The Problem With Talking to Iran
Wall Street Journal / Amir Taheri
29-May-2008 (7 comments)

The reason is that Iran is gripped by a typical crisis of identity that afflicts most nations that pass through a revolutionary experience. The Islamic Republic does not know how to behave: as a nation-state, or as the embodiment of a revolution with universal messianic pretensions. Is it a country or a cause?

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Asghar Taragheh

Very Good Article

by Asghar Taragheh on

Not a single lie! Great Analysis. He is totaly right that Iran is still in the state of revolution instead of acting like a nation state.


What is the "lie" in this article ??

by truth teller (not verified) on

What is the lie in this article??
Everything taheri says here is the truth and only uneducated, uninformed, totally biased and IRI apologists can make it up to be a lie without even idenftifying what the lie is?
This article is spot on and those who say that taheri is suggesting the US bombs Iran, they should read it properly and see that he actually says in so many words that the US should find a way to absorb Iran as a nation state and negotiate with it.
Why is he wrong about saying that the revolutionary mentailty should die away?? Why is he wrong in saying that the export of a superstition based, extremely violent and intolerant revolution, believing the 12th imam will come from the bottom of a well to save the world should stop?? Why is he wrong for suggesting that the government in Iran should start making decisions and formulate foriegn policy and negotiations based on the improvement of life for Iranians and not because of their backward, superstitious and revolutionary mentality? Why is he wrong for suggesting the Iranian government should act like a nation state?
Those who leave silly and uninformed comments here show us the backward mentality that has brought Iran so many problems over the past decades.
Shame on the lot of you for being party to propping up oppressors, killers and human rights violators of Iranian people.


This is BS

by ToofanZeGreat on

Wall Street Journal just stepped on a mountain of poop by letting this proven, unserious and sad excuse of a writer type his opinions in their paper..


Amazing how lies get so much coverage!

by Mehdi on

There isn't ONE word in the whole write-up that is not a lie! I guess if you lie outright like that and pay someone to publish it someplace respected, it "becomes" truth. Bunch of criminals! Is Taheri an MEK member?


He is a serial liar only in

by Anonymous0987 (not verified) on

He is a serial liar only in the eyes of the IRI propagndists and their useful idiots. Instead of name calling try to expose his lies one by one. Taheri has been smeared by the leftist because he does not kowtow to the loonie left in the US. The yellow band controversy was blown out of porportion deliberately by the left to discredit this man. As if all other journalists get it right hundred percent of the time.


This kind of ad hominem is typical of work of an anti-war crowd attempt to silence the debate by ruling that the other side is out of bounds. Like all ad hominem attacks, (argumentum ad hominem means “argument against the person”) it is an act of intellectual surrender. The person who employs an ad hominem attack is admitting they cannot win the debate on merit, and hope to chuck the entire thing out the window by attacking the messenger. This is a logical fallacy of the first order, because the messenger is not the message.


There is a problem?

by farokh2000 on

Who is this moron , Mehdi Taheri and what is his point?

Is he saying don't talk to them, just go in and bomb the heck out of the Country, like they did in Iraq?

I hate the Mullahs too and wish they just disappreaded or were eaten by the Sharks but what about the rest of the people?. Murder everyone to get rid of Mullah's and who in the Wrold has given U.S. the right to be the Police of the World to begin with?

Shame, shame on you Mehdi. You are a total disgrace to humanity.


This article was written by the serial-liar Amir Taheri !!

by Mehdi-Palang on

The authof of this article is Amir Taheri, a well-known neo-conservative who has written a number of articles for different newspapers which are usually based on false premises.  (look him up on wikipedia) had this to say about him:

"Amir Taheri’s op-ed titled The Problem With Talking to Iran appears in today’s Wall Street Journal. Considering Taheri’s dubious record of past fabrications and dishonest rhetoric regarding Iran, this latest op-ed is an accurate indicator of the WSJ’s substandard and heavily slanted view on the subject of Iran."

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