Shahrzad & Farzin

Photo essay: Farzin Farhadi directs Shahrzad Sepanlou band

by Shadi Movahed

Ari Siletz writes: With its level of sophistication, Shahrzad Sepanlou’s songs can no longer be classified as pop. In fact they don’t quite sound pop because the approach places a heavier burden on the composer than ordinary pop. There will be many places where formula fails, and the composer must have the skill to invent reassuringly so that the easy listener is not too strained by the novelty. I spoke briefly with Sepanlou’s composer and arranger, Farzin Farhadi about the challenges of Sepanlou’s style >>> more

Shadi Movahed's photos of the band's rehearsals in Los Angeles, preparing for their San Francisco concert on Sunday, July 17, 2011. Band members: Farzin Farhadi (saxophone), Dennis Hamm (keyboards), Kasra Saboktakin (bass), Simon Carroll (drums), Leah Zeger (violin).