Old fashion

Photo essay: Early 20th century

by Parham

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Artificial Intelligence

These pictures are Fantastic!

by Artificial Intelligence on

Thank you!


Famous European Photographer

by History Buff (not verified) on

Hi All,

I dont recall his name but I beleive these photos were taken by famous European photographer at around the turn of the century. Not sure about these photos but he did have quite a few of "ladies of the evening."

If you can imagine the times, most of these photos would have been considered to have been "blue." It appears that some may have been taken at oldschool brothels.


Hello Parham It's good to

by TheMrs on

Hello Parham

It's good to see you here again. These pictures are such gems. I wish you had some more back ground about the ladies. Are they ordinary "citizens" or not? Are these from a family album or they're random. How can we be sure they're all iranian (not that it would make them less special if they weren't). Were they photgraphed voluntarily or not? Who photographed them? Absolutely fascinating. I love their shoes, they're in style again. And Picture # 7 blew me away.

A breath of fresh air.


Something not right about

by Anonymous2009 (not verified) on

Something not right about these pictures; look like photoshoped. Almost 100% positive they aren't real.


OMG, So scary!!!!!!!!

by parnian (not verified) on

OMG, So scary!!!!!!!!


They were ahead of their

by Persian Alain Delon (not verified) on

They were ahead of their times!!

In my teen years, I called them girlfriends.

Ugly, jelouse guys used to call them "Akeleh"

Not to mention that I married one of the guys sisters 35 years ago!! :))

I was only 25 with a good job! An Airline Pilot.

And NO! she was not a flight attendent:))

She is still the love of my life!


WOW. So gorgeous

by shaterian (not verified) on

Now, that is what I call Persian beauty.


این طور که معلومه


سیبیل از قدیم بین خانم های ایرونی مد بوده!

just kidding :)