Land of the Dragon

Photo essay: Five days on a piece of paradise in Paraty, Brazil

by Jahanshah Javid
Paraty is a small town by the Atlantic ocean half-way between two of Brazil's biggest cities, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The old part is very touristy but the surrounding nature is breathtaking. Ten minutes away by car, Frenchman Rafael and his Brazilian partner Fabio have built a paradise on their land and called it "Sitio do Dragao". Three are three homes on the property which are rented to visitors. Thanks Lida for taking me there :)

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Loved the photos, beautiful

by Ghahremani on

Loved the photos, beautiful and unassuming. I can just imagine how relaxed you all were. As for the fruit, Cherimoya, you can buy it here, but God help you with the thousand pits! Have a safe trip, my friend.


Nice pictures.

by Albaloo on

Nice pictures. 


Zang bezan! :)

by naetrom on

Doroooood, JJ!

Hey, if you are coming to São Paulo, just let me know: (11) 7042-7442! I'd be very glad to meet you, aziz!


Jorge Mortean - nesfe Irani, nesfe Berezili! :)

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Thanks Souri jan. I hope you are inspired enough to travel (more often) and see the world. It become more amazing for every trip :)

The fruit in photos 78/79 is a variety known in Spanish as cherimoya. I'm not sure if it's the same in Portuguese. It's sweet and creamy.



by Souri on




You are such a lucky man, Jahanshah. I envy you.

This is a true paradise en the Earth! Unbelivable.

So much pity that the captions were absent.

I loved them all. 

What is that fruit in # 78/79?

And I especially liked those flowers at # 64 and # 31...

What a crazy Bar B Q :)