Looking back

Photo essay: Khomeini and the 1979 revolution

by Shahrokh Hatami
I have a 30-year-old book of photographs of the revolution by a photographer named Hatami (see: shahrokhhatami.com). I thought it would be interesting to reproduce them for the 30th anniversary of the revolution. I paid my nephew Nico $20 to scan the entire book :o) The photos that have a black line in the middle are the ones that were spread on two pages. -- Jahanshah Javid

Esfand Aashena

Interesting pictures. Worth seeing again. Notice the 70s show!

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred


I feel sorry for you!

by Iranian student (not verified) on

I feel sorry for you guys. Your pathetic remarks make it clear that you got frozen in the 70s! The Iranian nation have put the revolution era behind and are moving in their path through history; sometimes succeed, sometimes fail. But some fossils just can't get over what happened 30 years ago and desperately try to relieve themselves with conspiracy theories!!

Farhad Kashani

I'm glad that these

by Farhad Kashani on

I'm glad that these pictures have been posted so some us who forgot, can remember that aweful day the monster Khomeini stepped foot in our great country and began destroying it , and along with Iran, began terrorizing the world.


Chahar shanbe Soory Is Coming

by Iran parast (not verified) on

And this yer I well Bern again the moslem's holly!?book.{Javid Shahanshahy Iran}



by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

Ahvazi1, Damet garm... I am proud of being your Ham-Meehan as well...

It's so unbelievable that after 30 years Iranian people still can't analyze the facts on the ground at that time!

Who planned,designed and executed all that? Who brought those thugs from Iraq to England and Lebanon for Theory and Practice training on the ground , later gave them shelter, refuge and Free BBC coverage around the clock in France, later brought them to Iran by Air France and delivered them to Imperial Iranian Air Force so they could protect him and fly him free to beheshte zahra?

Who did make all those thousands of Khaki and Green Uniforms and brought in thousands of Brand new Toyota land Crusiers (Sarallah) for already PLO trained Pasdaran to contain Iranian people to such degree in less than few days? Who made the name Committe? (That is not Iranian or even Islamic) You think that was all done by Khomeini and his thugs? They could not even speak Persian properly at that time! How ignorant were we???

Nobody asked those very basic questions then and nobody does it now!!!

Continue putting their heads under the sand and pretend that was an Honest Iranian revolution by Iranian people only........ How naive and sad !!!!

Until we can understand and learn about the truth, we will remain prisoners...

Peace and Free Iran Forever



by maziar cviii (not verified) on

Q khan thats exactly what khomieni said in one of his speeches (HASHAL HAFATS) our mission is to bring peoples PROSPERITY if not the ISLAM will go away for the next 500 years !!!
hashal hafats = jafangiats


انگلیسی چی‌


انگلیسی چی‌ آقا. آقا امام زمان و حج آقا خمینی شخصا انقلاب رو هدایت کردن و به ثمر رسوندند. اگر این حضرت بزرگوار این کار رو نکرده بود ما هنوز هم زیر ظلم پیشرفت و توسعه شاه وطنپرست بودیم. خدا پدر مادر خمینی و دارو دستش را ( که اکسرنشون الان یا اعدام شدن یا تو هلفدونین یا فراری) بیامرزد که آمد و ما ایرانیارو به اوج آزادی رسوند ( کشتارهای دسته جمعی، أعدامهای بدون محاکمه، جنگ ۸ ساله و کشتن یک نسل کامل، سلب آزادیهای فردی و سیاسی ......).

ما ایرانیایی خارج و داخل ایران که طرز فکرمون با بچه سید‌ها فرق می‌کنه خوب مسلما فسیل شده و دور از واقعیت هستیم. ما اصلا چی‌ حالیمون، همین کثافت‌های ضد اطلاع آتیی که از داخل ایران گماشته شدن تا تو اینجور سایت‌ها به نفع حکومت فعلی‌ زورگوی ایران زر بزنند بیشتر هالیشون. حتما اونائ که تو ایران هم هر روز دستگیر و به زندان انداخته میشن از همون ایرانیای فسیل شده خارج از ایران هستند؟

اینروزا عمر زور در کل دنیا به سر رسیده و مردم این روز‌ها بیش از پیش از حقوق مردمی خود آگاهند. بدونید که مثل دیگر قدرتهای زوگو این حکومت هم عمر عبدی نداره و چه دیر یا زود شکل حکومت ایران عوض خواهد شد. اونوقت اون خاعنینی که مارو به اینجا رسوندن به سزای امالشون خواهند رسید.

به بچه سیدای iranian.com: میخاین جلوی ما رو بگیرین؟ زکی‌!



Guts feeling ......

by pooya (not verified) on

Living in the heart of revolution, my guts feeling was that Brits were behind mullahs, Khomeini, and Revolution! But the popular TV show "Daie Jaan Napoleon" had blinded the people, and they did not take the cry of "Wolf Wolf" of Choopan-e doroughgoo, seriously!

Shah was weak, concerned for his reputation, and ill advised. Instead of ordering mass distribution of Khomeini's books, in schools and universities, as part of education, he even let people who participated in demonstrations against him, or did not go to work, get paid at the end of the month. So demonstrations became a fun game for the people!

For a short period of time, thousands of foreign nationalities left Iran. But when the mullahs took power, they all came back, plus many more from the Communist countries. Since then, Iran has become
"Ham Sharghee, ham Gharbee", so mullahs can sleep peacefully at night, and stay in power for 30 years!

I once asked a group of French businessmen, who were visiting Iran right after the revolution, "Who's friend are you, Shah/Farah or Khomeini?" They all laughed, and showed me a couple of paper dollars and said,” We are friend of this!"


LOL, Dai Jan Napeleon's are out in full force tonight

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

kar kare Englisha bood!

don't forget Nostrodamus!


Freedom From The Shah's Dictatorship

by Fresh Iranian (not verified) on

The Shah was a Dictator...this is clear to every Iranian. However, the FOSSILIZED (Fossil Shodeh) Iranians who live mostly in California and Europe tend to think that the world revolves around them. This is not the case. Iran and Iranians IN IRAN have moved on and not only are the strongest country in the region, but they are on their way to becoming a superpower which is independent of Zionist influence. This must make the balls of every Anti-Iranian Zionist Hate Monger burn like they put aftershave on it. Khomeini will be Iran's George Washington.....he was also hated by the Monarchist Americans who were loyal to Britain. Islamic Iran will once again open relations with America and the hopes and dreams of Monarchist, Communist, Marxist, Socialist Iranians will diminish like dust in the wind. The Blessings of Hussein (Barack Hussein) Obama will be that link to open friendly relations with Iran. Khomeini's words were prophetic, especially during the 8 year Bush Reich.



by ahvazi1 (not verified) on

I am proud to be your hamvatan! you guys are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!!
the evidence is crystal clear that this fiasco was the perfect storm created by the brits, facilitated by carter, and carried out by a buncha dirty b#@$@rds like yazdi, PLO thugs, and a handful of shepeshee akhoonds!
for god sake, let's at least tell the truth here!
I just wish that the shah had the guts to unleash hell on these blooksuckers- or they would have shot that F$%$er out of the sky....
when the devil is knocking at your door, you don't open the door and serve him tea!
let's free iran in 09!


Q read majid's comment to you twice.

by curly on

second time is for me!

Thanks for the compliment, and I think your comments are amusing too. trying to defend a corrupt regime and a morally bankrupt leader. You can try to intellectualise the subject but it is a little too late . The new generation Iranians  are very aware of his anti Iranian actios.  The day he arrived on our land will be in our history books but not as the biggest event but as the  day zahak entered our country.


فقط یادتان باشد

حاجی حسین قناد (not verified)

اگر فرصت دست داد به ایشان رحم نکنید. اگر رحم کنید وضع دوباره بهمین بدی خواهد شد. با همان کتاب دینی که آوردند یکی یکی شان را از تیر چراغ برق آویزان کنید و زیرشان آتش هم روشن کنید.

قبر خمینی باید منفجر شود.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

No sense of humor?

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

عزاداری تو خون مونه !

بابا تا وقتیکه نتونیم به خودمون بخندیم ، نمی‌تونیم خودمنو عوض کنیم !

حالا من اومدم بجای چس ناله ، یک پیغام فکاهی‌ گذاشتم ؛ زود باید رگ حزب الهی‌ات به جوش بیاد و بزنی‌ پاکش کنی‌؟


Where's the Canadian geese

by desi on

Where's the Canadian geese when you need them.  How sad.  Everybody was duped from the University students to the poor and illiterate.  To me he's the embodiment of pure evil.  Beelzebub with an ammameh.


Just watch:

by ThePope on

('till the end...)

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Revolutionary leader, or just a child in the driver's seat?


Place blame where it belongs...

by Rajab. (not verified) on

Blame squarely is placed on people of iran and specially all revolutionaries and followers of this monster. Khomeini would not have existed if it were not for stupidity, blind religiosity, greed, jealousy, selfishness, and lack of knowledge of people of iran. We need to take responsibility for our action and for selling our country to our ideologies of Mohammad or Marx.

It is instructive that none of those leaders of the revolution turned up what they claimed to be, each and everyone of them broke the record of criminality and treason.

Revolutionaries claimed that shah was corrupt to the bone, and some still believe that, only to replace him with someone corrupt not only to the bone, but also through the bone, far more deeper and widespread than shah ever was. A simple review of the last 30 years reveals that corruption of the shah was nothing but minor petty corruption compared to the depth and breadth of corruption that the islamic regime brought with itself.

Revolutionaries have nothing to say except claim dependence, imperialism, zionism, and all of the other endless nonsense for the various ills of iran with out taking any responsibility for their endless daily atrocities against the people of iran, but only excuse to replace those allegations with voluntary briberies of russia, china, india and other UNSC members for protection that they never receive, fire sale of iranian assets for arab causes, and suppression of anything iranian, from Nurooz to Chaharshanbeh soori, and replacing it with endless ceremonies crying for long-dead arab charlatans.

Had iranians bothered to think of iran before worrying about islam or their access to power and wealth, had they bothered reading Khomeini's books, they would have easily known that that Emam was no saint but the devil himself masquerading as an angel in pursuit of destroying iran. A simple read of his Tahrir-al-Masael, reveals what a dirty sick psychopath he was that only belonged to a sick life in 7th century arabia. His expertise was in, as he thoroughly explains in his book, what to do with a mule after having sex with it, how to wed an underage girl, how wonderful Prophet's member was (I am not kidding here) and how he flirted with 6-year-old Aisha (I am not joking - check it out yourself). It is an eternal shame into the face of anyone with an ounce of sincere affinity to iran that any of us ever followed that dirty old bas**** and replaced the half-decent shah's regime with an indecent criminal SOB who can only be placed in same class with invaders and aggressors of our land in destruction of iran and mass murder and deprivation of iranians.


عکسهای جالبیه



عکس شماره   ٢٩ رو ببینید!  تیر غیب داره از چپ و راست میباره، سربازان امام زمان پشت کیسه های شن سنگر گرفتن!  فقط نمیدونم بقیه چرا بجای قایم شدن پشت جان پناه دارن تخمشونو میخارونن و جلموی دوربین ژست میگیرن!

عکس٣٣ هم دیدنیه....صورت رو باید سیاه کرد برای استتار! حالا بی خیال که پیرهن سفیدش بچشم «دشمن» نمیاد !

کیو جان، میفرمائید........

and he had a lot more loyalty in the people than all of them.

جای بنی صدر و قطب زاده ، دو نفر از «حواریون» آقا خالی ! «لویالتی » آقا رو دیدن ها! ولی یکیشون استخونهاشم پوسیده و اون یکی هم دربدر شده! و اینها جزو کسانی بودن که آقا رو «آقا» کردن!

آنکه با مادر خود زنا کند  با دیگران چه ها کند؟


ولی این یکی رو خوب اومدی.............

One either understands history, or is stuck in the past fighting against it.



curly, you don't have to try so hard

by Q on

your comparisons are amusing, yet irrelevant to any point made. One either understands history, or is stuck in the past fighting against it.


The man was an embodiment of

by sw (not verified) on

The man was an embodiment of all that is good and ever will be. A gift to mankind. A prophet of love and mercy. May his children and his grandchildren never feel joy and happiness.


Q please!

by curly on

come on man,so you say

Like it or not, Khomeini's arrival was probably one of the biggest events in Iranian history, certainly the biggest in the past 500 years.

so is arrival of AIDS, does it make it conducive to human beings?


Anonymous observer :

by curly on

I know you are right . At least those animals do not eat or attack their own. as  JJ says he came with hate, and had no intentions of building Iran it was just revenge, and he did.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

Yes, the animals are actually more important (and more useful to the world's ecosystem).  What is the use of that imaginary figure in the well in Jamkaran or the dead jackal buried next to him? 



by Fatollah (not verified) on

By the way, I must confess that I do agree with you to some degree!


fatollah 3 million?

by curly on

Sandiago zoo gets more visitors . Does it mean those animals are important too?



by Concerned Iranian (not verified) on

This fabricated invasion by Foreign powers was the worst B/S Iranians have ever faced in their history...
Shah ordered his generals NOT to shoot any Iranians and surrender to Foreign spies and agents. The bastard Foreign agents and ignorant people attacked military bases without any resistance by the military whatsoever... Gaurde Javidaan in Lashgarak alone could have beat the crap out of all those CIA and PLO mercenaries combined together in Tehran... But no, they also had direct order not to resist against mercenaries!!! (The ones with their faces covered....)

I was there in Tehran and saw that with my own eyes in (Padegane Jamshid Abad) between Maydoone Kennedy va Gisha.

Like all other Padegaans in Tehran, They were ordered not resist and in some cases leave the front gates open for the thugs to come in and take all guns and weapons!!!! Less than 100 shots were fired during that attack and those were by Mojahedeen khalgh, Chereekhaye fadaei and other Islamic thugs who were trained by CIA by PLO. Theses mercenaries were also the ones who were shooting Iranian people (during demonstrations) from roof tops(YOU CAN SEE IN THE PHOTOS) which caused massive hatred of Shah and his government at that time....

Even as far as all those mass demonstrations against Shah by public at that time, had that have happen during Khomeini and Islamic Republic regime Today, they would have masacred people by Tens of Thousands. And honestly they did after coming to power by killing all those who didn't even resist... The rest is history and still our current nightmare...

Vaghean Marg Bar Shah that let this happen to IRAN, He should have killed and gave a good lesson to all ........ Ignorant people of Iran (including so called educated and intellectuals) at that time deserved an Evil like Khomeini (lead by super powers) and his thugs to rule and F%&k Iran over for 30 years now....... I just feel really sorry for the New generation that still pays to this day for their parent's ignorance to the max......... Eternal Shame ....



Not so fast

by Anonymous.... (not verified) on

These are incredible photos! Thank you for collecting and posting this important event of our history.

Khomeni was very well known outside of Tehran, and long before the 79 revolution. He took an enormous task of reverse engineering a western mindset that was embedded in the mind and hearts of Iran's elite, something that came as a major expense to the masses living outside of north Tehran.

No doubt he ruled with an iron fist, just as the Pahlavis did (specially Reza Shah) in their quest to root out Islam for the primary benefit of the west, and just western powers do in their own way.

He slaughtered people that showed alligence to the west instead of the vision to make Iran independant. Just like the west has been doing to it's competition, except we've killed a lot more people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon in the era alone, and its been giving ultimatums to do the same to Iran if Iran doesn't confirm to the self serving rules of the western elite.

If you objectively view the way things are unfolding today, one can't question their patriotism for Iran. Many of them stayed and fought for their country, and deserve the recognition for removing the hands of foreign powers from Iran's pockets.

I am not endorsing for clergy to rule Iran, but I think their quest for Iran's indpendance is admirable. Once that goal is fully accomplished, dealing with the internal role of theocracy or people's rights is an issue that is for Iranian think tanks, scholars and Iranian society in general to decide, and therefore Iranians abroad should support for the west to keep it's nose out of Iran's internal affairs.


My dear friend

by Fatollah (not verified) on

My dear friend Iranivaliazad,

For 1000 toman at your own risk, each year the IR will organize a pilgrimage for willing devotees and individuals from four corners of the land of Iran, they will buy you a free two-way bus ticket and provide you with four five free meals (hopefully chelo kabab and what not!), they will take you to visit Imam's shrine for 48 hours. "ham faal va ham tamasha"!

Yes, 3 millions visit the shrine each year indeed.



by Ferdos36 (not verified) on

Thanks for sharing these photos. Reminding us what we could have had if only....

"We cannot move from a dictatorship of boots to a dictatorship of slippers.." -Dr. Bakhtiar

But we did...