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Photo essay: Protests against Bush's visit

by qb
These are pictures from Bush's visit to Israel and Palestine in the past 2 days. There were massive demonstrations from both right and left. Thousands poured into the streets of Gaza city, Ramallah, Jerusalem and other places in Israel. Hamas, Israeli left, communists, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and various peace groups were joined by right wing Israelis and pro-settlement groups all reacting to Bush's visit. Of course the US media was completely oblivious to it as usual. To them it was "Engar na Engar." (Images courtesy of Reuters, AP, AFP and Yahoo)



by anon (not verified) on

80% of Americans that you asked didn't know where Canada was?? You have lost your mind. I'm pretty sure we all know where Canada is... I don't see how that had anything to do with proving your point anyway.

And I can't speak for everyone in my country, but I can tell you that I am educated about my government. Do I like Bush? No! A majority of Americans do not like him. But he is the president and until he isn't, there is nothing we can do about it. If you truly believe that Bush represents all American's you have been very misled.

Hateful comments on either of our part's will not make the situation any better. Try to see things from the bigger picture. Everything is not black and white. All Americans are not bad just like I know that all Iranians are not bad. Unfortunately, we have a few people (like Bush) who represent a whole country.


Good photos in europe we cant see it

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This is it what media not show.

Dagy Czech republic



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I haven't heard anything about this in the mainstream media (CNN, Fox). Now why wouldn't we want to report about this??


Kiana, nicely said! Some

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Kiana, nicely said! Some leftist and pro_IRI Iranians , intentionally and unintentionally, ignore the fact that Islamic Fundamentalism was present, active and rising way before George bush even became the governor of Texas!! Khomeini declared war on civilization (that’s including West, East, (Remember Na sharghi, Na gharbi slogans), and most importantly, Iran and its people) in 1979, 21 years before Bush became president, and when Jimmy Carter, one of the most pacifist and well respected among Muslims U.S politicians, was the president! But ofcourse, how can the minority but very vocal and loud Iranians not blame not the U.S??!!! Don’t you know we are pioneers and masters of blaming other people for our problems, and creating conspiracy theories!!! I’ve never seen any people like some of my hamvatans so hasood and cliché oriented and conspiracy theory lovers!! It’s sad!



by Faribors Maleknasri M.D (not verified) on

People are so crazy, poor president Bush. What has he done to be disliked by anyone? He is so kind, compassionate, smart, truthful, and a decider.All these statements could be true. But if any one wants to know why the bushy Bushy and condi are loved only by oil multi and not loved by Human beings from Indonesia to andalusia, so she/he may just test the following adress:
one sees thatthe cute Bushy has sorrounded the ISLAMIC IRAN with his bruts who bark and grunt. They have ot dared to come in yet. May be because of so many CHADORI Women in Ir? Each one traying her own mashin gun? I mean can it be the reason? Greeting


Bush is crazy man and he should soon get out from his job

by hajiagha on


Then only way to we have peace in are world to Bush get fuck off from his power, he is crazy, he like blood and war and he like to sale more gun and bring fear, price of oil get up, cost of the living get up, no one trust anothers, we hade nice world after Bush and his terrorist show up....where is the Bin ladan? any way ? in white house? stupid people in America they not educated about own government? I was asking American in los angeles are you know where is a canada? I can tell you over 80% of them they did not know where is canada when I told them canada is in Africa and is so warm and hot,,,,oh you right know I remmbers canada? is sucks , stupid watch hoolywood or CNN go get some college



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are you out of your mind. You think kindly of Bush, wow...you must open your eyes my friend. Bush and Chenney are lobbying to attach Iran and you are with them, there is no other way to look at it.


Many Kudos to Bush

by Kiana (not verified) on

If these are the enemies of George Bush, I kiss George's hand and put him on the pedastle. Much glory to him!

"Khodaya to ra shokr migozaram ke doshmanhaye mara az miane ahmaghha entekhab kardei"


But Why?

by Daryush on

People are so crazy, poor president Bush. What has he done to be disliked by anyone? He is so kind, compassionate, smart, truthful, and a decider.