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Photo essay: Gathering for Ali Reza Pahlavi in Maryland

by Darius Kadivar
Sunday January 23, 2011, memorial for the late Photo Prince Ali Reza Pahlavi held at three o'clock in the afternoon at The Music Center at Strathmore, Bethesda, Maryland. Photos courtesy of www.RezaPahlavi.org, including #4, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 by Ali Khaligh.

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by sam jade on

The guy you never heard of till few weeks ago,, has he done anything for you or any other Iranian??

Where is his body of public work ,, when was the last time you heard him to say anything NOW YOU MISS HIM??





by sam jade on



THE CAWARD WAY OUT IS SUICIDE ,, this prince did not think about his MOM and rest of family what he is going to put them through.. and you are proud of his action??WHAT A DISGRACE TO IRANIAN ROYAL FAMILY..

HE did a wrong thing , no one knows why , and some try to justify it and other find reason for it !!! come on...

Many poor people in the world are doing their best to survive for basic needs , Do they have to suicide when push come to shove..


"Mike" Garami

by BBNaftee on

My comments were directed at this venomous character called "TheMrs" who appears to be furiously Anti-Pahlavi. If your command of English was a little bit better, you would decipher my post a little bit more accurately and understand that it was written in sympathy and not in hostility towards the Pahlavi Family. I just find it phenomenally funny that some of our compatriots opt for a name change before they have even bothered to learn the language. Anyway, for now grab a cold glass of water, a linguaphone tape (make sure it is English) and revert back to your real name (whatever it is) and enjoy the rest of this blog (or whatever you understand of it).  BTW Have you considered proposing to “theMrs”? With her ignorance and your total obliviousness you will make a great couple!...

Mike Akef

Good job

by Mike Akef on

I like that.

Mike Akef


Mike Akef

شما انگار ماهیانه پول نفت میاد در خونتون که برای خشنود کردن کسانی که مواجب بگیرشون هستی‌ اینهارو می‌نویسی.
در دنیا جنایتکارتر از جمهوری اسلامی و عوامل اون وجود نداره پس جنایتکار بهترین نامیست که میشه برای خمینی و رژیمش گفت.
اگر شما میونستی که تنها یک مقایسهٔ ساده بین حالا و زمان شاه بکنی‌ می‌فهمیدی که شما برای چی‌ انقلاب کردی و لیاقت چه چیزی را داری. وای بر کسی‌ که نداند و نداند که نداند.


A great Aryan nation

by siavash1000 on

The end of the Islamic regime will cause a new Aryan golden age to prosper, Iranian intellectualism is under danger from a foreign religion and culture imposing its beliefs on a people who can't properly coexist with it.

The Islamic Republic of Iran which was formed in 1979 cannot coexist properly with Iranian Aryan culture and spirit

Darius Kadivar

Thank you Mr. Farhad Diba for taking the time to correct me

by Darius Kadivar on

I wonder how you found the time given your busy agenda divided between bashing your royal namesake's Family (*) for the Incidents of 1953 ( See Fariba Amini's Interview) while honoring the descendants of another despotic dynasty:

Farhad Diba at the Sixth International QaJar Family Reunion

Farhad Diba at the Sixth International Qajar Family Reunion 2

So thank you indeed for taking interest in my humble tribute to the family of the Illiterate Cossack who ousted your incompetent pedigree ...

PRAISE FOR REZA SHAH: Adjoudani Slams Lack of Recognition for Pahlavi Dynasty's Founder 

Your Humble Servant,


A Bee Savad Pahlavi Supporter 

Paris, FRANCE 

(*) From Mrs. Amini's explanations:

Asked if Dr. Mossadegh's brother is a Diba and if he is related to Farah Diba? Dr. Mossadegh's mother, Najmieh Saltnaeh was married three times (unusual for those times). One of her husbands was a Diba. Farhad Diba is therefore related to Farah Diba Pahlavi.

Related Blog:

EMINENT PERSIANS: Dr. Mossadegh's Mother Najmeeyeh Ol Saltaneh 



Darius Kadivar

سیدابراهیم نبوی

Darius Kadivar

امروز علیرضا پهلوی در بوستون آمریکا خودکشی کرد. گفته شد که خودکشی وی با استفاده از اسلحه صورت گرفت. من بطور طبیعی برای کسانی که مرگ را انتخاب می کنند، احترام بیشتری می گذارم. حتما شخصیت بزرگی دارند که توانایی انتخاب مرگ را دارند. به گفته کسانی که او را می شناختند، مردی بسیار عاقل و فرزانه بود. در بهترین دانشگاههای آمریکا تحصیل کرد و اهل فلسفه و ادبیات و ایرانشناسی بود. نه سال قبل از او " لیلا پهلوی" کوچکترین دختر محمدرضا پهلوی که زبان و فلسفه خوانده بود و اهل شعر و ادب و هنر بود، با خوردن 270 قرص خواب آور در لندن خودکشی کرده بود. مرگ علیرضا پهلوی برای من واقعه ای دردناک است. آنقدر نمی شناختمش که بتوانم قضاوتی درست درباره اش داشته باشم، اما آنقدر می دانم که وقتی کسی به جای انتظار کشیدن برای مرگ، به استقبال آن می رود، به او احترامی عمیق باید گذاشت. بخصوص وقتی که بدانم انسانی فرهیخته بود و سرنوشت خود را به اختیار خود برگزید. می دانم که شب تلخی بر بانوی محترمی که روزگاری ملکه ایران بود، می گذرد. این واقعه را به او تسلیت می گویم، و به تمام آنان که ایران را نه در تقویم روزانه، بلکه در سرنوشت تاریخی آن دنبال می کنند.

بروکسل، 14 دی 1389

برگرفته از سایت سیدابراهیم نبوی


Ebrahim Nabavi Kayhan



TheMrs Aka "Nobody"

by BBNaftee on

Here we are, 30 years on, several thousand people gather to remember one of the criminal Pahlavis. Who is going to ever remember you when you hit the bucket? May be except your shrink!


Dear Pahlavi haters who are touched by Prince Alireza's death

by pas-e-pardeh on

Dear Pahlavi haters who are now touched by Prince Alireza's death, 

You should know that one of the main reasons Pahlavi family is so hurt is the vicious things that were said by some about their father.  They, like me, just can not believe there would be so much bitter anger at a man that they knew, and I know, to have been a true Iranian patriot that worked very hard for 37 years for the betterment of his ancestral land. 

They, like I, know mistakes were made and there was big problems with the way Pahlavi conducted themselves.  They know the reasons for the distance that existed between Pahlavis and the population.  They also know that limits of authority of the king were exceeded. 

But, they, like I, don't understand why so many Iranians are so mean to them, even to the chidren who had nothing to do with anything.  Alireza and Leila were deeply hurt by this meanness.  



gitdoun ver.2.0

by afshinazad on

You are young and shame on your parents who didn't inform you about what kind of life they had pre 1979 and why they migrated to USA.1- Never trust the enemy.2- Be your own person and use your own brain, if your input is garbage output will be the garbage. 3- No one knows how much money was taking away when shah left, But in that Regard, let see some CEO in large cooperation will get the bonus of several million dollars for period of one year work, but shah was serving IRANIAN for 37 year and creating modern country and educating stupid nation to be human not a animals like today running the country, you tell me what would be his bonus for CEO as a SHAH for 37 of his service and 15 year of his father who saved your grandparents from dark ages. Now you tell me what would be fair bonus for this family who loved and loves their country and the nation? Let see how much American you are? 



gitdoun ver.2.0

by seannewyork on

you said it yourself, you got your information about the Pahlavis: "i have come to know about the Pahlavis i read by AMERICAN authors published right here in good ol' USA" 

 You need to educate yourself more on this matter, because the western media was the ones that started the propganda campaign against the Shah.  They provide inaccurate information on the Pahlavis and the regime in IRan also pays a lot of money to make the Shah look bad.

You need to dig deeper and educate yourself rather then basing your views on western propoganada.


Prince Alireza

by fdiba on

What on earth is a "PHOTO PRINCE"? (see first line of your article)


"To be or not to be, that is the question" shakespear

by siavash1000 on

قطره قطره مردن و شب تلخ را به سحر سپردن مردن  با لبخند  و پایان بخشیدن به این ابهام تاریخی بودن یا نبودن . .  . 

gitdoun ver.2.0

i do NOT miss him

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

A Pahlavi died ??? big deal. not crying here. sad day for their family and their friends. suicide is tragic and im not here dancing over someone's death. far be it. but at the same time im not going to to wear black or have a moment of silence for his death either.  i was born after the revolution ,right here in LA, everything i have come to know about the Pahlavis i read by AMERICAN authors published right here in good ol' USA and i have to say the verdict is thumbs down on their family. Every cent of their S600 Benz is bought with dirty money. Their father Mohammad Reza Pahlavi commited human rights violations on grand scales and any opulence the family achieved is through pure theft and murder. ~~~hmmm. something khamenei does presently but with better PR. He simply claims he is a Messiah. ~~anyhow a sad day for their family and friends. suicides are a catastrophe and i'm sorry to see another human being go out that way

G. Rahmanian

The Mrs.:

by G. Rahmanian on

As a psychiatrist I agree with your last statement. Hurry up before it's too late! Some people already think you're a loony. Just take a look at the loony-tunes who agree with you and, PERHAPS, you'll get a clue what really is wrong with you.


Yes, IRI is making Shah look

by norooz on

Yes, IRI is making Shah look better, but IRI cannot erase his crimes.  Try to use that in a court of law!  Try to defend a serial killer by using the crimes Blair, Rumsfeld, Bush and Chaney have committed!

tehran e Azad

R. I .P

by tehran e Azad on

The Shah of Iran was an authoritarian ruler in a manner similar to today’s Morocco (a monarchy) or Tunisia (a republic), both of which do not allow democracy. He was guilty of denying political freedom and opposition to his reign, but he was not a totalitarian ruler.
His government did not meddle into private lives and they never told the people how to dress. Iranians could travel any where. Foreign periodicals were sold even if they criticized the Shah. There was petty corruption and propaganda. Now three decades have passed, and historians are able to place his regime in perspective. Ayatollah Khomeini repeatedly claimed the Shah killed over 600,000 people. Today the real figure is thought to be 383.
The over 300,000 political prisoners held by the SAVAK secret police, is now thought to be 3,000. They included future leaders such as Khamenei, Rafsanjani and Massoud Rajavi.
The Shah used Iran’s oil wealth to build a large military, which probably saved the country from being conquered by Saddam Hussein in 1980. The celebration of his reign in Persepolis was expensive, and damaged his popularity. Nevertheless, living standards were raised significantly. His greatest contribution was increasing levels of education, which was provided free. Over 50,000 Iranian students were studying in the U.S. in 1979 thanks to the Shah.
Their tuition was paid by the government.


It is the truth.  Bitter

by norooz on

It is the truth.  Bitter truth. 




TheMrs... Adrenaline rush?

by Doctor mohandes on

Do you even know what Misery means?

Please don't write with your adrenaline and the rest of your angry hormone panel raging off the chart.


People who think

by TheMrs on

People who think criticizing, questionning, joking or even cursing the Pahlavis means you're Ahmadi's wife should get a freaking life. This was a sad day in their lives, fine. But let's not forget how many people they murdered and what misery they've brought into Iran. What's wrong with me, why do I even read this crap....I need to have my head examined.


Anybody noticed

by Mamane-Omid on

how the poor sister (I think her name is Farah-Nazz) looked in these pictures? I hope she is being watched over by somebody.  

Oh, I forget, this is I.C, where nobody cares for nobody!


I can't beleive

by rtayebi1 on

how much I used to HATE this family. I guess they R just like any other family with their happiness  and their sorrows.



by statira on

And nobody cares what you think.


I have no respect for

by norooz on

I have no respect for family of thieves, drug dealers, and killers. You can sugar coat them all you want. Build a golden idol from Alireza, Mohammad Reza and rest of them and worship them 24/7, but that doesn't change the facts. 





by Elisenda on

In my humble opinion, is not question to be rich or not, the question is to show respect for a family who is living a big tragedy, independently of your own ideas.


Too late now

by عموجان on

But I am glad finally they are getting the respect they deserved after all the hardship theybeen through. Compare to them I am poor still I wish them all the material and spiritual luxury there is. 


My heart is with the royal family

by Elisenda on

Dear Mr. Darius Kadivar,

Thank you for sharing with us this touching pictures. In this difficult moment for the royal family of Iran, I can only say that my feelings, prayers and thoughts are with them, specially with H.I.M. Empress Farah, which, once again, tragically, has shown her integrity and capacity for overcoming the adversity.

I would like to ask all Iranian, even those who don't believe in monarchy and the Pahlavi family, to show their respect for this family, more now in this tragic moments.

Thanks, again, Mr. Kadivar and I congratulate you for your untireble work.



by statira on

Who are you? A fashion police or Ahmadinejad's wife makeup artist?What is burning a place of yours is the fact that they are princesses and you're nobody. Get a life, loser!


خانم جون این امضای کامنتی من هستش



شما میتونی‌ هر شعر یا شعاری که خواستی‌ پایین کامنتت به عنوان امضا بذاری. آقا جی‌ جی‌ این حقو به ما داده. منم این شعر و انتخاب کردم. تازه این حرف من نیست حرف شاعر معروف ایرون عارفه وگرنه  قجر بد داریم، قجر خوبم داریم مثه خود شما. 


تا که آخوند و قجر زنده در ایرانند، این

ننگ را کشور دارا به کجا خواهد برد

(عارف قزوینی)