The Lies behind the West's War on Libya

by Souri

I have gathered here some of the documents from:


You can read and find out more about the truth behind the war agaisnt Libya, and also the whole picture of the real crisis of the world, Ociddent and Africa and Middle East....

Hope you will enjoy listening to this 3 parts video:

Ypu can read more about this subject, here:



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Matt Demon's Green Zone

by Souri on

is also a splendid movie on the American's lies about Irqu, to promot the war .

Also it is a bit too hollywoodian...and especially it came to the market, much late!



DK, you have tried to say the truth on Libya....

by Souri on

from the begining, but nobody here paid attention (but I, did :))

Thanks for this episod of M. Polac. He was my favorit. His IQ, much above everyone !

Is that true that he was married to a Persian lady?

I know he was living in Iran for a short time.

Darius Kadivar

C'est Cela Oui ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Droit de réponse Charlie-Hebdo

Ou Comment j'ai apprivoisé l'esprit de contradiction systematique au café du commerce auprès d'un soixante huitard attardé...