Ending it

by Fred

Today is the thirtieth anniversary of Islamists in Iran taking American diplomats hostage.  Since that crime which solidified power in the hands of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, the unrepentant Islamists have gone on a crime spree both internally victimizing Iranians en masse and externally radicalizing the region and by extension the world at large.

Initiative after initiative to come to some king of understanding with the Islamist Rapists have produced nothing but time for them to work on their illegal full cycle dual purpose nuke program. At the current trajectory the Islamist Rapist are on, they will soon get their hands on nuke and that is when remorse by all the lets talk it out advocates will have no redeemable value. It is time to dust off plan B.

The brutality of the IRR as witnessed during the recent sham “election” is at such level that without concerted, unremitting material and moral support from the sane world Iranians cannot get rid of the Islamist menace. 

The situation is ripe, before it gets too late and IRR imposes a devastating war on Iranians and the region the sane world led by the beacon of hope and freedom, America, has got to help enslaved Iranians to overthrow this maniacal doomsday Islamist cult.

This can be made to be the very last shameful commemoration of hostage taking crime the Islamist Rapists preside over.   


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Bijan A M

What could be support?

by Bijan A M on

A mere acknowledgement of the movement and demonstration to the entire world by their leaders is a great support. Not recognizing the government of AN as legitimate is support.

Providing the opposition the means and technology to better spread their word to each household in every village is support.

Disrupting payment of salaries to basij and Pasdars (hacking the system), is material support.

Arming select groups within opposition with the mandate of defenssive use, is support.

Convincing the world that what IRR is doing should be stopped, so that they can't freely conduct commerce with other nations. That's material support.

Freeze assets of known governmant agents anywhere around the world. That's material support.

Do you see a drop of blood in any of these?

The river of blood starts when people of Iran on their own free will, start fighting the evil. There is no doubt that this monster will not leave without shedding blood.


Maybe Bijan can explain to me

by IRANdokht on

Maybe Bijan can explain to me what Fred and Mosad didn't:

What is the nature of this help that makes so much sense and you know all about how reasonable it is and defending Fred on the subject?


What help are you expecting from US? 

Please enlighten me.

btw: keep in mind that sanctions or bombs do not qualify as "helping" people!



I have no courage! (to Bijan)

by kharmagas on

"Whether he is an AIPAC agent or Khameni’s causin will make no
difference. He says something that makes sense. Have enough courage to
support it or shut-up.

Bijan, Can you get a little more arrogant?  go **** yourself BTW!

Bijan A M

Fair is fair

by Bijan A M on

What the man says is fair and makes sense,

The brutality of the IRR as witnessed during the recent sham “election” is at such level that without concerted, unremitting material and moral support from the sane world Iranians cannot get rid of the Islamist menace.”

Which part of this statement can you argue with? You are not in any F**king position to override the cry of the people in Iran who are risking their lives and cry “ Obama, Obama, ya ba oona ya ba ma”. Just listen to the demonstrations. People in Iran are asking for US support. Who in the hell are you to decide what they want?

You can read into this blog as you want and as your personal vendetta leads you to post. But, Fred has a very valid and legitimate point in this particular blog. Go ahead and hang him for whatever he has said, but he is absolutely on the marks on this one (and every other one in my opinion).  It is your conspiratorial mind which translates material support as bombs. To you, it’s OK to fight a man who is armed to the teeth, with bare hands. But you know and I know how stupid that is.

Please stop harassing the only one who has at least a plausible suggestion to confront the evil we face. He has never advocated war or bombing. Whether he is an AIPAC agent or Khameni’s causin will make no difference. He says something that makes sense. Have enough courage to support it or shut-up.  


Haji "believe"

by Fred on

Dr. Strangelove says:


“Where is the evidence that, even if the IRI develops a nuclear bomb, it will start a "devastating war?" I do not believe that even the craziest elements of the IRI would do that, unless Iran is attacked first.”

  Forgive me to not trust the well being of millions of Iranians and others on what one charlatan Shariati enamored Islamist nuke lover “believes”. After all you Islamists are congenital liars, whatever you say or write is highly suspect especially what you “believe”. Khodeti Haji.  

Ps. there are couple more places left where you have not inserted your advertisement for that nonsense saying essayist mutual friend of ours. 

PPs. it is not as you say "  CRUX OF THE ISSUE thing", it is a unique truth telling by Haji nuke in the form of :

  “The crux of the issue about Iran's nuclear program is, in my opinion, as follows: If Iran has the ability to make the bomb on a short notice, it becomes unattackable. That is not something that the US and Israel can tolerate. They want to be the hegemone of the Middle East.”



Same nonsense again and again

by Mammad on

It does not matter how many times Fred is caught lying. Last week he declared that the UN Security Council has declared Iran's nuclear program as illegal. No such thing. To the contrary, all UNSC Resolutions start with reaffirming that Iran, like any other NPT member state, has the right to the full nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. I brought that paragraph here, he conceded that, but he repeats the same nonsense again.

Yes, the regime has raped. Yes, storming the embassy, WHEN LOOKED AT WITH THE PRESENT HINDSIGHT, was wrong (although it must be looked at in the context of its time, and although the intention of the student leaders was not to drag that on; read


), but what do they have to do with Iran's right under the NPT to nuclear technology and uranium enrichment?

Where is the evidence that, even if the IRI develops a nuclear bomb, it will start a "devastating war?" I do not believe that even the craziest elements of the IRI would do that, unless Iran is attacked first. Even Israelis do not make such extravagant claims. Even GWB and Cheney did not make such claims.

What is "materials support?" Q gave one interpretation that I believe is close to reality. Clarify and be precise. Do not come back with the CRUX OF THE ISSUE thing. It is old and worn out!!

Iran's nuclear program can be legitimately criticized for several of its aspects, but not with lies and exaggerations of the type that Fred propagates (which never get traction!). 

Baa halvaa halvaa goftan dahaan shirin nemisheh. Just because you say so does not make it so. 




by Hajminator on

I was away from this site for a while; I come back and guess what I see ...

I still see your old style blogs, written with weird expressions and your comments treating people who disagree with you by names exactly as what you were doing last year. The only things that have changed are terms that you now employ. IRR instead of CASMII show, … sycophants instead of islamists etc.

There are two explanations of that: Either you are sticking to your agenda and are spreading propaganda by changing your style – to upraise people on this site against mullahs in Iran? LOL -, or as says the adage "only  idiots don’t change their minds!".


Ms IRANdokht

by capt_ayhab on

Oh pauleeeez Banoo, don't tell me that you expect a logical and concise answer from Mr. Fred ;-o)

He is only good at couple of  things,  propaganda machine for AIPAC, and slandering commentators.



Fred what happened to my answer?

by IRANdokht on

by the way, apparently you and Larijani think the same way about Iraq. Don't you?

it should be clear who's the real IRR supporter and who is advocating for all actions that would keep IRI in place for a long time. You and your IRR would love to see sanctions that would empower the Sepah and attacks that would prolong IRR's life.

case closed!



Just in case

by capt_ayhab on

Oran's Dictionary of the Law (1983) defines treason as: "...[a]...citizen's actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the [parent nation]." In many nations, it is also often considered treason to attempt or conspire to overthrow the government, even if no foreign country is aided or involved by such
an endeavor.

In Dante Alighieri's Inferno, the ninth and lowest circle of Hell is reserved for traitors.

Our friend Fred has  secured his spot next to people like Benedict Arnold and Marcus Brutus. What an honor right Fred?




by Fred on

What the IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, its lobbies and sycophants say does not really matter, they say seeking outside help  is wrong and treasonous, fine.  

Should one care to counter their self-serving scripted argument, then how come they praise the Iraqi government as being democratic, Larijani the head of Islamist Rapists’ congress did so today. The current Iraqi government was the beneficiary of IRR largess during Saddam time and most lived in Iran and have intermarried with IRR Islamists.  

Same story with the Hezbollah terrorists and others that IRR supports and sees nothing wrong with helping “freedom movements” but when it comes to its own opposition it is another story.


The hypocrisy of the Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies is really funny.    


Fred the AIPAC sycophant

by kharmagas on

The sycophant is getting real impatient ...he wants to see another war, like his masters in AIPAC his thirst for war is never quenched.


Air dropping the support !

by capt_ayhab on

without concerted, unremitting material and moral support from the sane world Iranians cannot get rid of the Islamist menace. 

Material help will be air dropped, then moral help will come in form of another nation building. Similar to Iraq and Afghanistan. Two wonderful examples of materials that were air-dropped then came the moral support as we are witnessing.

treason takes many forms, the most despicable kind are the ones who call themselves Iranian.

Such a shameless bunch



Letter to sane world

by AMIR1973 on

Dear sane world,

I would like to ask you to help the enslaved Iranians with moral and material support. However, please make sure that this moral and material support does not look anything like the support currently being provided by you to the nations that are the immediate neighbors to the east and west of Iran. Whatever it is that you do to Afghanistan and Iraq, I ask that you please do not do it in Iran. Regards.






by IRANdokht on

What is that help that you are talking about? In what form is it?

Since you obviously know what this help is and you think that Fred is not talking about bombs and sanction, then what is it?

Or are you saying that some of the "islamists" have created a taboo from bombs and sanctions despite them being actually helpful to Iranians! 

Please enlighten me




by masoudA on

Islamists and their cyber lobby gang have succeeded in creating a Taboo.   Anyone seeking help outside Iran from non Iranians are tagged as "Traitors" who wish to see bombs fall on the homes of their hamvatans!!  as you can see a couple of them quickly showed up right here....  This taboo must break - because our hamvatans do need help and support.  


Fred jan

by IRANdokht on

Is this a call for military attack on Iran? What is it that you're proposing the "sane" world to do? (btw does that include Israel and Pakistan too?)

"Time is now" and "situation is ripe" for America "the beacon of hope and freedom"  (the same kind that was exported to Iraq and Afghanistan?) to do what? Stage a coup? Bomb the crap out of the cities? make sure these brave Iranians would have no gasoline, no food and no medicine ASAP?

I just need to know what you're proposing to be done that would help the Iranians situation and what is it that America can do that the Iranians themselves are not capable of?

Please enlighten me



HollyUSA... Ye chayi bara khodet dam kon aval .. badesh.

by KouroshS on

So what you are saying is that All those who agree with Fred should follow suit and find something to suck on? When did fred suggest that he is the one whose help you should desparately seek?

here is the question i have:
do some people REALLY and TRULY hate The akhoonds, ALL OF THEM, and their IRI Regime?

Judging by so many spins and Interpretations that i have seen, I am starting to seriously doubt that there is anyone out there who really despises these Mfing Bastards.



by HollyUSA on

When WE IRANIANS, decide we want help from the likes of you to liberate OUR COUNTRY, we'll be sure to let you know. Meanwhile, get something to suck on and stay tuned honey.



by Q on

without concerted, unremitting material and moral support from the sane world Iranians cannot get rid of the Islamist menace.

Dear American Taxpayer, please pay me and my Chalabist masters millions of dollars of "material support" so we can help "liberate" Iranians and save you money on the war. Didn't you like our work in Iraq?

remember how for years we said Iranians can't free themselves or do anything on their own (stupid Iranians!). Well, that's exactly what we are saying even after the Green uprising. Because we are that dense and/or we think you are that stupid.

So, what you say, one more time for the fun of it, let us ride in the back of the Green-wearing kinds in Tehran and deliver them the "material" support for war and sanctions that they never asked for!