Iranians Living in Africa?

by faryarm

You may have seen this before... but for those who havent, it is a heartwarming video about a Bahai Family forced to leave their home in Iran and the influence of their Persian culture on their African neighbors..


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Dear faryam:You are calling Bahai a religion of

by Anonymous 123 (not verified) on

Dear faryam:You are calling Bahai a religion of love for humanity but you call others disturbed.Are you not being hypocrite or are you not contradicting yourself?


one of my all time favorites on youtube

by Monda on

Aref is just lovely as are his parents. The way he moves to that Persian tune speaks volumes of how well bonded they all are among themselves as well as with the parents' native culture.



by SALTY on

Afarin bar aan pedar va madar.

Iran should be proud of her Bahais. I have yet to see one that is not nice.


Dear AJ...No Body is Perfect

by faryarm on

Dear AJ...No Body is Perfect

Especially Bahais, since 

The Bahai Faith has set such a high standard, for gaining human qualities of love, justice, sacrifice, patience, forgiveness etc;  It is hard work and most people struggle to aspire to that level of perfecton. 

Religion is meaningless without these qualities, be it Bahai, islam or any other... 

What you are describing is the shortcomings of some people not the source  or the substance of their beliefs.






ارث پدر عربها

Persian (not verified)

عربها میتونند تبلیغ اسلام در سرزمین کوروش کبیر بکنند ولی زرتشتی ها و بهایی ها حق نفس کشیدن ندارند چه برسه اینکه تبلیغ دینشان رابکنند.اگر چه هر دو دین برخواسته از قلب ایران است

ایران شده ارث پدر عربها

ارادتمند بی دین


Dear Disturbed Anon..I

by faryarm on

Dear Disturbed Anon..I.

Thanks  for  your comment:

"It was a nice clip except it tries to promote Bahaism again." 

Yes, It was a nice clip, but would you rather it promoted:

Fascism, Nazism, or the wisdom and values of our current IRI rulers?.

This clip promotes nothing but the power of faith and love

seasons greetings




Darius Kadivar

Great Post ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

I had seen this before and its really cute. Thanks Faryarm Jan to post it here again.

Happy X Mas by the way,




by Carmel (not verified) on

Dear Faryar,

What a lovely/cute familly!



My German son:))

by Adoptive mother (not verified) on

Thank you faryar, I can relate to this story . When we left Iran we knew we can not have our biological child, but at the same time being bahais we could not travel to Iran and adopt. Just by chance we met my son's birth mother and she liked us. the rest is history , we have a blond blue eye 18 yr old son , who loves ashreshteh and every morning has to have sweet tea and feta with lavash bread!!!
He is fluent in farsi too.
One thing that I wanted to tell this commentator who said this is teaching about bahai faith again!! is that :I think in my humble opinion , it is easier for us Bahais to adopt children of different race, because we believe in world citizenship. I could be wrong, so I like to hear from non bahai readers if they know of a non bahai family doing the same thing.
Thanks again , I will show this video to my son .


It was a nice clip except.......................

by Anonymous iranian (not verified) on

It was a nice clip except it tries to promote Bahaism again.



by Ali Sefati (not verified) on

amazing. something really good came out of this but still sad people have to leave their home country for their faith!


I wish them well

by AJ (not verified) on

Aref seems to be a great kid and his parents seem like very pleasant people too. I wish them well.

I remember almost 35-36 years ago my Bahai school friend's brother and his wife and children went to Africa, and as my friend used to say "to teach a lot of Africans to become Bahais". After some years they moved to another country, I think it was some Island country.
My friend is now a non practicing Bahai.( I'm not quite sure if he has given up religion altogether)
He finds many faults in his religion. Although he has been shunned for saying so, yet he continues to speak of the many faults he sees.
Not unlike what we see here about other religions, in particular, Islam.

Adib Masumian


by Adib Masumian on


Adib Masumian


by Adib Masumian on

I have indeed seen this video before - he has the same kind of affinity for sonnati as I do! :)

Thank you fayar jaan. 


Dear K.

by faryarm on

Thank you.. The world is full of these stories...

we just have to find more of them on youtube, if not make the stories in our own lives..

best wishes


ebi amirhosseini

Faryar Jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

I have seen it before,but it is worth seeing more than once.



what happened to your avatar?

Ebi aka Haaji


Nice Clip!!!

by farshadjon on

I went to South Africa couple of years ago. It is absolutely beautiful. I have never forgotten my trip to SA. I hope that one day I will be able to go back there. The country is magnificent and full of opportunity.Thanks, dear Faryam.

P.S. Just a reminder for everyone that Botswana is in the northern part of South Africa .





by Khar on

Thanks for posting this great human story!!! Although I've seen it before but every time I see it reinforces my belief in humanity and what great deeds we all are capable of doing. Thanks Again Aziz!