by TheMrs

In my experience, JJ’s generous with his advice, support and encouragement. But he can also be inconsistent and malleable.

On cnn.com everyone gets the same links. No matter how many different ways you log into hotmail, you know the inbox folder will always be there. Yahoo would never remove one of your folders, not tell you, deny they’ve done it or blame it on a programming bug. Can you imagine cnn removing your link to the Entertainment section because you were looking at too many Angelina Jolie pictures?

Our level of trust in Iranian.com matters a lot because if a site wants to be taken seriously, it has to first take itself seriously. It has to commit to some measure of realistic business integrity without stumbling into utopian inertia. It has to build a sense of trust between readers and administrators.

One of the benefits of registration is supposed to be “self publishing”. I’m not a journalist; maybe I don’t understand what that means. But blogging is an option for every registered user on this site. And the only difference between blogs and articles is the former is controlled by the submitting party whereas the latter is controlled by God.

To encourage users to register and then remove the tools designed to differentiate between articles and blogs, especially on a case by case basis and without our knowledge, is false advertising at best, cheating at medium and lying at worse.

Fellow bloggers, if the Edit button on top of your blogs is missing and you were told it is a programming glich, be aware that’s not the case. JJ has been selectively disabling the Edit button on most of my blogs (I didn’t check all). And of course, he never told me. I won't get into details of numerous private exchanges in which JJ could've told me he disabled the link. Instead, he didn't disclose the information. I can only imagine that he didn't want me to know.

By removing the Edit button on a blog, the site basically changes blogs to articles, usually without the knowledge or the consent of the contributor. My sources reveal that I’m not the only one in this predicament. But I have a bigger mouth and have to talk about it.

I believe it’s a very big deal when a contributor is deceived. It destroys the credibility the site has and ruins the relationship between bloggers and readers. After all, if my stuff is tampered with, why should I trust anything else on the site? For example, who knows if the most viewed link is exactly that and not used as a way to advertise for bands or events?

There are no rules any where about the number of times and the manners in which the Edit button can be used. I wasn’t informed of any limitations to the delete feature when I signed the agreement to register!

As for the long term psychological effects that deleted blogs might have on readers, all I have to say is that I survived a revolution, war and immigration. I can assure you that a few deleted comments, which are sanctioned by the laws of this site, won’t destroy our hopes for the future of Iran.

No blogger has ever promised readers to carve their blogs into stone for all eternity. Those who comment do so because they want to participate in discussions. Those who wish to keep their comments till eternity and onward are more than free to take their participation to articles. If I comment on a blog, I know I’m participating in a debate that is controlled by the blogger. If at any time he wishes to end the dialogue, it’s his right. That’s the policy of the site. I respect the contributing party and his judgment, even if his methods differ from mine.

If any of us have a problem with the site’s policy, we are free to contact the administrators. Typically, if the admin decides there’s enough cause to change a policy, he will do so and inform the rest of us about the change. If enough readers have complained about deletions on blogs and if JJ has decided to change the policy, he should announce that. By the way, if any deletions or editing has screwed up the site statistics, I would recommend an upgrade of the technology or hiring a better programmer. Secretly over stepping the regulations of the site isn’t a liberal remedy.

I’m free to start my own site and not complain about Iranian.com right? I’ve said this to other people too. Boogh. Wrong! That’s not a civilized way to deal with dissent, criticism or dissatisfaction. By telling people to go back where they came from? Or to get lost and start something else? I didn’t realize until recently how unfair, undemocratic and juvenile I’ve been every time I’ve suggested that. If you follow that logic, anyone who doesn’t like the way the government, the teacher or the businessman works can go and open their own establishments.

We have a long way to go until we can learn to live within the boundaries of regulations we set for ourselves. If we want to talk about civil liberties, freedom and justice for all Iranians and all that stuff, we cannot afford to disable links quietly and selectively just because we don’t like the way bloggers use the site’s features. JJ has trained me to have thicker skin, too bad he doesn’t seem to be playing by his own rules.

JJ has bailed me out a few times, I appreciate that. He's been generous with his time. If and when JJ decides to return all the features that are supposed to be under my user id back to me, I will be the first one to apologize to him and delete this blog. We can pretend like it never happened. The future of mankind is at stake here man. Until then, sucks to Iranian.com.

“Can I delete my article, blog or comments? Published articles will permanently remain on iranian.com. Blogs can be edited and or deleted by their owners. Comments can be edited by the author until someone replies to them, after which they cannot be altered.” – JJ and his team.


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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

even in medieval morality plays you could write A$$

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Yesterday, JJ e-mailed me to complain about my use of profanities. I don't think he knows the what the word means. I used the word butt I used the word BJ and both were deleted. 

Our contributions on this site = MONEY for JJ. Without us using this site, what will he have? Just his own blog. If the moderation is changing, so should the MOTTO : Nothing is sacred is a huge joke

I don't know if this is true, but if he is getting paid by the State Department or the government, then he has to censor his users here. That's so sad. We iranians are a joke. 


American Wife


by American Wife on

Who said TheMrs. was leaving?  I hope not.  I think she's got some pretty legitimate complaints here.  I don't know the "ins and outs" of her personal conversations with JJ but the issues she mentions are pretty serious.

Moderator1234.  You are offensive and clearly prejudicial in your "moderating".  You reprimanded me on my language which was absolutely ridiculous.  You never responded to my request for PROOF of such profanity.  I can go to a dozen blogs right now and show you language 10 times worse than I've ever used.  Now you are DELETING and EDITING a registered user's comments because YOU think they were being offensive?  I have flagged comments that were vile and disgusting and you've left them. 

JJ.  Please consider this an official protest.  I admire your efforts but this Moderator1234 has clearly overstepped his/her boundaries.



Mrs looks like you are at

by TheMr (not verified) on

Mrs looks like you are at the end of the road with iranian.com well all good things come to an end. So here you are getting a straight answer. You said this is unfair? you betcha! how does it feel to be singled out like this?! I think this is serious!

Irooni Baba

calm down people!

by Irooni Baba on

Amir.  I think JJ was just joking in his first comment.  You know, like a smart ass.  There is noone less dictator than JJ.



Dear TheMrs

by Souri on

I'm all with you. Any person who post Any article or blog, about Any thing, in the Iranian.com , must have the right to change or delete their  post at Any time they want.

Nothing is sacred ! Especially when it concern something that belong to ourselves. Why shouldn't an individual be able to go over their decision or their parole ? What that mean ?

JJ said this is a personal conflict between the two of you. I hope you two come to a comprise about that, as I know JJ is usually very patient and he doesn't take his decisions too lightly.

I hope , this wont' be generalized to everybody .

Jahanshah Javid

Don't worry :o)

by Jahanshah Javid on

Amir Jan, relax man. This case applies to no one else. This is personal between me and my Mrs!


Another comment

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

Dear JJ,

I wanted to share this with other readers.

Your website is like a therapy for me. Sometimes you see something or hear things about Iran in the news and you like to talk to people who are from the same region and share the same culture and the only place I can do it is on your web site.

It is like that place (Cheers TV show), where everyone knows your name.

Anyway once again thank you and keep up the good work

I hope you start to take me serious on that referendum idea.

Take care

Jahanshah Javid

Oh yes!

by Jahanshah Javid on

Amir Jan, I am a dictator as far as preserving good content, no matter what :o)


Dear JJ

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

You are a good man and I respect you.

But in your comment you sound like a dictator not an editor or free minded individual that I have visioned you to be.

Your great work for the Iranian community and specially for us frustrated, angry ex-pats who can't do much to help our beloved country but only express our self on your website.

I think "TheMrs" is right. Blog needs to be posted no matter in what condition or shape they are in and allowed to be deleted or edited by the blogger.

Articles must be edited by the editor, who is you.

Just remember your website is not you anymore is US.

Take care

Amir Nasri

Jahanshah Javid

That's right!

by Jahanshah Javid on

I won't allow YOU specifically from deleting your blogs. You're a very good writer and people leave lots of comments for you. I ain't gonna get rid of them -- ever! Complain all you want :o)