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Photo essay: University of Maryland conference on human rights in Iran

by Hasan Sarbakhshian
“Toward a Culture of Civil Liberties, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran” held by the Roshan Center for Persian Studies at the University of Maryland from October 29, through October 31, 2010. Conference program PDF file. Visit my photography site EasternViewer.com. I can be reached atinfo@easternviewer.com.


Conference on Human Rights in Iran and a Photo Essay ??!!

by simitenbiri on

جل الخالق ،  واقعا کنفرانسی که فقط  عکسهاش  قابلیت  خبری داره ،  معلومه که چقدر اهمیت داره.ـ!!ـ   کسی هم نمیپرسه  آخه اینها چی  گفتن چی چی شنفتن؟


به!به! جهانشاه جان سری تو سرها شده!چرا با خانوم عبادی عکس نگرفت؟


Everything is sacred

Farah Rusta


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Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

It was so good to see you again at the conference! It is also a great honor to have your wonderful photography on Iranian.com. I hope you will share more of your world class photography with us, Hasan Jan. Thanks so much!