Tranquility and beauty

Iranian Art Museum Garden cafe

by A Tehrani
A serene garden in the middle of north Tehran Recently I was invited by my young friends to a beautiful new cafe near the Hessabi crossing. It is opposite the late Dr Hessabi's house in the north of Elahieh below the Tajrish end of Maghsoudbek Street. It was such a delight to go to this lovely garden and sit in the lovely cafe and enjoy the peace, tranquility and beauty which is very rare in the crazy busy Tehran that I love. This petit lovely garden is called Bagh-e Mouzeh Honar-e Iran (Iranian Art Museum Garden) and it was built last winter. It used to belong to a general in Reza Khan's army, and it opened to the public about six months ago through the efforts of the Iran Heritage Institute. Besides the natural beauty of the place, there are many symbolic features that you might expect from an Iranian garden including especially the water channels coming from a pool and going round the garden, although sadly, except for one time, I have never seen the fountains working when I have been there. There is an outdoor cafe, but you can also choose to sit inside, and there are modern art works all around.


Lovely pictures!

by jasmin (not verified) on

lovely pictures!

Don't pay any attention to these ..... ......
who are just littering these pages with their thoughts expressed here!


Response to: A Big Man From Alabama

by YO (not verified) on

Why don't you start with re-naming the streets in Iraq first, then worry about other places. Oops I forgot, you failed there...!


Reza Shah's Army?????

by Siamak (not verified) on

It is not Reza Khan. It is Reza Shah. Also it wasn't his army. It was Iran's Army.



by pk (not verified) on

A breath of fresh air,compared to the traffic in the city.
Thanks .


Zendeh Baad IRAN, Land of

by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (not verified) on

Zendeh Baad IRAN, Land of Arians and Kourosh e Bozorg, shame on vatan foroushaan and arab parastaan.
Zendeh Baad Hafez haa and Saadi haayeh IRAN. Az sharmeh in sad chehreh haa dar aayeneh oftaadeh cheen !

Loved the pictures, but would you please show us some pictures of the VACATIONERS, on the beaches of Nowshahr, Bandar e Pahlavi and Baabolsar for us to enjoy the recent view.

Araagho Faars Gerefti beh Shereh Khosh Hafez, Biaa keh Nowbateh Baghdado Vaghteh Tabriz Ast. Merci.

P.S. the canadian herso joosh khor lady: call me.


Fake Pahlavi: Kalat begandeh

by Anonymous343434343 (not verified) on

Fake Pahlavi: Kalat begandeh ziadi ezhare nazar nakon boro damagheto amal kon

Woman from Canada: hers nakhor, they are losers

Alabama: bi kari??? how is nixon going to bring modernity? isn't he dead?? are you on crack or something? and nixon was a theive tell me how is that civil? and dick chaney is a dick, we have enough of those. And george bush can't read even to save his life. So, if this is what you have lined up for Iran, we are better off with the criminals we have now. Why don't you go work on the in breeding problem in your state.


i'll visit

by kourosh (not verified) on

w/ great directions uve given i'll visit nxt time in tehran



by Niloofar (not verified) on

enjoyed the photos!


Soon the street names in Tehran will be changed ...

by A Big Man From Alabama (not verified) on

After the American invasion of the Islamic Republic, we will rename all the streets in Tehran after the prominent Americans. Some of these names are:

George W Bush,
Dick Chaney
Donald Rumsfeld
Ronald Regan
Richard Nixon

America will bring modernity and civility back to Iran.


thank u

by sheila dadvar (not verified) on

the pix were beautiful. thank you for taking those pix and sharing them w/us. now i have another great place to visit next time i go back to iran. hope it will stay as dreamy by then.


Good photo

by AJ (not verified) on

Photos 1,2,4 and 11 are my favorit.
They are like the really old house in Tehran from before and 4,I like it bacause I like the fruit juse.



by havaye baagh (not verified) on

Love these kinds of pictures from Iran.
Perhaps still hidden somewhere in the koocheh baagh-ha!
When you get around to it more please!


To: fake Mr. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi:

by A woman from Canada (not verified) on

It seems you have lots of experiences about herso joosh azizam! Did it happen to you? akheey heyvoonaki!


What a find! Great pics.

by Zagross (not verified) on

What a find!
Great pics.


Thanks for the photos! these

by leili (not verified) on

Thanks for the photos!
these photos put a big smile on my face!
would luv to see it up close!
luv the water channels!


Very Pretty Garden

by NM (not verified) on

Very pretty Garden amid the noise and the haste of the big city...
I'm gonna call it "Baghe ba Safaa" for myself.
Beautiful pics and explanations of location and atmosphere.


Khanoom e Namard e Canada

by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (not verified) on

Khanoom e Namard e Canada Dry.

Shoma ham ziad herso joosh nakhoreed, shiretoon khoshk meesheh Azizam.



Khalaayegh harcheh laayegh.

by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (not verified) on

Khalaayegh harcheh laayegh. Aghayaan mohtaram, khaahesh meekonam bass koneed va bereed khejaalat bekesheed. Please try to remember the old street names in Tehran and other places in order to thoroughly clean up the felth from the Land of the Great Arian Empyre and Ahoorah, very soon. Merci.


To a man from Alabama

by Farzand e hakhamaneshian (not verified) on

Dear Alabama dude
I love it :-) You know exactly how our mentality works. beautiful job ! Now they are all excited and screaming patriotism.Awsome provocation !:-) Some old farts in LA do this on a regualr basis on Iranian Radio and TV stations based here in Los Angeles. That's their hobby.
And to the photograhper.. thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.
Viva watermelon and yamacas.


To; A Namard From Alabama:

by A woman from Canada (not verified) on

That was a disgusting line you wrote. Are you Iranian or American? Any nationality you have, be a human and never wish bad for other people. Also never call yourself a MAN with this mentality.


A man from Alabama or from IRAN ?

by Majid on

It IS and WILL always be OUR beautiful garden ! Have some sence of pride and "mihan parasti" my friend! Beleive me, it won't hurt.

Might is NOT always right 

Jeesh Daram

Thank you

by Jeesh Daram on

Dear A. Tehrani,

Thank you so much for taking time to share with us these beautiful pictures and most importantly the paragraph sharing the atmosphere of the garden and its location. Many photographers fail to tell us where they took the pictures.


It almost reminded me of Bagh Ferdos which as I recall is not too far from this museum.


Most people go to Iran and they take pictures of vendors at Darband selling Abeh-zereshk, Abeh-Aloo, Abeh-Albaloo and a series of kabab vendors! That serves no purpose as once you see the same vendor again in someone else's photolog, you get nausiated.


But you did great, and msot importantly thanks for showing the water channels.




This Garden soon will become the

by A Man From Alabama (not verified) on

residence of the American ambassador after the US take over...