Zahra’s Paradise

Graphic novel

by Amir & Khalil

So a Persian writer, an Arab artist and a Jewish editor walk into a room… Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. Actually, that’s something like the start of this unusual editorial adventure, the first of its kind. Here for your reading pleasure is an online, serial webcomic in English, Farsi, Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch—with more joining on the horizon. First Second books proudly presents Zahra’s Paradise by Amir and Khalil, together with Casterman in French and Dutch, Rizzoli Lizard in Italian, and Norma Editorial in Spanish. Set in the aftermath of Iran’s fraudulent elections of 2009, Zahra’s Paradise is the fictional story of the search for Mehdi, a young protestor who has disappeared in the Islamic Republic’s gulags >>>

Zahra’s Paradise is being published by MacMillan in September (2010), and so far it's been translated into 10 or so languages. Here's Chapter One:



Good job

by divaneh on

More power to the creators.

DW Duke


by DW Duke on

Interesting, Al Zahra is the hero in this new novel.  //

DW Duke

Looks like a good publication.

by DW Duke on

It appears to have a good theme.  :)


I agree Amir,

by KavehAhangarAdel on

It is very unique and it came out right after the post election events.  It is very well done artistically and is promising.  It is different from Persepolis (a fantastic series/film in its own genre).  As an Artist, I am very impressed.

Message is simple: Believe



WEBCOMIC coined by Amir and . . .

by Amir Normandi on

There may be inspirations from other pioneers but Zahras' Paradise is a unique WEBCOMIC with new post every other day, THANKS Khalil, Amir and . . for your generosity for putting it online.


Amir Normandi


I like this

by عموجان on

I hope to see more of this kind of comic. I was going to say where is the  Farsi copy then I saw the link (i book marked that). This is one good way to tell the story of what is going on in Iran today I even like the illustrations.  



by Abarmard on

Did they acquire Copyright from Satrapi?