Neda ye Ashura

Video & posters of contemporary resistance against evil

by akkassbashi
Ta'zieh (Persian: تعزیه) means Condolence Theater and Naqqali are traditional Persian theatrical genres in which the drama is conveyed wholly or predominantly through music and singing. Tazieh dates before the Islamic era and the tragedy of Saiawush in Shahnameh is one of the best examples. In Persian tradition, Tazieh and Parde-khani, inspired by historical and religious events, symbolize epic spirit and resistance. The common theme is the hero tales of love and sacrifice, and of resistance against evil >>> Video

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Video:Neda ye Ashura
Dec 27, 2009
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Wyatt Earp

by durham on

Who's you family ? can tell me plz ? do u have father or mother ? do u know them ? i belive in this one thing that make's u angry about islam is : it dosen't let you to rob people , it dosen't  let you to fuck your mother , or i fuck your sister , ok islam is a great religon it dose't let kind of you son of bitch live on the earth and then you will answerd in the hereafter accusing to our beloved prophet

Banafsheh Zolfaghari


by Banafsheh Zolfaghari on

Have no doubt that Neda will be part of our Iranian heritage for centuries.  Aften all I have no doubt that 'Imam' Hussein's legacy grew over time into the saithood our Shia islam has turned him.  Neda has led the way for Iranian woman to make their mark on our history.


test of freedom

by nojanthegreat on

You guys take my comment out , that shows your commitment to freedom of speech and tolerant against others lol

In respond to fatolah , his name is more suitable for gazvin and those activities.

And about ahmadinejads and khameniss family , I don’t know them as well as you do , so I cant say.

I just don’t see it how is your hero , is not even politically motivated.

She was not there to protest , that’s what the family said at first?

I just see the AIPAC and Baha’ lobby behind all this activities.

Its always good to see people like you chasing your own tail. Every 30 years you come out to burn Iran and all the hops she has alive.

Just funny how ahmadinejad and his majesty the shah have one thing in common and that’s standing to the west , you just need to see the old interviews. You idiots .


Great Job

by عموجان on

This is a good way to directly communicate with those who still see the world in the old way 

Anonymous Observer

nojan, what are you talking about when you say whore?

by Anonymous Observer on

am I missing something?  I don't see Ahmadinejad's mother or Khamenei's daughter or sister in these photos.  Those are the only whores that I know...



by divaneh on

This pictures are so strong and makes very good use of the Ashura event to link it with the realities of our time and the real martyrs.

Wyatt Earp

First family of Islam? LOL

by Wyatt Earp on

I thought the first family of Islam was Mohammand and his Haram i.e. whore house.  Although I believe his 9-years old wives didn't have much choice.


Khar jaan

by Fatollah on

No bad thought was intended towards you!

this googooli maagooli nojan whatever the hell his name, seems to open his mouth wide open, too bad he is not doing that in Ghazvin ... 

sorry for the misunderstanding :)

Respectfully - Fatollah 



Mr. Fatollah

by Khar on

Hemaar in Arabic means Khar in Farsi. Did I miss something here,  what does Khar has to do with this? ;-)


The Iranian search for justice...

by ahvazi on


I love the painting, i think we are moving from the "Shedding fake Tears" show put up by the mullahs to control people to reflecting about what justice means. In this case your painting depecting the martydom of Imam Hussein and the sacrifice of the Iranian youth is well done.



Nothing new realy, a gentler form of Ommah

by SamSamIIII on


preached by current Alavii green leaders of the movement and as always, per tradition of "grabbing power on the count of Imam Hussein & Ashura" . This is the reality of Ommatestan represented by our farhang back home. wether we agree with their leaders & Ommatie icons or not we must support them not as Iranians but as humans and wish em well in their struggle to reconstruct a new gentler  Islamic Republic that just might be more tolerant to the small minority of patriots and provide them with a luxory of minimum freedom to express their mere thoughts without getting butchered by the runners of version 1 . If this psyche was reformable it would have been done up to now after 1400 yrs as Spanish did , so we the minority have to count our blessing & be happy with whatever meager amount of dignity we are offered by the mainstream culture and it,s followers.

Godspeed to enlightment & victory of gentler shaikhs 


Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //

Shazde Asdola Mirza

I'm not devote, but the IDEA of Hossein is buried in our hearts!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Every voice counts! Every action counts!


Mozhek Ast

by spatima on

Mozhek Ast

be haman andazeh ke regime islami dar iran emrooz mozhek ast.

Dont take national heroes and depict them as arab followers of some Imam. Keep your religion to yourself.

In hope of a Free, Independent and Secular Iran

Jahanshah Javid

Very creative

by Jahanshah Javid on

Every anniversary and symbol sacred to the Islamic Republic is being turned upside down and reclaimed by the popular opposition. You have added Ashura to this trend with your creative work.