Report: Iran protests threats from Israeli official
07-Jun-2008 (6 comments)

Iran's United Nations delegation accused the Security Council of "emboldening" an Israeli official into threatening to attack Iran over its nuclear weapons development program, according to Iran's state-run media.

"The Israeli regime has been emboldened due to carelessness and silence of the Security Council," the delegation said in a letter to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the U.N. Security Council, the Islamic Republic News Agency reported Saturday.

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The court decide Olmert's guilt.

by Mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

Mr. Anonymouszzzz
First. In Israel they allow to investigate the head of the country, and the press is more allowed to publish them.
Dare anyone to investigate the conduct of Khamanei, and try to explain the billions of dollars which various Mullahs in Tehran have stashed in swiss accounts. Or try to find out how a mid-level clerics like Rafsanjani have become the richest man in Iran with net worth of $4.3B.

Second. In Israel the judiciary system is trickly independent of the rest of government branches. The courts and only the courts will decide his fate. Guilty or not.
Obviously the Opposition will always jumps on the bandwagon to discredit the ruling party. But I am sure you know how democracy works, and that is where Israel's strength comes from.

As for those "Handouts". I like you to take a look at these figures below and tell me if you don't see the lopsided picture here..

GDP per CAPITA (2006 est).


9.Sudan:--- ----$2,400


With no Oil, or other natural resources of its own, One Israeli worker produces more goods and services, then 10 of his counterparts in Arab & Muslim Countries COMBINED.

Even with their massive oil reserves. These Arab & Muslim states, mano-to-mano can't surpass Israel's GDP.

Oil rich States.
Saudi Arabia:--$12,000

Source: //


Aghayeh Mazloom

by Anonymouszzzz (not verified) on

So Olmert being asked by his own government to step down as part of a money laundering conspiracy that involved a wealthy jewish business man in NY, is your validation for nobody being above the law?

With respect to Israel's progress, Are you even aware of the billions of US tax payers dollars that's getting pump into Israel as not a loan or a grant, but as a "contribution"?

Are you aware of the 30 years of sanctions against Iran exempt from the likes of Haliburton?


Some posters are simpley pethetic.

by Mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

Lets face it agha. some posters who use labels (Zionists, Nazis, etc) are pathetic. You simply run out of palatable idea to put forward, such that it would convince any natural person visiting here to be convinced of your argument.

Mofaz like many other Iranian born Israelis - all throughout their lives living in Iran, they were treated like second and 3rd rate citizens. Just get off your computer and ask your father or grandfather "Agha, Kallimi chi-chi-yeh?". Then you will know the reason why Mofaz and 120,000 other Jews had left Iran and moved into Israel.

If you live in Iran, then you should know that, they were the same Mullahs like these, who taught your fathers and grandfathers to humiliate the Jews (Kallimiahs) and other minorities so much, that Jews had no choice, but leave their homes and shops behind and with few suitcase in hand escape the rut hole.

Secondly, that fact is, if Mofaz (and Katsav) and millions of other Jews like them are capable to converge from 120 different countries, cultural, and languages, yet manage to build one of most advanced societies on earth in JUST 60 years, where rule of law is supreme, and no one is above the law - even former war heroes. That ought to tell you something about the very strong foundation on which State of Israel is standing.

So please, khaily be-bagh-shit, just cut the crap with your constant whining and blaming all your ills and failures on others. Your real enemies are Khamanei and THE (akh-mag-e) Ahmadimidget, not Mufaz, or Olmert.

Lets face it. Before the Islamic conquest of Persia, Farsi like you were THE center of civilization of its time. Fars was centuries ahead of its Arab neighbors. There is a very good reason why Iranian intellectuals loath their Arab neighbors and look down at them.

BUT, since Islam was impose on you, all went into hellhole baskate. You can blame the late Shah all you wish. Yes he was a thug and perhaps guilty of many crimes to which good and honest Iranians will level it against him, and you probably right. But whatever you say, he and his father, had tried very hard to follow Atta Turks example and steer Iran away from the backward dogma of the Islamic fundamentalism, all in vain.

And to all those Mullah lovers. Ask yourself are you better off economically, socially, and politically, now or during the 70s. You already know the answer to that.

If you are concerned about Iran, then demand to have the same rights to which every human being is entitled to enjoy - freedom of expression, better choices then what you have now. That is where you should spend your time to worry about, not blame you problem on some one else whom had done nothing to you.


I love the phrase Zio-Nazis - so appropriate

by Mehdi on

Very descriptive ;) these guys are making the Iranian regime look like a bunch of cute little babies :)


Unbelievable that the

by 666 (not verified) on

Unbelievable that the shysterness instilled in us goes so far as to have an IRANIAN like Mofaz threaten to bomb and kill his own people. Can, will and never should trust a shyster.

Oh yeah, just noticed that they bought Obama out the other day. Watching that boy speak at the AIPAC conference was truly disturbing. Shysters run this country and there is no question about it.


This is the style of Zio-Nazis, first used by HITLER

by zirak on

Zio-Nazis did not invent this psychological method of demonizing a nation. Americans did it first and are still doing it. They bring in a person of the heritage of the country that they want to demonize and ask him to do the dirty job for them. Similar to telling that MKO has given them Iran's nuclear secrets. Zio-Nazis are trying to say to the world that it is not "us"  who are against this particular country, it is their own countrymen. Old tricks originally used by HITLER of all people.