Italy Re-discovered

Photo essay: From Venice & Florence

by Aria Fani

I travelled to Italy in July 2009. Having arrived in Marco Polo Airport, I was excited both to see the city of Venice and the renowned photographer, Riccardo Zipoli. My interview with Riccardo will appear in the issue of Peyk magazine. I spent three days in Venice. Having talked to natives however, I realized that Venice and its decaying beauty continues to enchant them even after several decades. Venice was filled with art exhibitions and museums. Art was part of the landscape. Perhaps that is why one of the most visited places in the world barley had a tourism center or information booth. All tourists ought to do is wander around, an activity known as flâneur.

Florence, my next destination, presented a quite different attraction; a small city with an exceptional concentration of magnificent architecture. I enjoyed Italian wine a lot (Chianti & Vernaccia). Italians are very expressive, and it was only then that I could come to their level of self-expression. In my photography, I have tried to capture a focused view of Venice and Florence. In so doing, maybe my photos will present a moment of re-discovery from what you’ve previously seen on television or internet. Hope you like them.


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