Today is Life, Tomorrow Never Comes

Photo essay: Just got back from Crete, Greece

by Orang Gholikhani
I’m back from a trip to the Greek island of Crete and as usual took some photos. You feel your self as if you are in Iran! It is a country with high dried mountains surrounded by sea and sun with proud and kind people where you feel that time is stopped somehow! As they wrote in Matala welcome message: Today is Life, Tomorrow never comes. I’ve been in Matala, Agios Pavos, Argyroupoli, Ghana where I took these photos.

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Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Ef xaristo poli mou file Orang :=) .


Nice pictures! A camera would work better than cell phone cam;)

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred


Cool Orang!

by Monda on

few weeks later we could've had oozo together :o) nice shots.