Iranian scholar compiling Andalusian love poems
Tehran Times
26-Jun-2008 (one comment)

Iranian scholar Abdolhossein Farzad is currently compiling Andalusian love poems to translate them into a collection entitled "Love Poems of the Arabs in Spain. [He says]: “Today, the world is suffering from a dearth of love and such poetry can lead the people to a pure and deep-rooted love...The Spanish people have highlighted it profoundly”.

Rosie T.

"The World Is Suffering From a Dearth of Love"

by Rosie T. on

Short but sweet.  Love and poetry are always news.  When I was a student in Spanish Language and Lit, we studied such poems. And I also lived in Spain for a while.  And when I saw my first Iranian film, thirty years later, the first thing that struck me was that Iran was so much like Spain.  Is that not news?  Why not?                     Rosie