Taking Jahanshah to Court


Bahram G
by Bahram G

I am an infrequent visitor to iranian.com. “The buck stops here,” is an old saying where the top person in any enterprise is held accountable for the “bad” things that happen and occasionally rewarded for the “good” things. Jahanshah is the CEO of the iranian.com. If not all credits and blames, most land on him. So, who is this guy? Let’s evaluate him in the court of the readers of this site.

I would like to sound off my own assessment to get the discussion going. Here it is. I don’t think Jahanshah is a saint. I don’t even think that he never makes the wrong call. On balance, however, from reading his posts and observing the way he runs iranian.com, I respect Jahanshah for:

* his love of freedom – freedom in all its forms, for all people irrespective of any and all considerations;  

* his adherence to the principles enshrined in the Universal Charter of Human Rights;  

* doing and saying what is right, rather than what is expedient and right for him;

* devoting his time and talent to the worthy, yet demanding task of running iranian.com, instead of chasing after money;

* loving Iran and Iranian heritage without denigrating other cultures and peoples;

* being forthright and humble enough to display his own foibles and follies publicly;

* being an educated man with a broad appreciation for various fields, ranging from politics to humanities, and the arts;

I find Jahanshah to be the kind of Iranian that I would want my non-Iranian friends to meet.

Note: I have never met Jahanshah in person. I am not his brother, uncle, cousin, or related to him in any form or shape other than being his hamvatan. I am not writing this to ask him any favors. I am just moved by the fact that readers of iranian.com often attack him no matter what he does. So, here is your opportunity to judge this man. I issued my verdict and would be more than happy to change my views, if I hear contrary viewpoints that are sound.


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rosie is roxy is roshan

I can't delete the one above.

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

It was replied to.  


so I cant give my old account a link under my new id, right?

by SamSamIIII on

 I mean my user profile?...okay then..thx...souri jaan . it,s a technical thingy so have a nice sharbateh limoo and join us ::)) . go to my video blog ..thats meant for all iranians of every background...true unity blog princess...






former samsam1111


Foaad Khosmood

Nothing is "deleted", Samsam. Your writings are visible

by Foaad Khosmood on

Some clarification.

Our system allows our chief editor, JJ to "block" a user. That means, that user's account information is inaccessible to the public. That was done with Samsam.

The writings of that user is still accessible. The home page of that user where everything is listed in the same place is part of the account apparatus and that is no longer visible to the public.

All your blog entries, and other writings are still where they were when they got created.

Here is your latest blog entry in Jan. 31:

This is your earliest blog entry in Apr. 22:

You can also search for anything in your blogs/articles/contributed news in Google, and you will see valid links to them:

Furthermore, even the aggregate page that had a listing of all the blogs, articles is not deleted. It's just inaccessible to the public. Editors can see them still and if it ever becomes un-blocked, it will be visible again.

JJ does have the capability of actually erasing all blogs, articles, comments belonging to a certain user and all comments responding to those comments forever, but as far as I know that has never happened.

I hope this clarifies.


souri jaan ..pleeeeeeez dont

by SamSamIIII on

I realy was not trying to be dramatic about it or blame any one for it..it just sounds odd...I mean it..if you do that ..I be pretty disappointed as a friend...pls pretty pls..as a friendly request . I just wanted to point to it. thanks


former samsam1111



I stop my participation in this site.......

by Souri on

Until all Samsam's blog will be restored. Not that it is a big deal for you or a treat from me, but it is just a matter of PRINCIPLE.

I just can't be active in such a context.


I dont want to answer to icon of personal agenda

by SamSamIIII on


 I didn,t lie and it,s not my imagination . so park the preaching machine somewhere else. My blogs are deleted and I cant get to it .simple as that & souri is not dreaming.but its okay . no big deal .its just some petty blogs





former samsam1111



Is that true, JJ?

by Souri on

Is that true you had deleted all Samsam's blogs ? I can't believe it. That link does not work at all: Page Error!!

Please give us a straight answer. It is unbelievable. I won't say anything before hearing your words about it, but honestly...........

Jahanshah Javid

Mohkam bekoob

by Jahanshah Javid on

Moderator 1234, that's one scary avatar! :o))))


it seems like

by IRANdokht on

spreading lies and false accusations has become a hobby around here!

I was going to let all the false accusations be proven idiotic, and here's the proof!

deer ya zood dareh sookht o sooz nadareh  :0)


Moderator 1234

User SamSamIIII

by Moderator 1234 on

User samsam1111's blogs are where they have always been.



btw Amou JJ

by SamSamIIII on

I just found out you deleted all my blogs under samsam1111..guess those blogs truly were the issue . book burning revisited :) . must have hated those blogs haa!!! I,ve seen people being blocked but never having all their prior blogs deleted...cheers!!! 


former samsam1111




by amirkabear4u on

he is the first person who started this site I think that is a credit to him. It is not possible to keep every one happy is it?

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Oh samsam11111111111111111 Joooooonz are you calling me a bitch?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Female dog! Me? Ohh kinky. Merci merci beaucoup.  khoob az Zion yad gerefti maro fosh bedi. wagh wagh wagh.

I'll repeat what I have told you many times before. I am not your enemy. You need help. I am an Iranian. I love Iran. I am not your enemy. Remember that, try, please. I know it might challenge you severely, but it's what keeps me from repeating the treatment you and Zion give people here.

Call me all the names you want. Dedicate lots of fun names to me. It will not change the regime. It will not change your mental block over IRI. It will not change the moderators. It will change nothing. But maybe that's what you want? Maybe you secretly love IRI? Maybe that's the point :)



by SamSamIIII on

 miigan saga dameh khooneh sahabeshoon wagh wagh ziad mikonan ..inam doro meydooneh to .


former samsam1111




by cuti on

jj is khoob. me could donate money for membership.  show me the account, then i will donate few dollars.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

khaly aghab rafti samsam111111111111111111111

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

first you were after IRI, now you're after IR.com. Derailed (again!). A Patriot's work is never done. May Cyrus bless you with strong spirit and sperm.

Bahram G

Sorry JJ

by Bahram G on

Perhaps I did the wrong thing by doing this blog. There are people out there who are full of hate and have no stomach for anything or anyone who doesn't see or do things exactly their way. But, the very fact that you publish diatribes against yourself shows the quality person you are and all fair-minded people can see that.

The person who calls me "flatterer" who also believes that you are raking in money by running this site may be able to do something for me. If he has any influence with the Ghajar's Darbar, he should kindly get me a job there. Oh, well, I guess it is too late for that, huh? But, since you are raking in all this dough, maybe you can hire me as your personal apple-polisher. Come to think of it, you can't afford me when your own monthly take is only $4,000. I may not be a very good flatterer, but I am not cheap.

Seriously, it is precisely because of unfair and unfounded attacks that come your way I was compelled to start this blog. To let you know that there are readers out there who deeply appreciate what you are doing. As far as I can tell, you stay with principles and try to avoid taking sides. And that's a most difficult thing to do. Unfortunately, many of us think binary: "If you are not with us, you are against us." That kind of thinking.

Jahansha jaan. Take heart, stay the course and keep this site alive. I may not be able to send you big bucks to supplement your truly meager salary (by American standards). But, I'll keep "flattering" you for as long as you keep your bearing and champion the cause of freedom, tolerance and justice for all.

Baharam G

Jahanshah Javid

Screw freedom. Show me the money!

by Jahanshah Javid on

Very interesting to see what others think of you -- good, bad and the ugly.

One thing that gets to me most is the impression that I either have lots of money or am making lots of money. And god I wish at least one of them was true.

My salary is $4,000 per month. My current balance in the bank is around $2,000. Which is really high -- usually it's a couple hundred dollars.

I feel like a millionaire. Honestly :o)


Oh puhleaee!

by I_Was_Blocked_Too (not verified) on

For god's sake, stop being such professional flatterer. You should have served in the Ghajar's Darbaar. Considering the cirumestances of our country, Jahanshah Javid has done NOTHING to further the cause of his enslaved people in Iran.

He can't even further the cause of freedom of speech in his OWN site!

But he gets to have the last laugh while he is counting his advertising profits. Talking about brave opportunism.

Now lete's review this one more time:

1. his love of freedom – freedom in all its forms.
Sure, all its forms, except the forms and people he does not like, who shall get their ids blocked. Oh puhleeeze!

2. his adherence to the principles enshrined in the Universal Charter of Human Rights.
How many times did he seriously protest the violations of human rights by the IRI? How many times did he write about sex and other BS? I guess My cat adheres to the human rights principle too. Oh, puhleeeze!

3. doing and saying what is right, rather than what is expedient and right for him.
Like tolerating other people's opinion, being fair and "adhering" to the principles of freedom of speech? Or did you mean blocking people's ids? Which is the right thing to do and which one the expedient one? Oh, puhleeeze!

Now the best one:

4. devoting his time and talent to the worthy, yet demanding task of running iranian.com, instead of chasing after money.
LOL! Really, really LOL! Long live Mexico!


To be honest

by SamSamIIII on


After a first  few months I started to think this dude is original and has open mind to solutions for our ailing culture and nation but his judgment and operation of this site recently has disappointed me a bit off ...more and more every day , the site screams bias . He may not give a hoot about my opinion but oceans are made of one drop at a time and reputation is earned not bought , specialy on cyber space ......cheers!!!

former samsam1111


Bahram G

Dear Souri

by Bahram G on

You see, Jahanshah IS iranian.com. He is not just "one single person," as you put it. I believe, as Jahanshah goes so goes iranian.com. This site is very special, due to JJ's single-minded determination to make it a forum for all people, for as long as they do not seriously abuse it. To remain true to this open-forum objective, he is often subjected, and by implication the site is also subjected, to abusive comments.

It is my view that good people should be recognized so that they continue their good work and do not become disheartened by ill-wishing and unscrupulous adversaries.

So, with all due respect, I suggest that don't be so "fiercely against" recognizing good people and good work. And if you have better things to do than bother with this post, then you are obviously free to do so. You are equally free to "fiercely" oppose it.

Fiercely yours,

Bahram G


I disagree

by tsion on

'I don’t think Jahanshah is a saint. I don’t even think that he never makes the wrong call.'

I do think he is a saint, and as a saint he obviously makes no wrong call. Actually, given the recent Vatican decisions, I think it only apt if they consider his sainthood seriously.
I mean it, it is not a joke.


I protest......

by Souri on

I am fiercely against this new trend of blogging about this or that person in the site, even if it is the publisher of the site.

This is really unwanted, uncalled and just open the door for all kind of people to come and give their hate speech as much as they want.

I don't think it is a good idea to put one person in the spot light and making him judged by all the people. Honestly, we all have better to do in our lives than gathering together to speak about one single person's qualities or defaults here.