Now That's What I Call Torture
New Statesman / Clive Stafford Smith
21-Jun-2008 (3 comments)

"I'm writing this on my 21st visit to Guantanamo Bay. I'm visiting Binyam Mohammed. the British resident tortured for 18 months in Morocco. The abuses were medieval for the most part, including a razor blade to his genitals, but I was surprised when he told me the psychological tactics were worse than the physical torture. He explained it well: given the terrible choice between losing your sight or losing your mind, anyone would choose to be blinded over becoming insane."

Rosie T.

Victim: Psychological Torture Worse Than Physical

by Rosie T. on

Cnildren sometimes play a game called Musical Chairs.  Adults sometimes play a game called Musical Torture.


Rosie T.

OOOOH, I GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Rosie T. on

THIS Being Tortured With Barney!  I thought you meant on the vermillion thread that i should include a link to my POEM exquisite torture and that being tortured by siad person  is VERY VERY like being tortured by Barney.  Barney HIMSELF.  Not the VIDEO.  Now I got it.  But WHAT does this newsfed have to do with vermillion?

Anyway I can see the man's point that anyone would rather go blind than go insane but in places like Uzbekistan recently (don't know exactly about now I'll google) the physical tortures are just sssssssssssssoooooooo terrible, so medieval, so unspeakably terrible.  With all due respect to them, and not undermining the seriousness of the issue, these guys expereinced Physical Torture Lite.

Yep, as far as Iran, that's EXACTLY what would happen.  Physical Torture LITE and Psychological Torturn NEW IMPROVED HEAVY DUTY TIDE.

No shit.  You better believe it.

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

Totally agree on the Barney

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

My sons' had the collection of Barney videos. Talk about unusual and cruel punishment for me. It was unbelievably harsh to have them play them over and over again all day long.

Now, on a more serious note, it is awful some of the torture techniques that people are subjected to. I mean, there are no charges and all rights are stripped away from the individual. Can you imagine having your rights taken away, thrown into a jai without any recourse? It is a true nightmare.

My concern has always been that if the U.S. attacks the Iran then many innocent Iranians will be subjected to this kind of treatment.

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