by Rosie T. (not verified) on

Jahanshah, you should've paid someone a hundred bucks to write the paper for you. Money talks, you know what walks. And students are always hard up. I understand some of them are paid to write spam on this site by Mossad agents...think of how it would've evened the score! Just kidding. I know they are really paid by MKO. :D
But seriously, next time don't miss the opportunity. If you can't come up with the dough for the student, I will personally take up a collection for you. (Or even write the article myself for free if you publish my Princess Leila poem...)
Remember me? Ashkenaz in the Anderoon?


What to do with that pisky littel humne thing called conscience

by Anonymouss (not verified) on

Most off all, I too think Israel has been very good for Palestinian Children.

I say NO to Israel for killing Innocent Palestinians for land in the name of GOD .

Even if I were given all the wealth in the word. And it has nothing to do with religion or Race.
As a matter of fact, I hope, I would do the same thing for the Jewish people if the situation was opposite.

It is a matter of conscience .



i am iranian and jewish. I

by persian and jewish (not verified) on

i am iranian and jewish. I have been to Israel a couple of times and like to travel to many different countries for pleasure. I have a US Citizen passport and was born in IRAN. They questioned me very much in tel-aviv (they even asked if i remembered what i recited for my Bar-Mitzvah)....

Anyway, it was bad but i got through it. The experience wasnt as bad as the way i was questioned at Miami international. They took me to a special room where everybody had to wait to talk to an immigration officer individually. This was all because I DIDNT Shave for a week.


Middle East Common Market, MECOM

by Asian (not verified) on

Lasting peace and prosperity are easily doable
in Middle East, as follows:

1. Israel builds state-of-art petrochemical and
pharmaceutical, and materials development
industries within its borders.

2. This will be a joint venture between Israel
and the oil-producing countries in M.E., with
equitable profit-sharing.

3. Israel assists these countries to fully modernize
and expand their own petroleum refining indus-

4. Alternative renewable energy resources will be
jointly developed, and equitably shared by all
regional states. These energy resources would
include solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric,
tidal, and mass cultivation of fuel crops,-
among many other posibilities.

5. The entire M.E. would be declared a nuclear-
free zone, and Israel accepted by all as an
integral and indispensable member of the region.

6. All it takes to do this is common sense, living
and planning for the future, rather than being
trapped and stagnating in the past, and a sincere
vision and commitment to better lives for all
the peoples of the Middle East.


If you get the chance again...

by K Nassery (not verified) on

and you don't want to write the paper. Tell me and I'll do it for you. You shouldn't miss such an opportunity again....



When they invite you...

by ahvazi on

Agha JJ,When they invite you next time, you should go especially if they are paying for it!!

Another thing which is even more important next time your friend talks about the Pittsburg Steelers, you should turn it around and talk about Sanat Naft-e-Abadan :-)


Orang Gholikhani

Intresting narative style

by Orang Gholikhani on

Hi JJ Jan,

It is very intresting as narative style and also what you share about your thoughts.

you could make a short film (court métrage) with this matérial ;-)


PS : for your divorce : my advice is tell yourself : "In ham Bogzarad"




by RA (not verified) on

Good for you ... but why do you think I need to know that? I go to toilette twice a day (sometimes more), but never tell anyone about it... go figure.



by Saman (not verified) on

I have travelled to Isreal 3 times with my American passport that clearly shows my place of birth as Iran. I am not Jewish. I did not have any problems at the airport or in Isreal. Everyone was exremely polite and friendly. At the Tel Aviv airport I was greeted by professional security officals who smiled and welcomed me to Isreal. I will definitely go again.


Israel is great if you are Jewish

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Back in 1973 on my way over to US my father's business partner asked for me to take some money for him to Israel (it seems back then there was a restriction or cash was better), anyway Sabena used to travel to Tehran, we changed. They took me off of the line at Tel Avive, even though I had Iranian passport (you remember back then we were buddy buddy) they searched (and cavity searched). I would not ever go back even if my hat blew there.


World is on a crash course - survival of the fittest? NOT!

by PeaceForever (not verified) on

I mostly agree with your aspirations for peace.I believe that we're bound to obey the rule of cause n' effect whether we like it or not, whether we believe in god or not.

Unfortunately, as you said, only few brave/fearless/barbaric/selfish minorities take hold of destiny of people in their hand and take the nations on a crash ride. The irony is that it can even happen in a democratic society as we see.

So, is it the survival of US empire that is driving us in the crash course? Is it all for selfishness and wanting it all for myself idealogy? Is it really the growing pain in the middle-east? Is it the humility that is being imposed on Asian masses (go through the slavery history and you will see what happened to some presumed-2nd-class-earth-citizens)? Is it over-population? Is it the transitional stage to the new world order? Is it control of world energy resources?
Maybe it's all; The problem is the severity, agony and tragedies of war are kept away from masses and even the war policy makers. No body is out there in the field to see what is happening to casualties of war on either side. This is something that was learned in Vietnam war.

So, It's hard to anticipate a peacful scenario for the future of earth unless the conflict of interests among nations are removed. It's a lengthy process that needs some time for civil societies to form.

There's an inetresting saying:
For sure, Life is a belief and striving for it.

Peace and prosperity for all mankind;


We all hope for PEACE!

by IrooniIrooniam (not verified) on

JJ - its clear that you want nothing but peace. So glad to see a fellow open-minded Iranian (I'm sure there are many, millions, of us). And you're right, the most important thing is interaction of both sides, interaction between regular people and not the power-hungry govts that rule all three players (Iran, US, and Israel). God Bless (whichever God anyone believes in), and lets all hope for long-lasting PEACE!


to: JJ (Glad you are not going to Israel)

by Uncle Irany (not verified) on

Dear JJ,
Good that you did not go to Israel. I have travelled there several times, and from your writings I can feel in my bones that you are a sensitive person. For you to observe the hardship and treatment that young (and old) Palestinaians get (say In Juresulem), would hurt you very much. You don't need to be be pro- or anti-palestinain to be hurt when you see those treatments. Just a human being would be hurt seeing that. Also at the airport, they would treat you like a terrorist. And, we are not talking about respectable/reasonable "officials"; we are talking about 15-16 -20 year old women soldiers who think of themselves as Godess on Earth not as bunch of war criminals. If you are surprised, this treatment is limited to Iranians. For example, one of my colleagues from Spain, during their questioning of him at the airport, had to present his paper and slides that he has brought for a conference there at the airport to this bunch of idiots to prove that in fact he was a researcher visitng Israel to present his paper at a conference! (and we call mollahs backward and stupid!)
I am also sorry about your divorce, but sometimes it works for the better. It did for me.

Best Regards,
U . I



by :-( (not verified) on

I know that I am probably going to get criticized by changing the subject on you but hey this is also about the “freedom of speech”!
I am sorry to know that you are (or getting) a divorce but I am more sorry to see one more of Iranian guy bring a wife from Iran with not too happy ending! WHen are you going to learn?


I've been there

by Anonymous-123421354 (not verified) on

I have been to Israel on a business trip. It is a nice country and most people are friendly. Jerusalem is an absolutely beautiful city and I got to see all the sacred religious places. Too bad that you missed this opportunity. I had no problem getting in the country but they questioned me for exactly 45 minutes before they let me board the plane. Overall it was not that bad.


This is cutting edge; very innovative!

by farrad02 on


This is very original. I like how you did this. Never seen anything like it; Perfect!