From Niavaran to Shah Abdol Azim

Photo essay: Visiting Tehran after 32 years

by Jeesh Daram
باغ طوطی اولین جایی بود که میخواستم بعد از آنهمه سال ببینم. امیدم بدرختان تنومند قدیمی بود، چنارهایی که پر از کلاغ میشدند و به گنبد شاه عبدالعظیم ابهتی میدادند. بسیار تعجب کردم که تمام محوطه قبرفرش بود ودر تمام سطح آن باغ قدیمی فقط چند درخت کاج ده پانزده ساله و نیمه مرده مانده بود و روی تنه یکی از آنها پیراهن بچه ای پهن بود تا خشک شود. زیر درخت دیگری بچه ای مشغول بازی بود. دو زن وسط آفتاب روی قبری نشسته بودند و چای میخوردند. شاید آنها نیز برای تکرار خاطرات کودکی آمده بودند>>> more

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Nice photos! Haven't been to shah abdol azim hopefully next time

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


Niki Sedaghat- 8 Year Old with the voice of an Angel


Niki is only 8 but has already been singing for a couple of years. Her voice is strong and getting stronger every day. Check her out.




Where is TAKHTI's grave?

by obama on

Bealutiful photos. However, if I ever go there would be to see Takhti's grave. what happened that you missed the most important part? Thanks!



by HollyUSA on

Lucky you JD. I would love to be able to take a leisurely trip to Iran and be able to visit all the sites (and even just the regular kooche pass kooche ha) and travel all over. Someday soon I hope. Meanwhile thanks for sharing your experience with us so exquisitely.


Simply Gorgeous

by Solitude on

And O' so nostalgic. Thank you for sharing it with us, and glad to see your articles after a long time. I have been a fan for quite sometimes.



by yolanda on

 I e-mailed pix 6 thru 16 to myself. I love the pix with crystals,  chandeliers, honeycomb dome, and colorful tiles. They are so gorgeous, they blew me away!

Thank you sooooo much for sharing! I know one of these days, I will visit there myself. If I don't do that, my life will be incomplete!!!!


Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"


Khaylee mamnoon.

by pedro on

I enjoyed the article you priviously wrote about the trip to Iran, very much. This essay, completes the package nicely with added photes. may your mother rest in peace. Thanks.