From tents to towns

Photo essay: Nomadic and urban life in Khuzestan

by youngrobv
A set of photos from our stop in Ahvaz city as well as our explorations around Khuzestan province >>> See youngrobv's Flickr page

Passing Through

Thank You

by Passing Through on

For sharing these photos

It's always good to see how some of our nomadc people live

Especially for those of us who were born and raised in Tehran

Tks again


Haaj Ebi Jaan Gofti GHELYE Maahi....

by Khar on

Va Kardi Kebabom Wolek! :o))

maziar 58

home sweet home

by maziar 58 on

my favorite was # 30. still driving the opposit way as they did 30-40 years ago.                      Maziar

ebi amirhosseini

President e Mahboob !!

by ebi amirhosseini on

How about "ghelye Maahi" ??

simply beautiful.

Ebi aka Haaji


People of Khuzestan Pure and Beautiful!

by Khar on

WOW did you see the ZOBAIDI and SOBOOR fish in slide 40? I can taste them with Baghali Polo and Torshi, Yumiiiiiiiiii!!!  

Shirin Vazin

The moments!

by Shirin Vazin on

Wonderful pictures! Love#12


Damet Garm...

by ahvazi on

thank you for the photos.

Dorood bar Ahvaz va Khuzestan. 



Thank you

by yolanda on

Thank you for the pictures from the oil-rich province. The wrecked tank picture #50 makes me sad! Hopefully no more bloody war!