The White Demon

Photo essay: A story for Shab e Yalda

by shahireh sharif

داستان شب یلدا: دیو سپید

یکی بود یکی نبود زیر گنبد کبود غیر از خدا هیچ کس نبود. نقطه ای از جهان را رساله جغرافیایی 'حدود العالم من المشرق الی المغرب'(،نویسنده ناشناس بسال 372 ه. ق.، بکوشش منوچهر ستوده، 1340، انتشارات دانشگاه تهران، ص 157) اینطور تعریف کرده: "سه ناحیه است بیکدیگر پیوسته و سوادهاءایشان بیکدیگر اندر شده و مشرق این ناحیه حدود گیلان است و جنوب وی حدود عراق است و جزیره، و مغرب وی حدود رومست و سریر و شمال وی حدود سریرست و خزران و این جایهاست بسیار نعمت ترین ناحیتهاست اندر اسلام و ناحیتیست آبادان و با نعمت بسیار و آبهای روان و میوه های نیکو و جایگاه بازرگانان و غازیان و غریبان بسیار از هر جایی." باری، رستم در این مکان دیو سپید را در قعر دریاچه ای به قل و زنجیر کشیده بود. این دیو پلید خاصیتش خشکی و شورسازی زمینی بود که بر آن فرود می آمد. سالها گذشت. جمعی دیو سپید را آزاد کردند و چون دیگر رستمی نبود که بتواند پشت وی را به خاک بزند زمینهای بسیاری به تصرف دیو رسید. به طوریکه حتی در تاریکی شب یلدا سفیدی گردی که از لباس دیو بر خاک تشنه اطراف نشسته بود چشم دل رهگذران را می آزرد. هر روز آب بیشتر از کرانه دریاچه فاصله می گرفت و رفته رفته دریاچه در چنگال دیو سپید رنجیده تر و نحیف تر از پیش میشد. امروز در یلدای 1390 هنوز گرفتاری این دریاچه باقی است تا در یلدای بعد داستان چه شود.


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Maryam Hojjat

Aeryo Barzan, Well Said

by Maryam Hojjat on

The story is great and true as is happening in our motherland.

Esfand Aashena

Very nice pictures. Looks like being on the moon!

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred

areyo barzan

Ali Joon

by areyo barzan on

Are you trying to imply that you do not care about this country its culture, it heritage its icons, real or mythical? Or may be you can not care less about what is happening to this land, its climate and natural environment under the stewardship of an incompetent regime.

Or may me after spending a few years in the good old West, selling a few Kebabs or Delivering a few pizzas some of us no longer consider ourselves an Iranian and think we are somehow better and wiser than the rest and that’s why we are looking down on this nation, its heritage, its culture and its national iconic stories and figures.

Well mate! What is new? We have had such traitors since Salman Parsi (coincidental name similarity though, LOL)

However they have all gone to the dustbin of history and Iran with all its heritage, history pride and glory is still here. Furthermore, and we are still here, on guard, resilient, caring and making sure of this treasure being preserved and handed over to next generation intact.

So do not even bother to reply. We love this country with all its culture, mythical icons and fictional characters as they have a deep root in our culture. Furthermore we are clever enough to look beyond the fiction to see the moral of the story and draw practical, logical and ethical lessons from them.

shahireh sharif


by shahireh sharif on

Was not sure about mixing a bitter reality with myths; I'm glad that some people liked it.

@Ali Parsa: Liked your poem, mer30


Very beautiful story

by Souri on

and amazing pictures.

Thanks for sharing.

Ali A Parsa : beautiful poem!

Ali A Parsa

Fact vs. Fiction Again!

by Ali A Parsa on

You can write a fiction or two,

Or write them until you are blue.

If you want the fact, consider this,

Whether you are Mr., Mrs. or miss.,

Yalda fiction has its roots in myth.

Fictioners thought if earth did not turn on Yalda soon,

It would end up at the dark side of the moon.

But we know that like spitting upward,

Fiction writers get their reward.

Every event in nature makes sense to the wise,

From every sunset to every sunrise.

May Dr. Saadat Noury help me in this venture!




Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Beautiful story and wonderful pictures Shahireh. #9 and #8 are especially so. I wish you could share more.