Tehran to Kerman

Photo essay

by Maziar Behrooz
This March (Farvardin 1388) my paternal uncle (Amu) Bahman and I took a 2000 kilometer (both ways) trip to the south east of Iran. it was Noruz (new year) and the weather was great, roads were excellent, and the scenery awesome. Amu is a professional photographer so the good pictures are his, enjoy.

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mystical and stunning!!!

by moralespelisa on

I wish  someday I could travel to your land. Can't avoid feeling connected to such an enigmatic place. I feel so close. Thank for sharing your pictures. Simple beautiful!!


Great Pictures

by Khosrow (not verified) on

Maziar, Thanks for taking us back to the motherland, great pics.

P.S. You can't stop teaching history!


Thanks for taking us back to

by Khosrow Ziai (not verified) on

Thanks for taking us back to the motherland, great pictures.

P.S. You can't stop teaching history!


Great Captions

by Ashkan K (not verified) on

Thank you for posting these beautiful picture and for taking the time to add informative captions.


Thank you for sharing your

by Anonymous on

Thank you for sharing your travels. Such accurate descriptions of places, names, dates ... a far cry from other photo essays on this site!


I just Loved when I have

by David Kish (not verified) on

I just Loved when I have traveled myself that road ,these pictures make me to see again the beutiful country like Iran why is not protected


Very nice sights you have been seeing.

by پیام on

Nice tourist guide :)


Thank you!!!

by Ganj Ali! (not verified) on

As a Kermani descent and especially Ganj Ali family I enjoyed every picture with informative captions. Bagh Shazdeh is a wonderful place to visit. Thank you very much Behrooz....


nice job

by former Governor of Kerman (not verified) on

Thanks for the documentary. I like your feedback about the Narcisus Hotel, "never again". If enough people do that these guys will shape up and start giving good service.

Nazy Kaviani

Thanks Maziar!

by Nazy Kaviani on

It seems like you had a wonderful trip! Thank you for taking us along and showing us the beauties of Iranian desert cities. I would love to go to Naeen and Meibod some day. Thanks for the heads up on Hotel Nargess! The best thing is to stay with friends or friends of friends! Kermanis are so kind, warm, and hospitable.

P.S. The faloodeh picture was cruel!


great pictures ...

by iri (not verified) on

.... with informative captions ... seems like you were having a great time .. gives me ideas where to go and what to visit .. thanks for sharing.


It is awesome

by Hamed on

One of these days I will take a tour of Iran, and see these sites close- up, in person.  Does anyone know of a good tour company I can hire or tell me which is a better arragment , both economically and qualitatively: fly to Iran first, independendly, and purchase a land tour there and fly back or buy the complete package including air travel and land tour here in the US.


Great Kerman!

by Jorge!! (not verified) on

I don't know but Kerman is really charming! Thanks for sharing these pictures!

hamsade ghadimi

mamnoon kakoo

by hamsade ghadimi on

your pictures are beautiful.  the earth tones give a sense of serenity.  i will also like to take a trip to kerman, bam and surrounding towns. hopefully next year. 

Nasrin Sasanpour

Thank you for sharing

by Nasrin Sasanpour on

Thank you for sharing pictures of your recent journey in Iran. I
have always wished to see Kerman and its historical towns nearby.

The places you have visited on your route from Tehran to
Kerman will be a good guide once I make my way to that region,
hopefully not too far in the future.