Leaving comments for yourself are you?

Jahanshah Javid
by Jahanshah Javid

It's been how long? Two years? Not sure really. But ever since comment boxes appeared below articles on iranian.com, there have been rare instances where writers have left supporting messages for themselves.

You, the general reader, may be able to guess these instances. But often you're probably wrong and it's just your conspiracy-friendly mind talking.

I on the other hand, have access to our publishing system, which can tell me, with a good deal of accuracy, if these comments are coming from the same person under the guise of different users.

In order to check on my suspicions, I have to ask our technical chief Foaad, to go and dig up the facts. I don't know how to do it myself and I don't want to. In a total of three instances (two concerning abusive users and one regarding comments on one's own writing), I have been so annoyed that I have sought Foaad's help. It's good to have an expert witness and second opinion.

Now my question is, what am I supposed to do? Should I tell the offending person to stop leaving congratulatory or supporting messages for her or himself? Should I just delete them? Should I expose them (I'm not going to that, I don't think)?

Or should I stop checking on these desperate individuals altogether? So what if people want to give themselves a pat on the back, anonymously, over and over again? Is that any of my business?

I would like your input. PLEASE do not speculate and name names in your comments (they will be deleted), because I would have done so myself and that's not the purpose of this blog.

However, maybe those who have done it may see this note and feel a little uncomfortable.


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any site freer than this site?

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

gentlemen, to answer JJ's question I like to ask everyone a question. Does anyone know of any site that is more free than this site? Iranian or else....

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

If it's any consolation, the reason for my outburst was nothing any of you did. None of you. Relax!

There's nothing wrong with being anonymous and there's nothing evil about leaving comments under a different name for your own posts. Would I delete them? In this particular case I have. Have I warned the person? No.

I honestly don't know if what I've done is right or wrong. All this is too complicated for me. Your responses have been really helpful in understanding the various aspects.

Mucho Gracias!

(I almost learned how to count to 10 in Spanish today.)


Lets get geeky

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

There is only one way you can pinpoint the anonymous to the registered user:

1. you have had their initial (when they registered) IP address (assuming static IP address)
2. The NIC ID (unique to every computer)
3. their ISP provider and gateway

since most people don't have static IP addresses then there is very hard to pin point that registered user to anonymous user, you can pin point them down based on gateway IP and assuming petris paribus. In addition, most users now days have wireless connections too and that does not reveal their IP.

But if the user change computers and are home users and most of the time their IP address is DHCP and not static then I cant hardly believe that you can pinpoint them

even if you use packetsniffer or iptracker

unless Foaad is a genius in that case he is underpaid working for JJ. :)

or I could be wrong maybe JJ is running under ground operations that are very sophisticated please educate me I need all the education needed in this tough job market to become competitive.

Geek section

By the way just kidding thanks to Foaad and JJ
this has been the most entertaining so far, I am actually exercising by typing all these comments maybe that will help lose some calorie.

Does anyone know how much calorie does one lose by typing?

Amir nasiri

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

We can provide all the content, but Jahanshah calls all the shots. I have a tremendous amount of respect for what he has done by creating this website with all of the residual effects, both intended and unintended. 

But I have to be honest. There's been inconsistency in the way things have gone. I don't need to go into detail. It's pretty well known. The reason why I say it really doesn't matter, is because at the end of the day, Jahanshah is the one who is ultimately accountable and responsible for what happens here, good or bad, right or wrong.

When I say it doesn't matter, it's not meant as a dig against him. It's meant to point out that no matter how much we post, how much we contribute, blog, and so on, this is really his world that he has invited all of us into. At any moment, this website could conceivably go "poof" and disappear and that would leave you, me and the other "regulars" screaming, "sanz of beeches, vaat happen to eeraaniaan daat caam?  I vaant to log on to tell dat olaagh he is wrong and dat he is esstoopid."

(The olaagh can be anyone and is just for illustrative purposes only).

Oh, and AW....thanks, you blew my cover. I'm not Kaveh OR Joe Six Pack. My real name is Elvis Presley and I'm blogging from a Dairy Queen in Indiana where I work with Jim Morrison.

Jimmy Hoffa is the store manager.  :-)


Not positive

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

"........ malicious people trying to damage my/his name and reputation...."

I don't understand why someone would like to do something like that. There are laws and you can get sued for tarnishing or damaging someone's reputation.

Again, we are a small and weak community we need to come together and support one another.

I wish I was in CA, I would have brought all of you guys together and had kebab everyday.

take care

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

JJ these guys want to know too

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

American Wife

no, you really didn't just "ask"

by American Wife on

You challenged me on a hypothesis to make good my points.  I'm not sure how I've indicated anything that would make it impossible for anyone to use their real name.   I couldn't care less.  A real name has no more value to me than a fish.  Knowing it's really not, I COULD say that Kaveh is not really Kaveh... his real name is Joe Six Pack.  He's really not even Iranian!  Do you see my point?  There are a zillion reasons someone is not registered.  Fear of political retaliation?  Fear that their wife or husband might be tracking them?  WHO CARES.  

This word "abuse" is so ridiculously overrated and overused, especially here.  Abused is that woman who was scarred for life by acid.  Abused is the child who comes to school with bruises.  Abused because someone said your work stunk?  Abused because someone said your comments are silly and invalid? 

No, my friend.  

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I like what Nazy wrote. It assigns responsibility to JJ though

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

he doesn't protect the people who provide him content enough. A policy of "whatever" is awful, but I'm glad he's honest about it? 

Kaveh- It does matter what we think. We provide the content and the hits. JJ asked us to suggest a solution.  


AW (aka Tonya),

by Q on

I don't really care what your name is. I simply asked why you don't use your full name instead of "American Wife". You already gave me the answer: you don't want to expose your husband's name and/or more information for whatever reason. You might not be an active writer, but I've been writing under my full name for a long time. So, I'm more like your husband and the same reasons you may not want to expose his name might apply to me. That is, malicious people trying to damage my/his name and reputation. That's fine, I do agree that it should be available as an option to use an anonymous name.

So the question is, why would you make it impossible for people to use their real names if you agree that they would face additional scrutiny? Why not accomodate them as much as the anonymous people? Giving a license to abuse them, by not even enforcing policies that every other website has, makes it biased against them. Keeping in mind that having real articles by real professionals is probably more desirable for the reputation of a site such as this.

Nazy Kaviani

Anonymous is beautiful

by Nazy Kaviani on

Some of the most interesting contributions and discussions of the site are generated by its registered anonymous users. They are just as much a part of this community as any of the rest of us who use our real names. Who cares what people's real names are? Who cares how old they are and what they look like? Sometimes I read someone's comment and he/she sounds so perfect, I think to myself "I want to sound just like that when I grow up!" If I were to look too closely to that avatar and that username, though, it would appear as though I am wishing to be a camel, a donkey, a curmageon, a letter, a monument, a cartoon character, or a flag!

I agree with Q on a point he had made. It is most troubling when we see anonymous users accuse people with real names and identities of things. That is not acceptable from anyone, but when "real" people slander "real" people, there could be legal consequences to the action. What's the law for anonymous characters? Surely anonymity shouldn't reduce people's responsibility for lawful behavior, should it? Anyhow, for purposes of civilized and fruitful dialogue, I believe anonymous is beautiful.

Kaveh Nouraee

It Doesn't Matter What We Think

by Kaveh Nouraee on

It's a shame that those who engage in this practice are not called out for this.

I've noticed and made mention of one particular person's use of multiple screen names, where one "person" stands up for another "person". Naturally, my posts exposing the charlatan gets deleted, while the pretender continues multi-posting with impunity.

I believe if the issue is going to be dealt with, it shouldn't be halfway. David ET makes an excellent suggestion, but ultimately that's neither his call or mine.

As for me, I've never posted as a generic goldfish to boost my own point of view. Why should I? I mean what I say, and don't feel the need to ask any one of the voices in my head to stick up for me. I may be a disagreeable person to some of you, but my integrity isn't for sale.




by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

Dear Friends;

My name is Amir Nasiri, have two graduate degrees with 4.0 GPA's, with many awards and recognition and by the way I am still making under wage.:)(iranian story)

you can find me on linkedin


I came at 16 and i only had $200 in my pocket. Lived in group homes, foster homes, churches, synagogues, temples and also stood in line to get food as homeless people did.

Got myself through school by working full time and school.

Now my point, who cares who you are.

Just have fun enjoy each other blogs, discussions and garbage.

But work together, built stronger Iranian community and respect and cherish one another. If we can't tolerate one another we can not achieve our goal and our dream and that is, to FREE IRAN from the Mullahs.

God Bless you all enjoy your thanks giving by the way I gained a lot of weight just this two days. I am FULLLLL

No more Turkey ( i mean the bird)

My wife is an awesome cook

(I think JJ wanted to increase the traffic on this site by posting such a controversial topic, good marketing)

Amir Nasiri

American Wife

my real name?

by American Wife on

Ok... my real name is Tonya.  I've said more about myself and my personal history than virtually anyone here.  I've said where I went to school... how many brothers and sisters I have... where I grew up... enough personal anecdotes to make you puke Irish Green.  You could ascertain my religious beliefs, my political party, and my freshman year GPA if you've read anything I've ever posted.  My husband is an active blogger.  I'm sure you won't mind if I don't expose him too just to prove your point.

But I'll tell you one thing more.  I've revealed myself just to answer your question.  I hold it to be an absolute PRIVILEGE and RIGHT for anyone else to stay anonymous or unregistered.  I am NO better than they... nor are you and anyone else who posts under their own name, registered or unregistered.

Now... do YOU feel better?

btw... did Zion's comment go missing.  She usually can't pass up an opportunity to question my IQ.



Jeeeeemz Baaaand

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on


mai akssant veri veri off the boat. ;)



American Wife

by Q on

You obviously misunderstand, but if your real name is "American Wife" and now I have cost you a job, unwanted attention or emotional distress, I apologize. Happy?

I didn't say you are the person Javid is talking about. I meant that your comment is representative of many here that are saying "don't do anything" because it benefits them as a user. But there are more things to consider than what benefits a user.

What? And your real name is "Q"? LOL Surely you jest!

What irony! Yes, that line WAS in jest. I was mimicking what goes through the heads of people who think this is all about them. My name is actually Qumars.

There is nothing selfish about my opinion.
there's a very simple way to disprove this. If there's nothing selfish, that means that your advocated policy should be equally good for you than for real writers and personalities who submit under their true name. If that's the case, you should have no problem using your own name, maybe your real life history, instead of the alias "American Wife".

How about it?

I think we can all agree that such a policy favors the anonymous or pseudonomous users.



by Ajam (not verified) on

Don't discount the theraputic value of this. At least for that, let them be. If someone is willing to go the length to self-congratulate, they obviously need the ego boost!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

JJ How honest are you? How can you be un-tech savvy?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Your full-time job is iranian.com. The internet. Yet you tell us you don't know when two registrations are the same? I think anyone can figure this out. Why do you depend on another guy to do this for you? Then you say your policy is whatever. Another contradiction! You are anything BUT whatever. It's a matter of perception I guess. You don't seem whatever to me at all and neither do your awful moderators. 

American Wife

not singling anyone out???

by American Wife on

say WHAT?  My dear Q... you not only "singled" me out... you called me by name... LOL

I hardly think this is about ME.  I'm just a member of iranian. com, just like you and the thousands of other bloggers are.  You talk about abuse like someone has been tarred and feathered here.  You don't like what someone says, you call them an idiot.  Different point of view... they're IRI.  Another different point of view and THEY are MEK. 

"I" don't want to share my information and want to have the flexibility to be fake so that must be the right thing to do.

What?   And your real name is "Q"?   LOL  Surely you jest!

YOU ARE JUST AS ANONYMOUS AS ALL THE LITTLE FISHES on IC.  You just have your name highlighted.

There is nothing selfish about my opinion.  Does that mean I get to call YOU stupid because I don't agree with you.  But you don't get that, do you?  You and all the others... the rules will never apply to you, will they?

American Wife

it just doesn't stop

by American Wife on

Yet again, someone who "recognizes" multiple users.  Jeez, I guess I just don't have enough time or energy or intelligence to be able to evaluate, critique, analyze and identify all these different bloggers. 

G E T  O V E R  Y O U R S E L F.

Nazy... thank you for your reply.  I shouldn't have sounded so "specific".  I just feel there is way too much emphasis put on harmless blogging because of the whole issue of registered versus anonymous.  And why now, all of a sudden.

Ebi... you are the master of diplomacy...:-)



American Wife: that is a SELFISH position

by Q on

I'm not singling you or the TheMrs (in her new blog) out, but your post is a perfect example of many of the "advice" which is all about what's best for ME, what I want to get away with and what policy benefits ME!

"I" don't want to share my information and want to have the flexibility to be fake so that must be the right thing to do

This is not about you, at least in my opinion. This is also about the Iranian community of which Iranian.com, as the oldest and most popular Iranian site in English language, is a face. This is also about Mr. Jahanshah Javid and his co-workers and what he wants his site to be. What his vision is.

We all know that despite the messianic claims of Javid, he's not just a humble "servant" of this community bestowing freedom of speech and democracy to Iran-Zamin.

As such, I'm sure he didn't set out to provide a giant bathroom wall as his legacy. He also didn't invent the Internet. There are hundreds of popular sites about politics, philosophy, religion, technology that have the same problems. I don't know of a single one that tolerates the kind of abuse. In most other sites, people get banned and accounts get closed for many offenses. Things in general are alot more strict to keep out trolls and keep the place at a level that benefits most readers.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you can't turn over the Tavileh to a bunch of Khars (Sorry Khar). Those people who want maximum "rights" to do whatever they want are not concerned about the overall value to the community. They are also hypocrites, and I'll show you why:

Many people have aliases and pseudonyms, that's fine. But this site is very widely accessed and is influential. If something false or damaging was being written about their real life person, you'd see how quickly they change their tune about "freedom of speech" and "right to privacy" and "let people do what they want."

Well, many people who write articles are professionals with real lives, real jobs and real resumes. It's not ethical to allow open ended abuse of their work and their professionalism. It's wrong because if someone looks them up and sees all these negative comments that person will falsely think that many people criticized him when in real life it may have been one person.

We all know what you're talking about. A "gang" attacks the author so another "gang" pops up to answer the first "gang". So, as I said the excessive anonymous "praise" (also an abuse) is a reaction to this abuse being allowed.

Address the abuse, and you will probably diminish these things that are now bothering Javid.

ebi amirhosseini

Nazy Jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

As always two of best comments are yours.

I agree with AW aziz & at the same time you !!.To me both of you make solid points here.In my case ( and I believe a lot of other readers),how can I leave comment on a blog that to me is perfect ( I have this problem with most of your blogs ! or a photo essay by dear Azadeh Azad & ....).This doesn't mean that the blogs I leave comment on are not as good.I believe this is my shortcoming that have nothing to say as a comment for some real perfect blogs,not the blogger's!.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Oh America Wife - watch your language!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

naughty naughty. Aren't you educated enough to use more mature language? Tsk Tsk. I hope I've shamed you enough. LOL. Sorry. I had to test to see what that feels like..... these moderators...... hmmmm.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

American Wife is RIGHT

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

If one person is doing it, it's likely that many are. It's not about the multiple registrations though - it's THIS person who raised a red flag with some strange, my guess is racist or hateful comments. 

It has been a year since these comments started. Ever since, there has been trouble. Deal with your issues and stop laundering everything out in the open. Contact the person! I was contacted and warned about "profane language" and threatened with having my account terminated. Have you seen me write a single bad word since? other than Republican? NO! 

This was a scare tactic. It worked.  

Nazy Kaviani

Dear American Wife

by Nazy Kaviani on

I hope you have had a good Thanksgiving celebration with your family. I feel I should explain only a part of why I see leaving oneself congratulatory comments as sad, because I wasn't trying to be sanctimonious.

This is, unfortunately, a system that mistakenly puts value on the number of comments a piece receives as confirmation of the "goodness" or "worthiness" of its content. It isn't. There are new writers who join this forum and whose work does not receive a single comment, good or bad. Is that author's writing bad or unworthy? By no means. It's just that most frequent users and commentators stick together and start dialogues inside their own groups, not paying attention to the larger community of people who are trying to reach out to others and be heard. This may lead some less known contributors to do things which aren't right. You will agree that some of the most ridiculous pieces of content and writing on this site have received many comments. Does that make them "good?" When a painter's collection of a lifetime's work stays on the front page for a week without a single comment and when a crisply written featured blog receives just one comment, I think it's sad. I think the "comments counting" attitude is sad, because when the comments don't arrive to encourage new contributors, the quality of the site's content is kept from elevating and becoming more diverse.

I think if as a community, we "notice" all the people who are contributing to the site's content through writing, art, humor, and comments, and really take encouraging them as a serious responsibility, we will see less of these instances. That's part of what I meant.

P.S. Please ask your sweet Iranian husband to explain to you what in the rich Iranian culture is referred to as "Ghareeb navaazi" and conversely, what "Ghareeb gaz" means. We should all strive to be Ghareeb navaaz.


to Anonymous 77

by jimzbund on

It is Bund, Jimz Bund.  

with your accent baaand jeeeemmzz baaand !

007 always

American Wife

how sanctimonious everyone's gotten

by American Wife on

all of a sudden.  "cheating... lying... sad... dishonest".   ID was right again.  This has just reopened that same never-ending debate about registered or unregistered... multiple anonymous postings.. blah blah blah. 

SO WHAT!!!!  Oh, you hear a few pompous and pious people saying "they've never done it!!!!!".  First of all, I say bullshit.  And I don't give a rat's ass if Moderator1234 calls me out.  Go ahead.  What a hypocrite THAT one is.  The vile and disgusting postings just keep on coming.  But if someone says a bad word?  Oh my goodness!  I  have OFFENDED someone.  I bet there isn't a ONE of you who hasn't posted anonymously.  If someone wants to write a positive comment to their own article, it's "sad"???  How very... condescending... THAT is.  So what if someone wants to create a little positive feedback.  Now everyone wants to be the "honor" police. 

And you've got those who actually are COUNTING how many comments there are in an article and deciding that it's the author going back and forth.  How very clever.  Wonder how they know that????   A little conspiracy with some moderators?  hmmmm   FACT or opinion.  Some can't tell the difference.

Multiple registered names?  SO WHAT!!! Again, I bet you'd all be surprised how many of you do it.  And I suspect those who cry out loudest against it are the most guilty of it.

ONE exceptional case and look at all the bruhaha.  Obviously Sarah kept it low-key this week.




Praising yourself is a victimless crime and should be...

by Ostaad on

allowed to go on unabated. JJ, please save your and Foaad's time and bandwidth for more worthwile projects.The savvy readers can spot such self-laudatory BS as soon as they see one. The thing is to ingnore the SOBs who wast our bandwidth.

Shomaa koutah biaa.




Very Deep Sigh

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

Dear Friends:

I have to say that Ms. Nazy Kaviani's comment, was one of the best comments so far ever on Iranian.com as long as I have been a member and remember reading it.

You see having no family or Iranian friends here in this country and after 25 years you start developing your own friends and families, in your own strange ways.

Believe it or not I have done it on iranian.com. That might sound strange and wired to some of you but I admit it. Yes sometimes I get dissapointed here but it is better than nothing.

May be JJ makes money from my 10-15 times/daily visits on this site and that is very good for him and I want him to make money.

I think we should start practicing democracy and not dictatorship and policing each other.

Our community needs encouragement, leadership and positive voices.

We are so divided and out of touch.

We need leaders not followers.

Please start encouraging each other, uniting each other not dividing each other.

Yours truly;

Amir Nasiri


I have multiple characters and proud of it

by Anonymous Whatever (not verified) on

I have multiple registered and unregistered names and I am proud of it. Some like to write poetry, fiction, philosophy, satire, politics,...etc., my "thing" is to write under anonymous characters, registered or unregistered and say whatever I feel at the moment. I get up in the morning and I feel groggy, then I'll find an article or blog that appeals to that groggy mood of mine and I'll send a groggy comment. If the local store clerk gives me a hard time and I'm in a bad mood, I'll post a negative comment. I don't care.

Some people have turned this site into a tea party by cleaning up the "undesirables", the consequence of that is the creation of someone like me who uses multiple characters instead of ONE registered user name. If you don't like multiplicity, site me a reference that says I should not do so. Not your words, "common sense", "civility", "what we learned in school", but give an enforceable law, rule, regulation, policy, procedure, guidance, advisory, order, directive, act, or code of conduct. Give me something concrete, something other than "whatever", because whatever in my mood right now.



To JJ and JimsBund

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

JimsBund. Oh the irony of your post and name!

JJ I have a solution. Tell the poor guy/girl to start writing a novel. Obviously there is a talent of different characters, that just needs nurturing.

In case anyone wonders. I am registered, I just can't be bothered to log in, because my browser takes ages to block all the advertising. I'm always Anonymous77