Original Akbar Mashti

Photo essay: Tajrish home of greatest ice cream ever

by asghar62
In my recent trip to Tehran, I visited the famous Akbar Mashti ice cream shop in Tajrish Sq. I thought the original Akbar Mashti ice cream shop is still located in Shahr e Ray (Shah Abdol Azim). I remember when we were kids, it was a threat to go there and have ice cream and Faloudeh (or Paloudeh) after visiting the graves of my grand parents. But it looks like the original Akbar Mashti is the one in Tajrish.

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by Majid on

Try to post your recipe on more time, would you please?


And to staff (moderators).........why deleting a recipe? 



by i_support_khamenie on

why does someone keep censoring my comments regarding the secret ingredient?

if you do want the secret ingredient,  email me.



by Fatollah on

I seem to learn more each blog I visit these days,

Thanks Red wine jaan, I didn't know that about Akbar Mashti and his endeavours inside and outside the Qajar court and his encounter with MirPanj, speaking of Reza Shah, he truely had the utmost respect for Khanoum Fakhr-o-dolleh.  ;)

Quebeqi aziz, a dear friend of mine makes real fine Akbar mashti ice creams, he too like you persues the goal of perfection, but for me his ice creams are bah bah and chah chah all the way - keep up! :)

and thanks for Asghar agha for this blog, the pictures too!




by R2-D2 on

In my last trip to Tehran, I visited the store, and loved it ..... :)

My Favorite

Roohesh Shad :)



hamsade ghadimi

akbar mashti and haj mehdi

by hamsade ghadimi on

once i was in anzali and had a hankering for akbar mashti ice cream.  ignorant that not all of iran knows the ice cream, i asked a an ice cream store owner if he had akbar mashti ice cream.  he told me he doesn't know akbar mashti but there's another ice cream store in town run by haj mehdi, "maybe you're looking for haj mehdi ice cream."  :)

thanks asghar for the photo essay.  and thanks red wine with your interesting history lesson.


The Holy Grail of Ice Creams! :)

by Quebeqi on

The first time I tasted Akbar Mashti, I could not believe that an ice cream be so delicious. Now that I am hooked, when I go to an Iranian restaurant, I always enquire if they have Akbar Mashti. Unfortunately in Montreal, I was unable to find some and, at Akhavan grocery store, they just sell some in microscopic packages. I wonder if there's a place in Montreal where I can buy at least a half litre container of this delicacy.

I also tried to prepare some Akbar Mashti ice cream myself but the results were disastrous: I ended up with a hard frozen creamy brick.

For the time being, I'm still pursuing my quest of the Holy Grail of All Ice Creams :)

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

این محل را ما به خوبی‌ به یاد داریم،یادش به خِیر و شِمیران ما به سَلامت و عافیَت !

طبق مدارکی که موجود است :

نام واقعی ایشان اكبر مشهدی ملايری بود. وي در ابتدا شكر و چای را شمال میبرد و از آنجا هيزم به تهران میآورد. هنگامی كه وی ۲۰ ساله بود كه با ممد ريش آشنا شد و از طريق آشنايان وی توانست به آشپزخانه دربار مرحوم مظفرالدين شاه راه پيدا كند و تا آخر دوره قاجاريه در دربار بستنی سرو ميكرد.

بعد از  سلسله قاجاريه، رضا میرپنج تمامی پرسنل و خدمه دربار ازجمله اكبر مشهدی ملايری را از دربار اخراج كرد. اكبر مشهدی ملايری بعد از اين واقعه با پولی كه در مدت خدمت در دربار جمع كرده بود توانست مغازه بستنی فروشی خود را در درحوالی ميدان راه آهن با نام بستنی فروشی اكبر مشدی افتتاح كند. وی معتقد بود كه بستنیهای ايرانی بايد كاملا با بستنیهای خارجي فرق داشته باشد و ايرانیها ترجيح ميدهند تا در بستنیهايشان خامه، گلاب و زعفران بيشتر از نگهدارنده های ديگر باشد.

آن زمان هنوز يخچال ساخته نشده بود و وی مجبور بود براي تهيه يخ از يخچال های طبيعی راه های طولانی تا كوه های شمال شهر را طی كند. گاه تا عمق ۶۰ متری در دل يخچالهای طبيعی پايين برود. تا ذره ای يخ بدست بياورد.

به زودی شهرت وی بقدری زياد شد كه رجال مملكتی و سفرای خارجی مقيم تهران نيز به مشتريان پرو پا قرص اكبر مشدی تبديل شدند. نقل است كه فخرالدوله مادر دكتر امينی (نخست وزير وقت) از اكبر مشدی خواسته بود تا با هزينه وی به فرانسه سفر كند و براي مهمانان وی بستنی سرو كند.



by comrade on

Nice, he must have been an old customer of Haaj Akbar.

For ethical reasons I'm gonna ask you to provide us with the proof of the airfare payment.

Just kidding, nice pictures. Thanks 


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