Magical Persia

Photo essay: Family weekend at British Museum

by parima shahin moghaddam
Photos of our family weekend (April 19, 20) at the British Museum, where I had a jewellery work shop. The program was sponsored and organized by Magic of Persia>>>


ethnic Iranians/Persians are white

by Kyle (not verified) on

To anonymous 1, the Persians are white people. And no, they are not represented by whites because of "a lack of Iranians in London" (whatever that is supposed to mean). If you had something of an education you would know that European (white) people as well as Iranians come from the Indo-European group, and like, all European groups, are genetically similar. Besides, you're probably not even a real Iranian anyway, making a comment like that. Just someone pretending to be one as a method of pushing your opinion on to other people.



by Arash . (not verified) on

The smile in persev006 is very heart warming - wish I knew her name.


Stop this Persian nonsense

by killjoy. (not verified) on

We are not Persians. WE ARE IRANIANS. We were Persians hundreds if not thousands of years ago. If we are Persian, then Italians are Romans and Turks are Othomans, etc.

What is wrong with being IRANIAN?


To Anonymous1

by ssss (not verified) on

Stop complaining. Their country, Their rules. Whenever somebody represents Persians with dark people, some Iranians complain that "NO WE ARE WHITE"!, and now you are complaining that why they represent Persian with white people. If you are really concerned about our Persian heritage, you better do something about our anti-Persian government so that instead, we can have a deserving Magical Persia Program at Persepolis. By the way, Ancient Persian monuments are falling down, and the ancient Persian cities are being ploughed by farmers and in general the national heritage is in the state of disrepair due to negligence and misconduct of Islamic regime; at least the Persian artifacts in the British Museum are well preserved.


why are white poeople always

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on

why are white poeople always representing Iranian culture. Is it because there is a lack of Iranians in London, or another attempt by Iranians to dissuade the public from who we really are.


Ballet Afsaneh were on fire!

by Aref-Adib on

Great photos!

The Ballet Afsaneh dancers were on fire at British Museum.
I recorded one of their dances:


Nazy Kaviani

Thank you!

by Nazy Kaviani on

Looks like a good time was had by all! Ba ejazeh, I borrowed one of your pictures for my blogs (with full credit, of course!).