Two international gold medals for Iran at International Math Olympiad

Two international gold medals for Iran at International Math Olympiad
by Ari Siletz

This year Iran’s International Math Olympiad team came in 10th out of 100 participating countries with a team score of 151 out of 252 possible points. Our top individual scorer was Mina Dalirrooyfard who took 14th place among 564 individual contestants (of which only 10% were women). Mina came home with a gold medal. Another Iran gold winning team member was Mojtaba Shokrian Zini who placed in 39th individual place.

Top individual scorer of the Olympiad was Germany’s Lisa Sauerman with a perfect individual score of 42. German team as a group came in at 11th place just below Iran by only one point.
China’s team came in first with 189 points, USA 2nd  with 184 points,  and Singapore 3rd.  with 179 points. Four out USA’s six member all-male team were of Asian descent. Kuwait and UAE teams tied for last place with a team score of 1.

Above is Iran’s 2011 team at the contest ceremonies. Inset graphically shows Iran’s position in the math arena over the years. The height of the orange bar represents the number of individual contestants, and the squiggly graph line shows our placement. When it comes to math, Iran competes in the world-class league. Keep in mind that the biggest player, China, has 17 times the population of Iran, giving them a 17:1 talent pool advantage (this makes Singapore's 3rd place accomplishment--population only about 5 million--very impressive; the famous Singapore Math method is obviousl working). By the way, China did not participate in the Taiwan 1998 Olymiad when Iran became the world champion. 


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Congratulation to all these

by Bavafa on

Congratulation to all these young and bright individuals and their families. They make us all proud.

Best wishes and success.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Ari Siletz

Likewise, Dr. Ala

by Ari Siletz on

It's sad to see Iran unable to utilize the full potential of her brilliant population--in any field of endeavor. Glad you are putting energy into addressing the problem back home. To my mind, the most telling indication that our nation's overall health--economic, political, social, cultural--has improved is if the brain drain slows on its own.


Iranian students were

by vildemose on

Iranian students were ranked 10th in 2011 International Mathematical Olympiad in Amsterdam. The Iranian students won two gold and four silver medals in the 52th mathematical international Olympiad.

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Mohammad Ala

I am Happy and Sad...

by Mohammad Ala on

Thanks for sharing this information Ari jaan.  It has been posted on several local Iranian papers too.

I am Happy and Sad... happy that our youth accomplished a great task.  Thanks to ALL of the math team members making us proud.

I am Sad that these individuals will leave and there will be a small chance that they will return to help change Iran for better.

I am in touch with a dozen of previous award winners who are working or studying in other countries, and one Kharzami math award winner who moved to San Diego, Calif. two years ago.

I speak about this issue every chance I get and wrote my first article in about this subject.  Last year, around Azar mah, I was invited to speak at a meeting where a deputy mayor (na-heyeh 11) was present.  Without any taarof, I mentioned about this problem and all the participants agreed with me.

Whether it is human nature or Iranian nature, very few have eereqh-e meli to stay or return to help build Iran to become a better country.  This is not limited to education; two good athletes (one in Sepahan and another one in Zoob-ahan football teams) two weeks ago left Iran for more money.  Absence of these two individuals will be felt at AFC club games.

khaleh mosheh


by khaleh mosheh on

I just love the background decorations with the vertical orange stripy pattern. Iranians are so good at arts- just look at the motifs we have on our rugs. Just wonderful, makes me proud to be an Iranian.