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School textbook

by Parham

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by Mehrak (not verified) on

This took me right back to kharazmi elementary, behind those small wooden desks. I recall having to copy the contents of the book onto paper in my slow, childish handwriting. What innocent times! I wonder if our children will have a similar experience in second grade..... likely not!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


Agha Doktor

by Anonymous4now on

 سرپرست وزارت آموزش و پرورش می‌گوید کتاب درسی دختران و پسران باید جدا بشود . البته اینکه چرا خداوند بزرگوار برای دختران و پسران و مردان و زنان یک کتاب فرستاده از اسرار است و اسرار الهی را نه سرپرست وزارت آموزش و پرورش می‌داند و نه دختران و پسران.

احتمالاً در کتاب درسی دختران داستان دهقان فداکار اینگونه خواهد شد:
صغرا خانم فداکار خیلی ناراحت شد اول خواست پیراهنش را در بیاورد ببندد به چوبدستی و آتشش بزند.

بعد یادش آمد لخت می‌شود و اگر چشم مسافران نامحرم به او بیفتد خدا او را با چوبدستی‌اش در آتش جهنم می‌اندازد.

بعد خواست چادرش را استفاده کند یاد موهایش افتاد.

سپس متوجه شد لازم نیست مثل مردها به هر بهانه‌ای لخت بشود، او زن است و خدا به او عقل داده لذا نفت فانوسش را ریخت روی چوبدستی و چوبدستی‌اش را آتش زد و چون دویدن برای زن بد است سلانه سلانه به طرف قطار رفت اما دیر شده بود و قطار با سنگ‌ها برخورد کرد و همه‌ی مسافران شهید شدند. انا لله و انا الیه راجعون.


Great artwork and calligraphy

by ramintork on

Artwork of Ostad Kalantar was really suitable for these school textbooks.

The calligraphy is beautiful but later changed to a format that would be easier for the kids to read, it has changed back recently from print to hand written style of fonts.

As for the books today, apart from very annoying religious contents and the attempt to brainwash the kids e.g. stories such as the little Palestinian boy who throws stones at the soldiers there has been an attempt by the educators to fight back IRI propoganda and put some good contents in the new books, where they could get away with it!

There is still Ferdousi poems and the biography of Pahlavan Takhti and other national heros so it is not all gloomy.



by Parham on

Not at all...

Too bad I can't see your picture to be able to return the compliment. In any case, thank you!

Kiana - I can't tell if your message is for me.


Thank you Parham Jon!

by Parnian (not verified) on

It was very memorable. That is the year I was born. I couldn't believe it.
Is that your real picture? Would I embarrass you if I tell you that you have very piercing and beautiful eyes? I am sorry if I offended you.


You are so funny............

by Kiana (not verified) on

Are you for real? I could tell that you are a comedian in a dark way.


JUST IN CASE! I was talking

by Dariushagha (not verified) on

I was talking to that Fariborz Maleknazri, "OBGYN"...
obgyn my ass.



by Dariushagha (not verified) on



Fvck Islam and Fariborz

by Anonymous^2 (not verified) on

Fvck all 12 Imams
Fvck Allah
Fvck Mullahs
Fvck Muslims


Saale Dovvomi and Concerned Iranian

by Parham on

You are welcome.
I have to thank my friend Chahriar P. for having sent me these pictures.


Don't be deceived.

by Fariborz Maleknazri, OBGYN (not verified) on

The glorious ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN ended 2500 years of corruption and sinful acts that can be clearly seen in the first 3 pictures where sinful girls are shown without hejab. Do you believe that after 1400 years of islamic teachings, the teacher in first 3 pictures is even showing her bare and lustful legs, without showing any mercy for the students who may be distracted as a result. Also, the word "iran" should be replaced with "islam" or "arab" in the first poem there. As it was islam and arabs that brought civilization to iran when they were invited by ALL the people of Iran to get rid of the corrupt regime of YAZDEGERD. AYATOLLAH KHOMEINI (CBUH) got rid of all those corruptions after 2500 years of rule and oppression by PERSIS SHAHS. Greeting.


Bread and Yogurt & Peace

by anonymous54 (not verified) on

Non o mous :)


666... Peace...

by Dr. A. Hassan Danesh (not verified) on



In old time
One's house was home
It was a home then
It was a home now
And it was a home for ever
And often the same house passing down from
One generation to another
Snd every soem hundred years
A room or so would be added to the structure
To accomodate for the populatoin growth in kinship
But today
People have become grasshopper
Hopping from this residence to that residence
And always in envy of finding a better house
Than the one they are currently in
And when you look at the farm field
You feel it is all obliterated and chewed up
By the ever growing envious urban grass hoppers

Ab Danesh



by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

Thank you so much for the posting. Great Job!If you have books from first grade or other grades, I am sure many will be happy to see and enjoy. Thanks again!


Kelas Dovom

by observer (not verified) on

Well here it is folks. Secular education. For those who have forgotten. Here's what Khomaini and clan were angry about, perhaps one of our more important achievements.And let's thank Parviz Kalantari the illustrator of this text book for his work. He later became a well known figure in his own right,working in the sixties style of Iranian contemporary painting along with Pilaram, Golzari etc,.


Thanks a million

by Saale Dovvomi (not verified) on

Dear Parham,

I cannot begin to thank you for your most beatiful posting of the above images. It opened a floodgate of memories, some of them I had not recalled since those wonderful days. I was a "Saale Dovvomi" in 1960-61 at a Tehran primary school called Raveshe Nou. My Headmaster was Dr Abbas Yamini Sharif who was the first Iranian with a doctorate in education from the United States. He was also a pioneer in writing children's poetry and stories. The poems featured in your photo-essay "Bacheh haaye Iran" and Freydoun were two of his famous works. (pease see the link below):


Once again allow me to thank you for reviving the most beautiful memories of my life.