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Photo essay: Being in Iran during Norouz

by Ali Alavizadeh
This Norouz I had the opportunity of going to Iran for a week. Here are some pictures that I took in Tehran.



by hamidbak on

Indeed my friend....

Jaye ma ham khali


Gear Pictures.

by Feshangi on

I think I gained two pounds just looking at all the delicious foods. The sonbols gave me a huge headache since I am allergic to their scent. I loved the little pussy cat too - meow!  




Thanks Anonymous

by Majid on

Thanks for clarification, MY BAD!

I thought it was "Tomans" and not "Rials".


Pistachios per pound

by Anonymouse on

Majid that is 65000 Rial or 6500 Toman per kilo of pistachios.  That equates to about 3250 Toman per pound or about $3 - $4 per pound.  How much is pistachio in california?

If you haven't been to Iran for a while I can tell you the smallest coin is 50 rial or 5 toman.  Whereas in 70s smallest was coin was 1 rial (seldom 0.5 rial) and 5 toman was eskenas (paper money). 5 Toman coin is like 0.5 rial now and mostly they use 250 toman coins.

When you go grocery shopping or any kind of shopping in Iran you carry literally a suit case of money.  You can tell by looking at how people cling to their brief cases, which doesn't really amount to much.  Or buldged pants, full of money of course, nothing bad :-)


Beautiful pics

by Majid on

I'm glad you brought back some wonderful pics, but...

@ pic #14, just look at the prices for walnut and pistachio!!

God almighty! 100,000 for walnut and 65,000 for pistachio?


Wonderful pictures

by Anonymouse on

Don't know which one to choose as my favorite.  Inee mini myni mo, I choose picture 12 for being colorful.

ebi amirhosseini

thank you so much for

by ebi amirhosseini on

thank you so much for sharing the pictures.

Kaametaan Hamisheh Shirin Baad!!

Mona 19

Mr Alavizadeh...

by Mona 19 on

...Beautiful Pictures :)...Nooshe janetan Bastani akbar mashti ham khordid :D

Tanetan salamat va delatan shad


P.S.Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pictures with us.


lucky you!

by IRANdokht on

thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures with us... delam ro aab kardi