Win or lose

Photo essay: From the edge of my seat at Sparta's stadium

by Sasan Seifikar
I came to the Netherlands with my wife, Kirsten, in 2000. Even before I came here, I was looking forward to going to football matches and watching a lot of football. Here in Rotterdam where I have settled, there are three professional football teams that play in the Dutch first division (Eredivisie). The most well-known of these is Feyenoord which is one of the three top clubs along with Ajax of Amsterdam and PSV from Eindhoven. Then there is Sparta and Excelsior. Since I have been here, I have on many occasions seen all three Rotterdam teams play in their home stadiums. I have also had season cards and followed closely Sparta for three years and Excelsior for a year>>>FULL TEXT

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Nice pictures

by Al Sefati (not verified) on

I love football ... or as we call it here in US soccer.
I am also a long time Ajax supporter. Good club that produces many great talents who end up playing for big English and Spanish teams.

thanks for the pix.