Rescue mission

Saving the Iranian cheetah from extinction

by Mohammad Ala

Asiatic Cheetah is on the verge of extinction. A small number of these species have been spotted in Iran. The main threat is the destruction of their habitat and loss of prey species, Iran is developing rapidly and spread of industries and human settlements will displace these Cheetahs.

Several organizations have come together to protect what is left of the Asiatic cheetah population. Some of the activities for this purpose are educating the public, increasing awareness and protecting the areas where they have been seen.

If you know any organization or individual who is interested in helping please contact contact me. Enjoy the pictures taken by the Sam Khosravifard on August 31 in Tehran. Interested individuals came together to educate the public, especially children.

The future of Asiatic Cheetah depends on everyone's support, not just Iranians who live in Iran.



Wishful thinking ...

by Fedup (not verified) on

Such an useless show and event ... Every one is there except goverment officials to commit to something ...


Beautiful Pictures

by Taymaz Rastin (not verified) on

Thank you Dr. Ala for your commitment to the living environment in Iran. It was delightful to see the pictures. I hope to be able to contribute to the effort someday soon.



by Chirine (not verified) on

I am fan of:
Big cats and cats

and against curelty done to animals...

Ready for donation and organising events in Austria.

Keep me posted.


So where's the critter?

by BRia on

Oh, I know. Each of the above photos was to be snapped with the cheetah in it, but the damn thing must have illuded the photographer's lens at the last moment!!


from hajiagha Artist

by hajiagha on

Iranian artist

please visit from my page //

I all ways had wish to support wild life in Iran after I land in Canada I am wild life artist and I be happy to start painting from Iranian wild life and donated original art works also limited edition to save wild life

thank you

hossein hajiagha

Mohammad Ala

The gathering was about education

by Mohammad Ala on

The gathering was about education.  E-mail me, I will send a link to look at the real one.  Moreover, there are 40 pictures here, once in the first picture, keep clicking to get the last one which is want you are looking for. 

Dr. Ala is Professor of Business and a Board member of,, and


Nice picture of the "cheetah"!

by Majid on

There are pictures of everyone BUT cheetah!

Where is "A" picture of that "CHEETAH"???? So next time when we see one we can do something about it?? or aghallan yek naghaashi!