Body ornaments

by Yara Afshar
I am a product designer who has been fascinated by body ornaments for over ten years now. My passion for integrating precious metal like silver/gold with mundane material like silk thread and cardboard was always a big part of my design. Originally from Iran, I studied design in San Francisco and founded Yaar Design after I finished my MA in Industrial Art/Product Design. My passion for designing contemporary jewelry has always a strong connection to my background from growing up in an orchard in Tehran to wandering around the beautiful streets of San Francisco >>>


Very Interesting!

by Monda on

The idea of asymmetry in ear rings is so appealing to me, since it brings an element of esthetic surprise to each side of the face. The combination of yarn and metal adds a very wise statement - not one thing or another - Softness and /in Strength. Very attractive notion.

I wish you much success, Yara Afshar. 


Yara the product designer

by amirkabear4u on

Good work but in my opinion if you create a background story for at least your main designs they become more appreciative. My experience shows artists who have a story to tell get noticed more and it is also useful for your portfolio.

Ari Siletz

Fantastic! Spent a long time on these.

by Ari Siletz on

Witty designs and extraordinary sense of humor. Most fun for me are some of the asymmetric earrings. Easy to personify, with intimate visual dialog between them. Male-female #32 cracked me up. #22 is brilliant--almost seems like one is talking, the other listening. Which is which is a matter of interpretation--I guess it depends which ear "he" is talking into.  The yarn's softness brings a new textural dimension to the traditional stone and metal material for jewelry. Highly artistic, and as the highest compliment for jewelry...attractive!

Esfand Aashena

Nice but I don't understand the inclusion of fabric.

by Esfand Aashena on

These are jewlery?  They seem nice but I'd use stones instead of fabric and some of them look like medieval torture tools! 

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