Hi everyone, I went back home and it felt bittersweet....

Hi everyone, I went back home and it felt bittersweet....
by Soosan Khanoom

I do not know where to begin. I do not know what to say but the fact that among many places I had visited within last several months one was Iran. Yes, Iran. After soooo many years finally I made two relatively close trips to Iran. I went back home and it felt bittersweet. It was amazing and at the same time very much depressing. I have chosen a few taken pictures of mine from Tehran, among those a picture of an innocent girl who was wondering in the street of Tehran in the coldest autumn day. A sweet kid whose begging eyes are still-hunting me.

I have also chosen a song that truly has a deep meaning, something that I heard for the first time ever on my way to the airport leaving Tehran. I could not help it but to ask the cab driver about the song and the singer. He just so kindly gave me the entire CD. Where else but in Iran can one find such a generous people?

I have much more to say but for now let this beautiful song and my pictures do the talking …


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nice montage, SK

by MM on

boy, I feel envious.  I also get the urge to visit friends/family, but I am reminded that, as a Persian (and Turkish) proverb says "a boby-part is crappy".

Welcome back, Soosan Khanoom.


Say no more you traitor!

by aynak on


How dare you go to Iran?  I suppose you went on a plane?   To visit family?   Oh, you have family in Iran?   Must be related to the Isalmist Rapists? (Note how revolutionary I am here).    Instead of allowing the full range of sanctions to work, particularly those that have to do with the in flow of large sums of cash (like the $2500 you paid for that rug) which will in trun help islamist rapist continue to murder people instead of helping regime change ......  last you were here, you were speaking anti-war to prolong IR.   I am sure with the funding you received you are going to be even more anti-war.  Can't you learn at least one thing from Cuban patriots living happily in Flordia, who have left Castro and are helping regime change, which will happen any day now, and .....


(P.S Welcome Back, IC.style)






Red Wine


by Red Wine on

خوش بازگشتید :) .