IRI Press TV Shocked by Israeli settlers shooting but blames Lebanon Unrest on «terrorists»


IRI Press TV Shocked by Israeli settlers shooting but blames Lebanon Unrest on «terrorists»
by Darius Kadivar

An Israeli human rights group has released a video that appears to show Israeli soldiers standing by while Jewish settlers open fire on stone-throwing Palestinian protesters in the West Bank, wounding one of them. The incident comes only days after another equally shocking and inexcusable one (yet with far more dramatic casualties) in neighbouring Lebanon …


The IRI state media obviously reports both incidents but with a slightly different outlook …


As much as the incidents in the West bank are limited to the footage widely circulating on youtube, and other media outlets the IRI Press TV however doesn’t even bother to investigate or interview Israeli or Palestinian authorities on the exact circumstances behind this shocking footage. However when it comes to the recent unrest in neighbouring Lebanon Press TV merely relies on official reports by Syria’s UN ambassador …


As such while the IRI media accurately reports the recent death of a sunni cleric who opposed the Syrian Regime ( SeeFuneral ) and who was shot by soldiers in Lebanon (See Related News), the IRI Anchors however carefully blame the Lebanon unrest on « terrorists » while dismissing reports of arms being smuggled into Syria by the IRI as it was recently reported by the Turkish authorities and  echoed by Reuters ( See Related News) …


That the situation in the so called « occupied » territories is far from ideal is a given fact and that such violent incidents and provocations from both sides highlight the counterproductive policies of both the Israeli government (which has blindly encouraged settlements) as well as the difficulties of the Palestinian authority FATAH to truly impose itself over far more radical elements like the Fundamentalist HAMAS …


But it is also clear that the unpredictable and rising tensions in the Middle East have far reaching geo political implications which are being exploited to the benefit of the Islamic Republic and other rogue states like Syria whose crimes are either being ignored in the name of Real Politics by an international community hostage to the stubborn stance of Giants like Russia, China but also India and South Africa (two great nations whose leaders often take pride in being the sons and daughters of the likes of Gandhi and Nelson Mandela two quintessential icons of civil dissobedience).


In addition the failure of the United Nations as well as regional powers like the Arab League and Turkey to interfere militarily in Syria as was the case in the Libyan Conflict is playing into the hands of far more radical groups close to Salafist movements and Al Quaeda both of which offer Iran and Syria the convenient excuse to blame the horrors of the Syrian conflict on Fundamentalist groups. (Read: Is the Salafist Threat In Syria Just a Convenient Illusion? )



As ‘peaceniks’, ‘Liberal Democrats’ and other deemed ‘Citizens of the World’ in Europe and the United States will predictably jump on the bandwagon to express outrage at Israel’s stubborn stance and equate « Zionism » and « racism » …  the question which remains unanswered is if anybody seriously has a concrete solution as to how correctly address these complex regional issues without depicting them in « Black and White » but rather by offering a Global Solution to putting an end to the mad and never ending violence which is slowly but surely grinding the middle east at large …

Christopher Hitchens - Iran vs Israel:

Christopher Hitchens Confronts an iranian women defending the IRI:


If Not then don’t expect me to "fashionably" dance to your tune at any price …

Beirut Duty Free Rocks Airport with Dabke Dance ;0)



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22 May 2012












Islamic Republic of Iran’s Press TV Coverage:

In the latest scandal involving the Israeli military, soldiers stand by and refuse to intervene as extremist Jewish settlers open fire on Palestinians in the ‘occupied’ West Bank.




IRI Press TV claims « Terrorists » creating buffer zone in Lebanon: Syria UN envoy :









Tension in Lebanon over checkpoint deaths of Anti Assad Sunni Cleric (Al Jazeera Report):










Shah and Sadat make joint statement in favor of Palestinian State (1975)



Shah of Iran In France Meets President Pompidou at the Same Periode Speaks about Iran's Stance on the "tragic" situation of the Palestinian Refugees in relation to the Lebanese Confict which he say's has its roots in 1947 that is at the time of the creation of the State of Israel .

(No Sound in the Beginning) :








Original Footage : 


Camera 1 :



Camera 2 :


Jewish Settlers filmed shooting at Palestinian protesters (bbc)



An Israeli human rights group has released a video that appears to show Israeli soldiers standing by while Jewish settlers open fire on stone-throwing Palestinian protesters in the West Bank, wounding one of them, reports the BBC's Rupert Wingfield Hayes.

It is the sort of incident that we often hear about, but almost never get to see. This time, thanks to B'Tselem, we have graphic video evidence of what happened.

The picture the videos paint is disturbing. It appears to show Jewish settler youths attacking a Palestinian village; later heavily armed Jewish settlers shooting at, and wounding, a Palestinian man, and most disturbing of all, Israeli soldiers standing by and doing nothing to prevent the shooting.


The incident happened on Saturday afternoon just outside the Palestinian village of Asira al-Qubliya.

In the first video a large number of young men from the nearby Jewish settlement of Yitzhar can be seen descending a mountainside towards the Palestinian village. The young settlers can be distinguished by the white cloths wound tightly around their heads.

As the settlers approach the village, young Palestinian men from Asira al-Qubliya can be seen coming out to confront them.

One Palestinian man runs towards them up the hill. He throws a rock at the approaching men, who reply in kind.

One important detail is that, at this stage, there is no sign of any burning fields.


In the second video the scene has changed.

A group of men in white T-shirts, carrying assault rifles, is standing just outside the village. These are older settlers from Yitzhar.

The fields behind them are now burning. A group of Israeli soldiers enters the scene from the right.

The Palestinian youths start throwing stones at the soldiers and the armed settlers.

Two of the armed settlers aim at one Palestinian youth just metres away and open fire. He falls down behind a rock wall.

As the settlers retreat other Palestinian villagers rush in to drag the injured man away. He has been shot in the side of the head. Fortunately, the wound is not serious.


The third video shows the same scene from a different angle.

This time a third armed settler, armed with a handgun rather than a rifle, can be seen taking aim and shooting at the Palestinian youths.

Standing right beside him as he does so are two Israeli army soldiers, who make no attempt to stop him.

In this video the injured man can be seen more clearly, blood pouring from the side of his head.

As he is carried back to the village the other young Palestinian men shout in defiance.


In a telephone interview with the BBC a spokesman for the Yitzhar settlement, Avraham Binyamin, claimed the incident had been started by the Palestinian villagers who, he said, had deliberately set fire to their own land in order to try and burn down the Jewish settlement.


"We know for years a phenomenon that we call 'arson terror'," he said. "This year it is the third consecutive Saturday that Arabs set fire with the aim that the fire would reach homes in Yitzhar as it did in the past."

He said the settlers had gone down the hill to try and extinguish the fire, and that was when the confrontation with the Palestinians began.

"Once they arrived on the scene they were attacked by hundreds of Arab rioters hurling rocks at them," he said. "The fire was already on when the young men came down from Yitzhar."

But the video shows that there was no fire burning when the young settlers came down the hill.

It's impossible to tell from the videos who started the fire. But the villagers of Asira al-Qubliya point out that it was their own fields that were burned, and that the fire was much closer to their own village than to the Jewish settlement.


"Sometimes twice a week the settlers come down and start attacking us and damaging our farms," says Fathi Nijem Asayrah, the father of the young man shot in the side of the head in Saturday's incident.


Sitting beside his son's hospital bed, he is angry at the settlers, but even more angry at the soldiers.

"The settler who shot my son did it right next to a soldier, but he did nothing to intervene."

It is this fact, clearly visible in the videos, that has most disturbed B'Tselem.

"It is the Israeli military's responsibility to protect all civilians from violence, not to favour one population at the expense of another," says its spokesperson Jessica Montel.

"What we saw again on Saturday is that the Israeli military did not intervene even when the settlers began shooting."

The Israeli military meanwhile has released a statement.

"During the confrontation, live fire was used," it said. "The incident is currently being investigated by the division commander. It appears that the video in question does not reflect the incident in its entirety."

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The detention of a well-known Lebanese political figure, Michel Samaha, has underlined the explosive potential of the Syrian crisis and how it stretches into the heart of Lebanese politics.




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Fareed Zakaria: Will Syria turn into next Lebanon?

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Will Syria turn into next Lebanon? (cnn)


Kofi Annan’s resignation as the U.N. and Arab League joint special envoy is a blow to any hopes that the situation in Syria could go down a stable path. It has also dashed hopes that an early route could be found to an inclusive government that could oversee decreasing levels of violence. Annan represented the possibility of something positive for Syria, and his departure is a sign that things are going to continue to spiral downwards. 

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Hussam Hussam (photo), a presumed member of Syrian intelligence services who claimed in 2005 – and subsequently denied - that Damascus was behind the murder of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, has been captured by Syrian rebels


Needless to say...

by Bavafa on

A good majority of those military targets were ordinary peoples home, shops, hospitals and school yards.  A sure way of depriving people of their livelihood so they pack up and move out of the area so it can be occupied/stolen by those who follow of the military personal, the Settlers.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

Of course for the evil Isreal nothing is out of reach. But that  won't last much. Isreal won't last up there for too long.  What goes up must come down.  Unfortunately, this  physics law applies to everyone including the chosen people.  At the end you see no difference between the fate of VF and BIBI. 

I am sorry if I  had hurt your kosher feelings but truth hurts. 

Arash Kamangir

soosan khanoom

by Arash Kamangir on

Let a few decades go by before trying to change history. Israel reached all his military targets not only in 2006 but also in 1967, 1973 and so on. In coming war with IR, they will also reach all their targets as well.

Soosan Khanoom

Spreading fire to Lebanon is a dream coming true for Bibi

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Since 2006 that Isreal's Butt was kicked in Lebanon, Israel is looking for a way to Revenge.  Who are they fooling?   Arab Spring my foot !!!!!

Darius Kadivar

Lebanon hit by deadly Syria fire

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Lebanon hit by deadly Syria fire (bbc)


At least three people in northern Lebanon are killed and nine injured in shelling from across the Syrian border, officials and residents say.

Darius Kadivar

Lebanon sends troops to port city to calm Syria-linked violence

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Lebanon sends troops to port city (bbc, VIDEO)


Lebanon has sent troops to the port city of Tripoli after at least 10 people were killed in clashes linked to unrest across the border in Syria.

Security forces were deployed after the country's Prime Minister Najib Mikati visited to try and stem the violence.

The clashes came after UN peace envoy Kofi Annan warned sectarian violence in Syria could spread across borders.

Recent weeks have seen increased clashes between armed Alawite groups and Sunni fighters in the city.

"The Lebanese army and internal security forces need to take all measures to stop the clashes in the city of Tripoli, without discrimination," a statement from Mr Mikati's office said.

Armoured vehicles were seen on the streets of the city but no shots were fired, a Reuters report said.




Darius Kadivar

Deadly Lebanon clashes over Syria

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Deadly Lebanon clashes over Syria (bbc)


At least nine people are killed and many injured in the Lebanese port city of Tripoli, as clashes erupt linked to unrest across the border in Syria.

Darius Kadivar

Jeremy Bowen reports: Fragile Lebanon hit by Syria shockwave

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Fragile Lebanon hit by Syria shockwave (bbc, VIDEO)


The bloodshed in Syria has spilled over the border into neighbouring Lebanon, fuelling fears of a return to sectarian violence seen in the past.

Clashes resulted in the deaths of at least two people on the streets of the capital Beirut this week, while 11 were killed in violence in the northern city of Tripoli the week before.

Jeremy Bowen reports. 


Darius Kadivar

Lebanese Shia pilgrims abducted in Syria 'could be released soon

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Lebanese pilgrims 'to be freed' (bbc)


Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour announces that 13 Lebanese Shia pilgrims kidnapped in Syria have been found and should be released soon.

Darius Kadivar

Kidnap of pilgrims in Syria raises tension in Lebanon

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Beirut protests at Syrian kidnapping (BBC, VIDEO)


The kidnapping of 13 Lebanese Shia pilgrims in Syria has sparked angry protests in Beirut, adding to fears that Lebanon is being dragged into the unrest afflicting its neighbour.

The pilgrims were returning through Syria after touring Iranian holy sites.

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, head of the Shia militant group Hezbollah in Lebanon, appealed for calm after tyres were burned and roads blocked.

Tom Esslemont reports. 



Darius Kadivar

13 Lebanese Shia pilgrims back from Iran kidnapped by Rebels

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Abductions raise Lebanon tension (bbc)


Tensions rise after rebels in northern Syria kidnap 13 Lebanese Shia pilgrims on their way home from visiting holy sites in Iran.