Great News for the PMOI, and Terrible News for the Terrorist Regime


Great News for the PMOI, and Terrible News for the Terrorist Regime
by Masoud Kazemzadeh

"Great News for the PMOI, and Terrible News for the Terrorist Regime," will be the Super Title of the News I will post if the news is positive about de-listing the PMOI. And if the news is bad, I will use the Super Title "Great News for Khamenei."

In the past 32 years, the vf regime has been brutally repressing ALL opposition groups from democrats (Jebhe Melli, NAMIR, Iran Liberal Party), to socialists, feminists, monarchists, ethnic parties, PMOI, and the like. The vf regime wants to weaken any and all of us.

I do not know what the folks in the U.S. government are thinking. I hope that they will make the right decision. Decisions have long-term consequences. A bad decision by the Eisenhower administration in 1953 caused so much agony and pain, which after 58 years of brutal tyranny still haunts us today. The bad decision on the de-listing will have great blowback for the U.S. for decades to come.

The PMOI was placed on the list in 1997 to reward Khatami and then kept it on the list by President Bush II in order to keep the vf regime happy so that it would not arm the extremist groups in Iraq to kill Americans (the IRI went ahead and armed the terrorists in Iraq who killed Americans). If the Obama administration kept the PMOI on the list, this will be widely understood by the Iranian people as a huge victory for the vf regime.

The bad decision to keep the PMOI on the terrorist list will be a huge victory for the vf regime. In all its dealings with other governments (e.g., EU, U.S., Iraq), the vf regime always demands that these governments declare the PMOI "terrorist," and to place more restrictions on the PMOI. The VF regime has actually offered $80,000 to a Canadian expert to write that the PMOI is a terrorist. What will be the reaction of the IRI’s Ministry of Intelligence, IRGC, and the Supreme Leader to the news of de-listing? If the U.S. government kept the PMOI on the list, those working in the IRI’s Ministry of Intelligence will celebrate, so will those in the IRGC, as well as the Supreme Leader himself. The notion that Khamenei, the Ministry of Intelligence, and IRGC would want the PMOI to be de-listed is utter non-sense. The vf regime has been willing to pay a very heavy price in order to put more restrictions on the PMOI.

One of the main principles and ethics of our politics is that although we strongly oppose a dissident group which opposes the ruling tyranny, we strongly condemn those who snitch against the dissident group. As part of our political principles and ethics, we will not collaborate with the ruling tyranny against another dissident. We have great hostility for those who collaborate with our tyrannical oppressors.

In the struggle against the Shah’s tyranny, we did not snitch on other opposition groups or help the regime arrest and persecute them. And those few who did, have widely been regarded as utterly disgusting traitors.

Similarly, in the struggle against the vf regime’s tyranny, we did NOT, do NOT, and will NOT snitch on other opposition groups and help the ruling tyranny arrest and persecute them. There is a bright red line: the vf regime and its collaborators are on the one side; and all those who oppose the vf regime are on the other side of the red line.

For example, we may strongly oppose monarchists, but we should never ever help the vf regime arrest, torture, execute, or assassinate him or her. Same with all other opposition groups.

And in the unenviable "no man’s land" are the reformists and the Melli Mazhabis. The reformists have been part of the nezam and the Melli-Mazhabis have been close to it, but the Supreme Leader in his infinite basirat [insight], wants them [khavas bi-basirat] out of any power.

If we want democracy, we have to defend the civil liberties and political rights of those with whom we disagree. Democracy rests upon pluralism and diversity. We should oppose McCarthyite witch hunts of those the ruling vf regime wants to persecute. In the post-fundamentalist Iran, all the opposition groups have to live in our beloved Iran. All of us, whether democrats (e.g., JM, NAMIR, Iran Liberal Party), monarchists, socialists, ethnic parties (e.g., Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, Komele), Melli-Mazhabis, PMOI ... have to learn to co-exist in a plural polity.

A pluralistic democracy will not fall from the sky the day after the fundamentalist terrorist regime collapses. The seeds of the post-fundamentalist democracy have to be sewn by us and nurtured by us TODAY. If we are going to have democracy and pluralism in the aftermath of the demise of the fundamentalist terrorist regime, we have to DEFEND the political RIGHTS of those with whom we disagree, TODAY.

Although we disagree with other opposition groups and we express our criticisms, we should:


2. CONDEMN anyone who collaborates with the vf regime.

By keeping the PMOI on the list, the U.S. government will help the vf regime and will certainly demoralize the opposition to the fundamentalist regime. By de-listing the PMOI, the U.S. government will create the conditions that we Iranians ourselves could then take steps towards the planing of the seeds of pluralism, tolerance, and democracy for the post-fundamentalist Iran.

Lets hope the Obama administration would make the right decision.



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How can one be a nationalist & also defend traitors like MEK?!

by Disenchanted on


      This must be a sign of apocalypse!

     How can one praise Mosadegh and Rajavi in same breath?! Please humor me! I doubt that those who genuinely belong to"Jebhe Melli" are willing to supprt an organization that was used as a tool in the hands of Saddam in attacking their homeland!

      I'd say Mosadegh would spit in the face of likes of Rajavi. Don't you think so?!



PMOI = Al Qaeda

by BoosBoos on

When Al Qaeda is delisted - then talk about groups like PMOI being delisted.  Terror is terror; treat all of these groups the same.

Don't treat PMOI any differently than Al Qaeda because they're not - they are actually worse because they assisted a foreign army in attempting to invade Iran. 

Tiger Lily

vAt iz diis Mister Doktor?

by Tiger Lily on

Human rights includes a set of rules of accountability for human rights violations and courts too. 

I ask again and for the upteenth time on this site, how does a terrorist group transfer funds to lobby politicians in the US legally and why should such a group be allowed to be above the law and request further "allowances" to be so through funding?




Advice to the US Govt on this issue.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

If the USA desires such a prescription for Iranians, my only
advice would be for them to take the same prescription first for
themselves, as for us, we have no problems with MEK today (that is we clearly see them as traitors and not reformable with their current leadership) so we don't
need their remedy yet.

The USA Needs to Remove Al-Quaeda and other Former Terorist groups that have
killed Americans, From the Terrorist List and allow them to participate
as a legal political parties in the USA, of course with access to
similar funds that the MEK would have acess to.

It could serve American Reconciliation and even USA/IRI Relations.  I
guess the ball of good will is back in the US Court and hopefully they
create an inclusive atmosphere within the USA for all these terrorist


My enemy's enemy is my friend

by Simorgh5555 on

I can understand the grim satisfaction of delisting the MEK out of spite against the regime and their NIAC lapdogs. Its like giving the Islamic Republic the birdy and saying, "Ta cheshmet kur". 

However, this should not be the reason to delist the MEK. Well, not unless some pre-requisites are met. As I have said many times before a paramilitary or Iranian liberation army is essential in order to topple the regime and Camp Ashraf is a suitable place to launch any attacks.

However, Rajavi and the MEK old guards remain dubious characters (politely putting it) and it would be nothing but catastrophic for the future of Iran to entrust her with the task of liberating Iran. Rajavi must be removed from the MEK. 

I have no quarrel with the ordinary MEK member or supporter so long as he commits to an independent and secular Iran and supporting the people's choice of governance including those like me who wish to see a monarchy (or meritocracy) restored. 

People like Rajavi - a self elect President are and have always been insincere about genuine democracy and are subservient to the poisonous Soviet style Marxist dogma.

Now for Iranians amongst us who are opposed to the delisting of the MEK one should ask what is the alternative. The Americans and many Iranians are fed up with anaysis paralysis and years of irresoluteness.

I actually believe that NIAC and the MEK are both equally worthy of derision. The former has not been a paramilitary group but it is the largest mouthpiece of this rotten regime in North America. Their lobbying on behalf of the IR will ensure more Iranians are killed. Sure, they will invite Shirin Ebadi, or a human rights 'expert' to talk about human right abuse in Iran generically but that is all part of the facade.

People should not jump on any bandwagon or be forced to support any opposition group without making an informed choice first.

Suffice to say, however, those who think the IR Terror regime is going to go without a fight and can be reasoned with are deluded. Maryam Rajavi and her MEK crypto-Communist are not the answers but neither is Reza Pahlavi's feckless civil disobedience mantra.  

I say Reza Pahlavi because he is ashamed to be called Shahzadeh.  


Dear COP, Mehrban and Vildemose jaan,

by Bavafa on

I agree with the premise that we must allow all legitimate opposition, including those directly counter to our own ideology to participate in the future of Iran. But this should be within the frame of mind that those participants are working genuinely for the future of Iran and are legitimate political groups, not criminals, murderers, thieves and traitors.

MEK as its current structure have undisputedly committed act of treason towards Iran and Iranians. Rewarding them with allowing participation in future of Iran which there is little doubt they will commit the same act of treason if required of them, will be in fact betraying Iran and Iranians.

Lastly, if we are going with the premise and principals of all groups must be allowed to participate in the future of Iran, then we must afford the same openness to IRI leadership, including Sepah and Basij if we are to avoid act of a hypocrite. So, unless Mr. Kazemzadeh or other advocates are willing to openly campaign for the rights of IRI/Sepah leadership, he/they are applying their advocacy selectively and hypocritically.

The issue of Human Rights for the rank and file of MEK in Iraq is an important issue but it is being misused and abused by some trying to legitimizing this group. A real concern for the poor individuals, many of them hostages in Camp Ashraf, can and should be expressed by applying pressure on MEK to allow them a free choice and those that want to get out, should be allowed to get out. There are a host of nations that they could settle down if they want to. Removing MEK from the terrorist list will have NO effect on the ground for those individuals in Camp Ashraf.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



PMOI: All bad news.

by BoosBoos on

Support for the PMOI is an excuse.  If the PMOI ever came to power in iran there would be a civil war; not a single member of that group would survive based on Iranians hatred of it; and many innocent people would get thrown into sectarian violence as in Iraq.  But this is what the U.S. wants.  

The other bad news is that if the PMOI is not successful in grabbing power in Iran, the Iranian diaspora communities will have to mix with Iranians who may have supported Saddam, like the PMOI.  Basically the U.S. has brought PMOI to the U.S. and Canada; so the Iranian diaspora will start being a mish-mash of PMOI, PJAK, Jundallah, PanTurks, and others who are totally hostile to Iran.  

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Despite our previous disagreements you are mostly right on this. I am glad at least one Professor has the good sense to oppose MEK.

It is terrified by the Greens, the vast majority of whom know nothing about PMOI.

I am not so sure the Greens do not know about POMI. Know yes; support I don't think so. In fact I hope they do know about them. Because if they don't they risk having their movement hijacked by MEK. So they better learn real fast. The danger is very real.

People like you should take it upon themselves to educate the Greens. Regarding "President Elect" what a pile of c**p! Why don't I declare myself President! At least I did not work for Saddam :-) I make a better president than Rajavi!


PMOI as a democratic group?

by Mammad on

You must be kidding, and this blog is not factual, to put it extremely politely [I know, I know, it is Dr. MK's opinion]. It ignores the terrible track record of the PMOI, and tries to present it as a democratic group, which it has never been. It also presents, for example, the nationalist-religious coalition as "being close" to the ruling group, which cannot be farther from the truth. The NR group has suffered as much as any group, or more. And most of the leading figures of the Reformists are languishing in jail, and since the 1990s have been in and out of jail. Yet, they are still presented as "part of the nezaam."

And, to say that de-listing PMOI is a victory for hardliners is utterly absurd. The organization has no social base of support in Iran, none whatsoever. And, the VF regime is not concerned with PMOI. It is terrified by the Greens, the vast majority of whom know nothing about PMOI.

Those, such as myself, who oppose de-listing of the PMOI do so because the de-listing may quite possibly lead to more terrible problems for the people, including war, at a time that they are already grappling with many terrible ones.

PMOI was never democratic, and will never be one. It was not during the Shah, but that could be somehow understood because it was under assault by the SAVAK. But, from 1979 to 1981, when the organization was out in the open, participated in the elections, had candidates, had rallies, had a newspaper, had alliances, etc., it established its credentials as a Stalinist group under the guise of "democratic centralism."

There is no doubt that the VF regime has committed atrocious atrocities against PMOI, and indeed against most Iranian people. But, to declare that the PMOI had no share of the responsibility in creating the dark and suffocating 1980s, even if a small part, by overestimating its strength and underestimating the charisma and authority of Ayatollah Khomeini when it took up arms, is beyond absurd. The results of that catastrophic decision speaks for themselves, both for the 18000 people executed in the 1980s, and for PMOI.

So, even if we completely forget about all the treasons that PMOI committed after 1981 all the way to the present, the facts about that era speak for themselves.

And, to be hopelessly optimistic that if PMOI is de-listed, its supporters will stop calling Maryam Rajavi the bogus "president-elect" is also absurd. Do not hold your breadth. Not a single analysis or prediction of the Rajavis has turned out to be correct, or even remotely so. Yet, the PMOI supporters worship the couple. If in the sunlight at noon they say it is midnight, all repeat "Masoud says it is midnight, so it has to be so."

History before the Revolution all the way to 1981:


History since 1981:


The executions of 1980s:



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: Democracy's strength is in its diversity

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Dear Mehrban

I agree that democracy requires diversity. But do you propose we free all rapists and murderers? Does it mean that we open the jail doors and let common criminals out. Just because we want democracy does not mean there is no law.

MEK leadership and some members are common criminals. They have murdered; blown up things and fought against Iran. There is no statue of limitation on murder. Why do people confuse political freedom with criminal freedom? 

If I am a member of a political group it does not give me the right to kill. Does not give me a right to violently attack Kurds; Arabs and Iranians. I don't think so. Being a member of an "opposition" group does not mean freedom to use terror.

I used to respect Howard Dean but now I have zero respect for him. The man is a clown just like the mental case Patrick Kennedy. We all know about Giuliani so I won't mention him. In fact I have lost respect for many US politicians.

In the USA you need 25 K to buy support of a "prominent politician". In the biblical days it was 30 pieces of silver. Now it is 25 thousand dollars. But the people are the same type. Judas supposedly did God's will; what is Dean's problem.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Roozbeh

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

with this very straightforward case of saving the lives of 3000 or so unarmed Iranains from the clutches of gangs of armed to teeth Islamist regime funded Iraqi shiat terrorists

With all due respect I want to know: are they allowed to leave Camp Ashraf. What I know is that they are prevented by MEK from leaving. A few escaped and made their way to Kurdish run regions. Kurds had mercy on them and helped them.

The real ones who have them in their "clutches" are the MEK. Why don't they let them go? They are already de-listed in Europe so why don't they move there? I also know of a number of them who went back to Iran and rejoined their families.

IRI may be ruthless but it is no where near as bad as MEK. At least they do not force people to divorce. They do not separate families from their children as a matter of course. Yes they are nasty and evil but not to the same degree.


COP jaan

by Mehrban on

You ask a very good question.  And yes Iranians have been fooled many times.  

But was it because they knew too much or that they did not know enough.  Delisting does not mean reliquishing power to MEK to rule Iran.  Our job is to make sure of that. 

I think the politics of cloak and dagger has hurt us.  A delisted MEK could be interviewed, researched and looked at closely (if anyone cares to do so).   It will make for a more mature Iranian political scene.  Also, MEK as it stands in Camp Ashraf is a problem, they are Iranians and they are our problem (and they have relinquished their arms).  If we don't make the hard decisions, others will make it for us. 



Thank you Dear Masoud for this timely blog.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Really our views about the MKO should have nothing to do with this very straightforward case of saving the lives of 3000 or so unarmed Iranains from the clutches of gangs of armed to teeth Islamist regime funded Iraqi shiat terrorists, by de listing them. This is not an ideological issue, it is a humaniterian issue.......  

 BTW, how people fighting against the biggest terrorist entity in the world, the islamist regime, could be classed as "terrorists" in the first place, is just beyond me. The words "oil" and "reformist president" Khatemei, pop to my mind though thinking about it.....


 I agree with Mehraban,

by vildemose on

 I agree with Mehraban, however, I don't want Masoud Rajavi or Maryam to be free.

"Whenever a separation is made between liberty and justice, neither, in my opinion, is safe." Robert Browning in 'Ceuciaja'


Mehrban Jaan

by Cost-of-Progress on

"It is a difficult choice to support delisting of MEK but I do believe it is the right choice if we want to take fundamental steps towards Democracy."

Nevermind the delisting debate, but with all due respect aziz, can we even use MEK and democracy in the same sentence? I realize some leftist leftovers (I do not mean you, btw) yearn for the rule of the marxist ideology (a bankrupt one at that), but for the love of logic, how can anyone trust Islamic revolutionary jihadist ideology and marxist tendencies melded into one package?

Weren't Iranians fooled once?





Democracy's strength is in its diversity

by Mehrban on

If MEK is delisted, the landscape of Iranian dissent will exit from the monopoly of "Reformists".  The debate will be by far richer and will extend to more Iranians. 

It is then incumbent upon us Iranians to persuade the ones who have been calling Maryam Rajavi President of Iran to stop doing so, she obviousely is not Iran's president and it is not up to Guiliani, Dean or Bolton to vote her into that position.

 It is a difficult choice to support delisting of MEK but I do believe it is the right choice if we want to take fundamental steps towards Democracy.  

I am unequivocally against war with Iran.   

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Great Blog Dr. Kazemzadeh

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

"Although we disagree with other opposition groups and we express our criticisms, we should:


2. CONDEMN anyone who collaborates with the vf regime."


There is a difference between Terrorism and Democratic Rights

by ayatoilet1 on


In a democracy the right to free speech, freedom of assembly, participation in elections etc are all protected and should be protected. But if any one group decides to put aside the democratic process and take up arms AND TERRORIZE other political groups (i.e. NOT follow the electeral process), that activity CAN NOT AND SHOULD NOT be protected in a democracy.

The point I am making is that the second PMOI/MEK/MKO took up arms they abandoned the democratic process and became a terrorist group. The quote ..."they came frist for the ...and I was silent" ...comes from regrets about standing up to the Nazis in the 1930's. The problem here is that the PMOI/MEK/MKO ARE THE NAZI'S.

They have no democratic history in their organization, MAryam and Masoud have been in charge without elections for 30+ years; they have brutalized their own members; they have killed mercillessly (Kurds, etc for Saddam Hussein), they have NOT CHANGED - THEY HAVE THE SAME LEADERSHIP TODAY they have had during all these terrorist actions.  

How can they pretend with words to respect democracy and be guarantors of Iranian democracy when IN ACTIONS they have basically behaved like the Nazi's. No one can pretend or accept that they leadership is now different or that they have seen the light. Given an opportunity they would put down every single democratic institution in Iran and put opponents in jail. They can not be trusted...with the future of Iran.

If they had a change of leadership, or a completely new "manifesto" ..that would be one thing. But their members still walk arround in military clothing ... and look up at big screen speeches of Masoud and Maryam Rajavi if they are new Messiahs.

One final point, it is NOT an argument to say that the regime in Iran is brutal, or terrorizes the population - therefore opponents have no choice but to be the same way (to oppose them). Many wise leaders (Ghandi for one) showed how non-violence can be more powerful than violence and ultimately lead to real democratic institutions.

We need to win the "intellectual" battles in Iran. One massive general strike, or one large "strike" by oil workers - would be the end of the regime in Iran. People on the street level need to understand they have choices and can bring down the regime if they can simply persuade others in Iran to join them. Its about opponents have real credibility. One of the reasons why the regime in Iran has stayed in power is because many of the opposition groups lack credibility on the street in Iran. PMOI/MEK/MKO lack do many of the "foufoul" rich boys from the prior regime ... WE NEED NEW CREDIBLE, STRONG OPPOSITION....that can persuade the masses to sacrifice for a better future.