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updated 19-Jul-2007

Bruce Bahmani writes: It seems the power of music is stronger than politics, government corruption and possibly faith. At least that is the way it seems it might be in Tehran these days, for Benyamin Bahadori, specifically.


A friend visiting Tehran recently told me this story; As he was being driven around town by a cousin, they noticed a car full of young men sitting on the back end of a vanette/pickup next to their car, stuck in traffic, per usual. The men were listening to a song being played surprisingly loudly in their car, and to my friend's amazement, his cousin began singing along with them. It was a very snappy pop tune, and clearly everyone except my friend knew the words.


The song, as it turns out was "Taraneh Vazheh" (Words) a hugely popular hit on the street. The song is made up of what at first appears to be random words thrown together, "Sa-at, Divar, Cheshm-at, Ghalbam, Nemi-Ay, Albom, Geryeh, Nameh, Ashegh, Nemi-khai..." you get the idea. It makes no sense, but strangely it makes total sense.


It is a Da Vinci code of sorts, because as it turns out, the words are merely the first word of each Beyt/Stanza of a popular poem. What's the poem? You'll have to find that out yourself!


When you read the actual poem it's like you figured out a teasing riddle. A lot of fun.


The album is a blend of rich techno euro-anthems much like Daft Punk or Eiffel 65's non-"I'm Blue" songs. With the same tormented and obsessed Iroony boyfriend's voice. It's not super special, but it is new and highly infectious pop music. The kind of album the more you listen, the more you like.
Now for the kicker.


This album was recorded, produced and distributed inside Iran! Yes, Iran is now producing romantic, Iroony-girl obsessed, techno infused, pop music! The album my friend brought back from Iran was bought from the official government store right at the airport.


Take that LA!