Warm waters

Photo essay: Hormoz Island

by Amir


جزیره هرمز یکی از زیباترین مناطق ایران با مردمی خونگرمه که به علت عدم تبلیغ نسبت به بقیه جزایر جنوب . مناظر اون بکر و دیدنی باقیمانده.




by kfravon on

Your pictures are so alive!
Thanks for taking us to Hormoz Island.


These photos are simply

by Mitra from khuzistan (not verified) on

These photos are simply beauiful. My favorie one is #43. Thanks for sharing them with us. Simple yet great people with lots of soul. A party is not a party without Bandary music! Each part of the south has its own unique beaty that has been neglected and has not been appreciatted.Most Iranians only assciate Bandary Music with the south. Which is ok too. Now most of today regular songs and music that comes from LA have bandary flavor in them. Next time we are listening to bandary music,just imagine the warm bule waters of the south the similes the boats. Persian Gulf forever.


Great pictures, my friend.

by Camron (not verified) on

Great pictures, my friend. The Southern Iranians are beautiful people.


That old fort

by Shahriaar (not verified) on

This is in reply to Ali Nazaree. I think the fort is Portuguese and is from the time that the Portuguese took over the Southern Iranian Islands and also brought African slaves to Iran.

Salvery never took hold in Iran and we also got a side benefit: Bandari Music!


photo "016b"

by Sera (not verified) on

Hi Amir (photographer),

these are nice photos. very original. are you in touch with anyone over there? the boy in photo "016b" made my heart ache. we might be able to help him with his eye problem. can you get in touch with him or his family?

you may reach me through this site and get my email address from it. thanks


Warm Waters, Hormoz Island

by Ali Nazaree (not verified) on

In your collection of the Hormoz Island photographs, you showed pictures of what appeared to be a military fort with rusty cannons and cannon balls. Do you have any historical information on the fort you showed?


It looks really beautiful and serene

by Ari (not verified) on

Thank you for sharing these photos with us. I enjoyed the untouched, natural beauty of the island, and as you indicated the charming faces of the innocent people.

How did you manage to pay a visit to this island? What is the vegetation like, and how safe is it to swim in the water (are there sharks?). The water seems wonderful for a swim!


Thank you.

by Feshangi on

Thank you for sharing your photos with us. I had never seen any pictures of Hormoz Island, until today.