Mourning for murdered Iranians


Mourning for murdered Iranians
by Q

Issue: Iranian civlians being killed in Iraq, last week of April, 2009.

Number of dead: 75 from two bombings in late April. Over 150 dead and injured in the past year. Perhaps up to 500 casualties since the start of the war. At least 5 civilian Iranians still held by US forces in Iraq without charge.

Locations: Baghdad and Diyala Provinces

Number of news stories on about this issue: Only one that I can find.

Degree of guilt associated with any of the victims: zero.

Number of laws any of the victims broke: zero.

Number of times US Media and Websites mentioned any of their names: zero.

Number of Iranian celebrities taking up this cause: zero.

Number of blogs on on this subject: none.

Number of times any victim was made "Iranian of the day": zero.

Number of underage victims who were talented at art or poetry: unknown.

Number of total comments on any blog or news item on this issue: six.

Number of people expressing condolence to families: two.

Number of profane and bigoted comments NOT removed by site censors: two.

Number of people blaming the dead victims: three (see below).

Number of writers expressing public "outrage" at the lack of attention to the murders: two or three.

Number of writers making public requests to website publishers for more attention to this issue: none.

Number of requests to increase the front page coverage on this issue: none.

Number of people getting disgusted and saying they will leave the website because not enough attention was paid: none.

Number of International laws being violated: Too many. In addition to murders themselves, the Geneva Conventions specifically hold occupying powers responsible for security in occupied countries. The United States maintains 120,000 troops in Iraq is an occupying power in Iraq. Furthermore, specifically, the United States has not handed over what it calls "provincial control" in Baghdad and Diyala as it has in 12 other provinces.

Number of provinces where the April bombings occurred: two.

Number of those provinces under US security control: two.

Number of sunni militia fighters on the US payroll as part of the "surge" strategy last year: 84,000.

Number of Iranians calling for overthrow of the US Government based on violation of these (and MANY other) International laws: zero.

* Three messages not removed by site censors reprinted from this news item (emphasis mine):

IRI must be destroyed
by Qkosenanat (not verified) on Sun Apr 26, 2009 07:50 AM PDT

Hagheshoone arab doostahye koskesh
There are the one who keep IRI alive so I don't give a f*k they rae dying.
If that is how we keep the IRI supporters number down I am all for that arab doosthaye, IRi supprterhaye madar jendeh

Not at all sorry
by Arash Kamangir (not verified) on Sun Apr 26, 2009 04:38 AM PDT

I as well as many others don't give a damn about those Regime followers who are killed visiting so-called holly sights in Iraq. These are privilaged followers of regime who get their journey subsidized.

cheshmeshoon koor
by MRX1 on Sat Apr 25, 2009 08:03 PM PDT

what a hell they were doing there in first place? well as hero of many of you Khalkhali said " if they are innocnet they will go to heaven" so no problem, they must me be on their way to heaven now....



more from Q

Thank you Q

by Abarmard on

Many of the readers have come to realize that the preaching of democracy, Human Rights and other cool stuff like that is based on image and PR rather than a true sense of the concepts.

I wonder how many people, in the West or East would be cool with the same Iranian system if they were "Secular" but did exactly what they do now.

It's sad to be shallow.

Thanks for the post.



by Anonymous-654 (not verified) on

Are you trying to make the hanging of Delara Darabi with your blog less important than what happened in Iraq? No, as you see just a few custumers comes to your shop(Dokan) to support your business! Read all the critics wrote by blogers here.


Q, you're absolutley right but

by Mazdak (not verified) on

there was very little traffic on news of what the IRI is doing to the remains of the vitcimes of 1988 massacres in Iran.


I don't recall seeing you on that page, and don't recall you active on any conversation in regard to this matter. If I'm mistaken please provide me with a link. I don't care about ideological thugs like Fred, or garbage spewed by others like Kamangir but hypocricy runs both way. Could it be because those Iranians were sympathaizers of the MEK or Fedian-e Khalgh and that's why we don't hear from you on them? Could you please provide some moral clarity on that?



by Anonymous-iran (not verified) on

They were not Iranians, they were a bunch of brainwashed, illiterate, narrow-minded people. Why did they go to Iraq? Did they go there to pay their respect to those(Hossein, Ali....) who killed millions of innocent Iranians, then they deserved what they got. No sympathy for vatan forosha!

khaleh mosheh

Thanks Q for this blog

by khaleh mosheh on

Innocent victims clearly deserve sympathy and the endangered living need action to prevent them becoming vicitims.

Clearly the numbers of innocent victims are very large in Iraq and recently we have seen brutal murders of civilians including children in Gaza. But of course these deaths can not easily be manipulated to serve a nefarious political purpose of subjugating Iran.


Dear Kadivar,

by Q on

you got me.

I bow to your superior reasoning and depth of intellect.

Darius Kadivar

Nor Did You MON Q ...

by Darius Kadivar on

How about today in Iran ...

Iran bus crash kills 28 pilgrims

You Don't follow the news do you ?


We all have our excuses, don't we Fred?

by Q on

I don't much feel like explaining the blog to you this time. Your education will have to wait.


Targeted mourning

by Fred on

If Islamists were really concerned about the welfare and safety of Iranians and “mourned” their loss, they would start the grieving at home where the systematic murder of Iranians has been order of the day.

 Be it from direct Islamist state sanctioned murder or through its gross neglect, Iranians are being victimized by the Islamists wherever they are.

 Just a few hours ago another twenty eight died due to lack of safe roads and transportation.