Paradise Lost

Photo essay: Hossein Derakhshan's last days of freedom

by Jahanshah Javid
Two months before his arrest at his home in Tehran on November 1, 2008, Hossein Derakhshan traveled to southern France. Here are photos from his Flickr page. Visit

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by Rosie. on

Thank you for joining the forum just now with the express purpose of disseminating this 'information'. I have rebuttals to your post as well as to the link you provided, so should your missionary zeal have compelled you to follow up on this thread at all, I am ready to discuss with you. If you're out there, please let me know if you're interested (bearing in mind that if you don't say you are, your credibility is just about nil. ).


Hoder is a fraud!

by ihateiri on

Hey yo! Hoder is in bed w/ the IRI. His dad is a big shot bazari over there. His rich dad finances his elitist/lefty lifestyle in Europe/Canada/parts unknown. Khamenei performed his first marriage ceremony. He was a guest commentator for Iran's Press TV on a number of occasions. NO POLITICAL PRISONER HAS YET TO SEE HIM! HE HAS YET TO APPEAR ON T.V. to give a forced confession. It's an IRI conspiracy to deflect attention from the real poilitical prisoners. It is what it is yo!



Hamsade, Everything Is Sacred

by Rosie. on

Hamsade, this blog from several months ago provides many links about Hoder which may interest you. And the text of both the blog and my last, long post on its thead express some ideas in synch with yours, which may be of interest too. The post even addesses the nature of his flickr photo account.


Everything, I would like to know what you had to say. Perhaps you might consider rephrasing the content of the deleted post in a way that you think would be acceptable to The Moderator, even if you have to grit your teeth while you do it.



Peykan, I wish everyone would

by Rosie. on

step up and pool their knowledge about the events affecting Hossein's development and leading up to his arrest. To try to corroborate it, then to draw as accurate a picture as possible so as to better understand him. His case is deeply disturbing to so many people for so many reasons. How do you know what you know about him? Do you know him personally?

Darius Kadivar

Sandrine Murcia (Derakhshan's girlfriend) interview on French TV

by Darius Kadivar on

Hossein Derakhshan's French girlfriend was interviewed yesterday in a French Talk Show "C'est à Vous": Watch Here:


You may need plugin to Watch the Video. She appears towards ~ 13 minutes ...


peykan, I was not aware he was refused entry into USA.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

But this is sadly a fairly common problem with Iranian's living in the west. The resentments caused by racism and rejection in the host country translates into this false sense of "anti_imperialism". Then comes along ahmad_bi mokh with his false "anti_Imperialist" slogans, and you know the rest. It almost makes me feel like writing a blog on this subject!

I wish him safe and quick release from islamist jail.


Khoshhali to urupa zireh delesh zadeh bood! tefli-eh badbakht!


Inam ya sadas ya halish nist. I feel my hands are tight on this site. You have to watch out for every word that you write, unless it is pro-that little country in the Middle east that was created by the british and the americans in 1948.

Let's see if they are going to remove this one too, after my last one which I thought it was not offensive. But hey, they got the power of delete and kicking out people. What a feeling. I am sure they are mature enough to take criticism. Or, are they?

I am trying to be careful again. Did I offend anyone? Wow! and you guys criticize IRI for not tolerating any democracy? I guess, anyone who feel the power misuses it. Power corrupts! Whether you are a.... or.... or.....            i cannot say much I guess because I want to come back!  Gee!


So sad, all prisoners

by Truthseeker9 on

But he is not the only one, there are so many people whose cases are no as public and do not get petitions or headlines. Some are on hunger strike and near death, some already senenced to death who are innocent ... I just do not know when and if this nightmare is going to end.

i am a bahai too

'Abdul Baha on Imprisonment

by i am a bahai too on

something for consideration from the Son of Baha'u'llah, subjected to more than 40 years of imprisonment, abuse, and exile:

4 Avenue de Camöens,
Wednesday, October 25, 1911

From the book "Paris Talks"  //

" . . .Yesterday evening when I came home from the house of Monsieur Dreyfus I was very tired--yet I did not sleep, I lay awake thinking.

I said, O God, Here am I in Paris! What is Paris and who am I? Never did I dream that from the darkness of my prison I should ever be able to come to you, though when they read me my sentence I did not believe in it.

They told me that `Abdu'l-Hamíd had ordered my everlasting imprisonment, and I said, `This is impossible! I shall not always be a prisoner. If `Abdu'l-Hamíd were immortal, such a sentence might possibly be carried out. It is certain that one day I shall be free. My body may be captive for a time, but `Abdu'l-Hamíd has no power over my spirit--free it must remain--that can no man imprison'.

Released from my prison by the Power of God I meet here the friends of God, and I am thankful unto Him."

- 'Abdul Baha

Darius Kadivar

RP2 mentions Hossein's Predicament in Interview

by Darius Kadivar on

Go to ~4 min:49 sec:


Darius Kadivar

Petition Demanding Freedom of Hossein Derakhshan

by Darius Kadivar on

Shifteh Ansari

Hossein Derakhshan sentenced to 19.5 years in prison

by Shifteh Ansari on

به گزارش شبکه ایران، یک منبع آگاه در گفت‌وگو با مشرق با اعلام این خبر، گفت: بنابر این حکم که امروز از سوی شعبه 15 دادگاه انقلاب اسلامی به ریاست قاضی صلواتی صادر شد، درخشان که در مهرماه 87 بازداشت شده است، به جرم همکاری با دولت‌های متخاصم، تبلیغ علیه نظام اسلامی، تبلیغ به نفع گروهک‌های ضدانقلاب، توهین به مقدسات و راه‌اندازی و مدیریت سایت‌های مبتذل و مستهجن، به 5/19 سال حبس تعزیری، پنج سال محرومیت از عضویت در احزاب و فعالیت در رسانه‌ها و بازگرداندن وجوه اخذ شده به مبلغ 30 هزار و 750 یورو، دوهزار و 900 دلار آمریکا و 200 پوند انگلیس محکوم شد.
به گفته این منبع آگاه، حسین درخشان یا مهدوی وکیل وی می‌توانند به حکم صادره اعتراض کنند تا در دادگاه تجدیدنظر مورد بررسی قرار گیرد.

persian westender

A kid at heart

by persian westender on


These photos won't help Hoder

by farrad02 on

Jahanshah jan,

I know you mean well by relaying these photos but knowing those idiots running the regime in Tehran and how their minds work, I think that pictures of Hossein half naked on the French Riviera beaches won't help his case right now!

Just my two cents!


Nader Vanaki

بابا اینقدر قصه نگین هیچ اتفاقی نمی افته

Nader Vanaki

و هودر یک فیلسوف تمام عیار از اوین میاد بیرون.  هرکی هم باهاش در زمان "دوران پردیس" تماس داشته، خودش رو لو رفته حساب کنه.

hamsade ghadimi

the new canibals

by hamsade ghadimi on

i’m for due process and human rights for all everywhere.  while i wasn’t familiar with the works of this character, there seems to be mostly negative information about him circulating by other readers including the perception that one of his favorite targets was the human rights campaigners for iran.  so i read a few of his contribution to and found myself in disagreement with his opinions and arrogance.  still, not a good reason to hold someone in detention.  i also read a poignant statement for his release by nazanin afshin-jam although to her account derakhshan had deliberately spread lies about her (see  //

the fact that his mother admits that her son was in regular contact with iri’s “press tv” and that he had hoped to work in press tv’s tehran office doesn’t bode well for his character (see //

nonetheless, i would welcome all the publicity mr. derakhshan gets so that more information comes out about him and circumstances surrounding his arrest and that we understand the mindset of those who enable the iri (for whatever reason) while exposing iri of their inhumane treatment of their citizens.

jj, i don’t know what to make of your photo essay of derakhshan.  it almost seems as it is mocking him (i know it’s not your intention) as to show a young, self-confident and brash man walking into a cauldron.  there seems to be some 20 head shots of him in the series of pictures!  maziar bahari talked about his interrogators keep asking him about new jersey as if it’s some heaven.  now i can picture derakhshan’s interrogator asking him about south france.  lost paradise indeed.


Thanks x the photos

by statira on

All we need to to do is to keep his story on the front page. I hope his case would be discussed on the western media as well. If his case gets publicized more, there will be a great hope for his release.


Thank you for the photos.

by Rosie. on

I included links to his flickr page along with many other links of or on him in the blog I wrote months ago about him, which illicited the same thin response on the thread that this submission and the one below are--many people reading but few commenting. (This one in less than a day having many more views than the one below which has been up for three days, but it's not a photo essay, 'just' an interview with his mom--ah well).

You wrote on the thread of that interview that you are heartbroken about this. I'm sorry you're suffering but it's the only proper reaction for anyone who knew him either personally or through his work, regardless of his politics before his incarceration. I had more to say here but as I write I find too many thoughts are brewing in my head to keep them in, but they're too long for here. I feel I have to write one so I guess I will.


زینهار ازقرین بد زینهار


He loved to live in New York City. A turning point in his destiny was when a few years ago, he was accidentally refused and banned to enter the US.

He channeled and generalized his anger from the border police to the western imperialism and converted his disappointment to support for the US anti-thesis, i.e. the Khomeinism. The consequences followed.

I wish rapid release for all the political prisoners. 


Blinded by cruelty

by Ghahremani on

There is much injustice in this, yet how alarming it is to realize that a majority of readers may no longer be touched by such stories. 

When I wrote my friend's story -- Sky of Red Poppies - I had to go back in memory to the times when a mere arrest or questioning by the secret police made headline news -- not to mention how a death sentence shook the entire nation. Now I ask myself, has the brutality of the past decades desensitized us? If so, then the threat to our future as a people is much bigger than we realize. Forget the cruelty in what others may do to us. We now should fear ourselves as we may be losing what's left of our humanity.


بوزینگان و مرغ نادان


هر وقت که به حسین درخشان فکر میکنم به یاد داستان بوزینگان و مرغ نادان می افتم که داستانی است در کلیله و دمنه.

نه تنها حسین درخشان بلکه بسیاری دبگر از ایرانیان سر خود را همچون آن مرغ نادان توسط جمهوری اسلامی از دست دادند چون به حرف کسی گوش ندادند و فکر کردند که از همه بهتر و بیشتر جمهوری اسلامی را می شناسند و سعی کردند راهی را بروند که کاملا بر خلاف عقل بود.

حسین فکر می کرد که این جانور جمهوری اسلامی آنقدرها هم که مردم می گویند وحشی نیست و مانند مرغ داستان کلیله و دمنه خواست که به این جانوران چیزهایی بیاموزد. اما افسوس که جنایات این جانوران را باور نداشت و همین بزرگترین اشبیاهش بود که سرانجام به سرنوشت مرغ نادان دچارش کرد.