Ali Niknam
by Ali Niknam

Humans are important, and so are their rights. Whether you are someone whose rights have been violated, or someone who is fighting to stop the violation of somebody else's rights, you know how important the issue is.

In the fight for human rights, we should put aside our differences and join forces. Tyranny is strong, and it must be countered with unity among those who are fighting it. However, we should also be careful not to turn this campaign into a pawn shop where virtually anything can be bought or sold! In order to be a humanitarian, one has to care deeply about the rights of others and avoid association with, let alone cooperation with, people or governments who violate those rights, have dubious records, or are accused of criminal activity.

Nazanin Afshin Jam’s human rights campaign is an important one. She has probably helped save lives and we should wholeheartedly acknowledge and support that. That said, there is a dark side to her personality that must be addressed. Who is she really? How much do we know about her, other than the info that she and her promoters feed us with? How much do we know about the people who support her or whom she associates with? Is she eally the independent advocate of human rights she claims to be?

Let’s have a look:

Nazanin Afshin Jam is an artist (singer) signed with Bodog Music, an international music label owned by Bodog Entertainment whose owner and boss is the billionaire, Calvin Ayre.

Now, there is nothing wrong with being an artist and a human rights activist at the same time. But when being an artist involves associating closely with people who have a dubious record, then we have a problem! Calvin Ayre sits on top of a gambling empire which the US Department of Justice considers illegal and harmful to the public welfare. If Ayre landed in the US today, he would be arrested on criminal charges. In a situation dire as this, Ayre needs a lot of good PR, and it may be that he is using Afshin Jam as a tool to soften his negative image and gain prestige. The question we need to ask is simple: how do we know if Afshin Jam’s human rights motives are genuine? That is the first question. A more important question would be: why on Earth should a human rights activist be associated with a man who runs an illegal business?

And to make matters worse, there is another serious allegation against Calvin Ayre: prostitution. Last year, police raided Ayre's home in Costa Rica, suspecting that he was hosting an illegal prostitution ring. He, of course, denied the charges. Who knows, maybe he was telling the truth! But that’s beside the point. The point is not whether he told the truth or not in this particular case. The point is that this man has a dubious record. Nonetheless, Afshin jam is professionally involved with him. Again, my question is simple: how can somebody who cares about the rights of women and works to end their plight in Iran and the wider Muslim world be associated with a figure whose business may involve prostitution?

I wholeheartedly hope what I have said in this article is baseless. I am a human rights activist myself, and the last thing I want to do is question the credibility of someone fighting for the rights of others. But, as much as I believe that we should fight together for human rights, I also believe that we should not let our struggle be misused by people whose only aim is to further their own (illegal) interests.

In a world filled with dictators and hypocrites, a world full of torture chambers and death squads, honesty and genuine commitment on the part of human rights activists are not only virtues but necessities. Without these qualities there is no real difference between people who defend human rights and people who violate them.

It is up to us to protect human rights from people who want to use it for profit-making and face-saving.



Nazanin: I agree with you.

by Fred (not verified) on

Nazanin: I agree with you. It is your right to pursue your own happiness, your life, and your interests. And, it is great you are also advocating for human rights BUT you have customized it according to your employer's account.



حاجی عبداله خان تیمورتاش (not verified)

البته از نظر شرعی قمار و باز کردن خانه عشرت مانعی ندارد تا آنجا که آن جوان خمس و ذکاتش را میدهد.

خانم جم هم بدون شک مال خوبی است.


Human Rights Concept

by For Better Understanding (not verified) on

Nazanin: it is your right to pursue your own happiness, your life, and your interests. And, it is great you are also advocating for human rights.

You are great and thanks for being on side of light.


Abi Jacques, Every big

by small fish (not verified) on

Abi Jacques,
Every big company, including those with a bad record, has a foundation that does philanthropy. They spend the tax money they have to pay to the government that way. The government gives them that option and they use it to gain prestige. So, it’s not like Bodog is spending money, selflessly, on orphans in Russia. I don’t think it would. These guys are into gambling and ring entertainment bro! Money is all they care about!


To David ET aka Davood!

by morceaux (not verified) on

No responsible parent would take a "two year" old to a party where hard liquor is served. Drinking a glass of wine at a dinner table is different from drinking hard liquor where children are present. If you know Valentina K. it means she is Nazanin Afshin Jam’s sister who is married to Peter Carol and works for Bodog. By saying Iranians drink at their parties you are not making Iranians look civilized. Is it why you have changed your name from Davood to David? To present yourself as more of a modern type?


Nazanin Puhleeezzzze don't

by Roya (not verified) on

Nazanin Puhleeezzzze don't pay any attention to these avazi people here!
Anyone like you or the defenders of children need to be praised!
If anyone gets some recognition on the side, well, good for them and well deserved!


I will believe the human

by sam (not verified) on

I will believe the human rights activits
such as Nazanin Afshinjam, untill such
time (if ever) anyone can give me hard proof against it.
Otherwise I support her
and the parties who are trying to help
others in this very nasty shi**y world!
By the way what's wrong with taking your 2 year old where there are celebrities??
Are you nuts?
Tell me what have "YOU" done to save anyone lately????


Nazanin, We are proud of you.

by Javad Sultani (not verified) on

Nazanin Aziz; The more we learn about you and what you have done, the more proud we are. Thank you for the efforts of individuals like Jacques and David E to inform us about hidden Iranian gems like you.
God bless you and your family.


Timely Idea

by Fred (not verified) on

What a timely Idea, may I suggest kicking off your worthy campaign with the big fish, the Guantanamo Bay detainees’ lawyer lady Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi. And then move on to others on the long list of Islamist Republic apologists. Perhaps by the time you reach your current pet peeve, her alleged wrong doing in saving Islamist condemned lives would pale in comparison to the other’s self enrichment by doing the talk and not much else to show for it .


Ali; I agree with you, your article is baseless and incomplete,

by Abi Jacques (not verified) on

Celebrity's life is an open book for every one to read , but unfortunately no one can or have the time to search and find the facts, therefore we mostly rely on what we read and sad enough, some individuals pick and choose what they like to report and that's what we see in most blogs and reports.
What make a difference in a report/blog is separation of facts and allegations/accusation.
Here what we know for fact:
Bodog is a multi facet legal entertainment company, including on-line gambling (similar to what's happening in Las Vegas), entertainment ring-fightings and have many artist singers.
Aside from business venture, where with a click of a mouse, any one can learn more, there are other news worth knowing about:
Bodog foundation has a center for orphanage in Russia, taking care of abandoned children infected with HIV from HIV parents.
Bodog is heavily involved in "cruelty against animal" in China and so far donated millions of dollar for their protection.
Bodog is an international company, with many competitors world wide, obviously, the man in charge of the company travels all over the world, if there is any issue, specially for a men with such a profile, is it difficult to pin him down? specially if US government allegedly is after him?.

It's in record in Costa Rica that when there was a major photo or film shooting, neighbor(s) or a competitor complained for after- hour noise and police were called.
And regarding Nazanin; these are the fact that we know and these are "public domain" information: she was involved in humanitarian causes since she was in high school, and later on joined the Red Cross, long before becoming a singer, song writer, long before she was Miss Canada and Miss World 1st. runner up. Her involvement in Tsunami, Bam's earth quick, teaching, lecturing as volunteer, informing corporation,public, schools and universities the effect of land mind on children, cycle of poverty and hunger on children are among many other humanitarian activities that she was involved or initiated on her own.
Her involvement in women movement, and gender equality including her none stop devotion world wide for saving under-aged lives is among her latest activities.
We know through her interviews and reports that she spent all her personal and some of family's money helping many unfortunate/needy people including gathering $42,000.00 "blood money"/bail money for Ms.Fatehi,( We learned that 100% of her income for her up-coming Christmas song will be donated to help saving lives of children and under aged young people in Iran and elsewhere.( )
She always says that fame is her platform for helping voiceless people. She says "People listen more to celebrities and not the politician". "people know the name of Paris Hilton's dog, but do not know who is the head of United Nation"
Her activities in gender equality have opened many eyes in Iran and middle east while brought up the women issues in front of international news and cameras and that have created many window of opportunities for women around the world to demand for their rights and that initiated many rallies, petitions for equality and freedom.
She has dedicated her life (including receiving serious threat from Islamist), her energy entirely for human rights issues, including using her own money because this is her passion. (check out her Bio (, view some of her interviews in You-tube, and Google's video.)

Does she deserve to get this kind of bashing? I guess you can not make every one happy all the time.
As an international singer (she sings English and French), what would be her benefit from Iranian community? (her entire album downloaded as soon as it was available on line and according to reports, thousands copied it free of charge; thanks to Iranian compatriots who made it possible!!).
Is this a perfect world or what?
Ali : Your accusatory and allegation in a format of "information" is dubious. Your note ended with conclusion of "guilty verdict" while you were a judge, a jury and finally an executioner.
You tried very well to hide your true face among so- called "informative" sentences, but any one with an average IQ can see what you are trying to portray, is not totally innocent, and that makes me believe you could be one of a hidden man in closet working for Islamic Republic, and I hope and prey that I am wrong.

David ET

aka n-sedge

by David ET on

to aka n-sedge 

While thanking aka Niknam, please do not forget to advise the author to show more creativity in chosing the titles!

Last time we read a full article on attacking Nazanin Afshin-Jam's human rights efforts was when she was trying to save Nazanin Fatehi from execution , where the Miss author (aka David Maynard) titled it : "Save Nazanin from Nazanin"

This time aka Ali Niknam titled it "defend human rights from human right defenders"

cooincidental parallels ? ;-)



Mr. Ali Niknam, Thank you

by n-sedge (not verified) on

Mr. Ali Niknam,

Thank you for this insightful article. I am sure you will get a lot of personal attacks from Ms. Afshin Jam and those on Bodog paycheck. We need people like you who tell us the truth when these con artists try to cover up their acts!

David ET

to aka morceaux

by David ET on

How many Iranian parties and weddings have you been to where drink was being served and children were present?

How many people in the world drink wine at their dinner table ? You might as well report the whole continent of Europe to children services! What is this? Islmaic republic of Iran? or are you a promoter of their mentality?

I happen to know Valentina K. Now lets hear about the autheticity of : morceaux (not verified)


David ET

to aka Ali Niknam

by David ET on


I am the co-founder of the stop child executions campaign and I have worked closely with Ms. Afshin-Jam for the past 2 years with her human right efforts that lead to freedom of Nazanin Fatehi who would have been executed otherwise. Our campaign has so far listed 87 children who are facing executions (81 of them in Iran). We have worked closely with Amnesty International, UN, EU, politicians of Sweden, Canada etc and our campaign has the support of human right advocates such as Shirin Ebadi, Mehrangiz Kar,  .....and 100's of others worldwide:


The human right records of Nazanin Afshin-Jam is clear and you state that you want to defend human rights from Nazanin Afshin-Jam. Are you saying that your character assassination effort of someone who has proven to help save children from execution is a positive human rights effort? What else have you done for human right, Mr. Niknam ?

I am not associated with Bodog in any shape whatsoever and I don't know much about Mr. Ayre or Bodog entertainment nor do I think the subject has anything to do with Nazanin Afshin-Jam's human rights activities , nor do I am intending to defend Bodog. However I might as well address your attempt to underscore Nazanin Afshin-Jam by bringing up Calvin Ayre's so called "illegal" and "harmful" activities which somehow you related it to the disclosure of Nazanin Afshin-Jam's "dark side"!!

 US is one of the biggest promoters of gambling within its own borders. Las Vegas is the largest gambling city in the world, not to mention Atlantic City, and many other locations across USA well as state governments who run state lotteries across the nation. Therefore, USA has no moral authority to announce another gambling companies "harmful" to the public!

If gambling is "harmful" and "illegal" then it should be across the board. The medium is irrelevant! Stating that gambling is person is healthy and legal and on internet is unhealthy and illegal is just another example of double standards that exist within the US legal system of USA which often has financial reasons. Apparently in US, people are free to gamble in Vegas just as they are free to buy lotto's but are not FREE to gamble on internet. This is specific to USA and not to the rest of the western world. Ultra religious right in USA should stop forcing their so called morality on the rest of the world and the public. Not to mention that USA is also the #1 source of legalized porn industry which by your definition I presume is "healthy" since it is "legal".

May be US government should start educating people instead of feeding them with sex and poker games on its own TV and media 24/7 and then calling it "harmful" and "illegal" and may be you too should start doing something to save someone whose human rights is being violated instead of trying to trash the ones who are doing something about it.

Nazanin Afshin-Jam is an artist and it is typical that an artist has a promoter. In her case it happens to be Bodog Entertainment. I assure you if she had other promoters whatever their name might be, you would have found SOMETHING about that company also. After all these are very large companies and there is always something that can be found about them.  

Finally I must add if this is all that you could find on Miss Afshin-Jam , you have not said a thing about her and her character or records even if all that you claim would be have been true about Mr. Calvin Ayre !

In the past few years we have noted a concerted effort by one individual to underscore our human right efforts. This person (SHE) has spread false information against Miss Afshin-Jam in different mediums including under different identities, all unsubstantiated (we have sourced many of them to the same ip address!). We also have pages documents and proof about this individual and her true identity however since we prefer to focus our efforts, time and energy on saving children from execution and not to bring our campaign to the such levels as is common among many Iranian media , groups abroad, we have chosen not to address this individual and her ill efforts.  

Mr. Niknam, great name you have!! This also seems to be your VERY FIRST blog on!

Now that we know more about Mr. Calvin Ayre and Nazanin Afshin_Jam , wouldn't you say it is only fair that the readers know some about you too? After all it is easy to address others at the comfort of an unknown identity behind the computer. Is there anything on internet or print that we can also read about Mr. Ali Niknam with references such as your human rights efforts and background? :-) 

David Etebari

Campaign Coordinator

CTRL + Click to follow link">

ps: It has been an honor and pleasure to be working side by side with Miss Afshin-Jam in her efforts to make a positive difference in this world.


the authenticity of this mother of a two year old!

by morceaux (not verified) on

It is hard to believe this mother of a "two year old" had taken her little girl to “an evening with lots of celebrities flown there from all over the world and an unbelievable amount of TV cameras covering this event,” where alcohol is served, and loud sounds effect the level of anxiety in a two year old. This leaves us to question her authenticity with her comment. Does Ms. Valentine K. think she can con us to take her word against Forbes when there is a whole article about the U.S. justice department and their case against Calvin Ayre! And someone should contact child services and inform them of this woman and her husband’s lack of responsibility as parents.


"MY 2 year old daughter-named PERSIA-was at this "Raid"

by Valentina K. (not verified) on

For the record, My husband and I and our 2 year old daughter, Persia, were at Mr. Calvin Ayres house in Costa Rica where FOX Television from America where producing a TV show for a Calvin Ayre TV Special. It was a fantastic and wonderful evening with lots of celebrities flown there from all over the world and an unbeleivable amount of TV cameras covering this event. Obviously there was no prostitution or any illegal activity going on. 2 hours into this evening, the house was "raided" by the Costa Rican police as they had noise complaints from neighbours and that something unusual was going on for this quiet neigborhood. They must of assumed that there was illegal activities going on. They showed up and to their surprise saw that it was a TV show produced by FOX Television and there was no such thing. They even saw children there eating ice cream with their nannies and their parents. There were no arrests, and the police were very embarrased. They heavily apologized to Mr. Calvin Ayre and all the guests. That was the evening. Its just so crazy how one person in the tabloid media can change a story so much as try to ruin someones name. And of course some people just believe everything they read and you can't effect these closeminded people. Nevertheless.
Yes Mr. Calvin Ayre runs a giant multimedia and online gaming and entertainmet company. There is nothing illegal here. Visit their webiste You can watch some great music videos, play some poker and then read about the newest entertainment news. It is alot of good clean fun.