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30-Jun-2008 (8 comments)

Ahmad Batebi one of the students arrested during the July 1999 student uprising, after enduring nine years of imprisonment including a reduced death sentence has reached freedom and just appeared on VOA. This is a good day; rejoice all the freedom lovers rejoice.

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Is he in the US??

by Anonymousk (not verified) on

Is he in the US??



by Fair on

Truly great news, I am so happy this man is free at last. And I also am outraged that it has received so little coverage in western or any media.

This shows how many people are REALLY concerned about Iranian people's rights, and those who stand with our youth and student movement. Shameful.



Another pic

by Parham on

And here he is in front of the VOA building:



Wow! Wow! Wow! What truly

by 241 (not verified) on

Wow! Wow! Wow!
What truly wonderful news!
I hope in ALL forms and manner my happiness can last!
The very BEST of luck!


Ahmad Batebi-.پرنده از قفس پريد


.پرنده از قفس پريد.. احمد باطبي آزاد دور از دست اهريمنان

I do not really know why nobody from the major news agencies want to report on him being FREE at last , they did 10 yrs. ago when he was prisoned, tortured and....(remember economist cover 1999) 18 tir 1999 student movement.........thats the DARK Hands censorship in USA , we are not talking about news media in iran, I'm saying here in USA no one wanted to report about him escaping the devils bloody teeth of islamic regime, I even sent the news to (jj check your email, baba jaan) twice when i got the news, image and link from ahmad himself, and i did send it to VOA, radio farda, radio sedaye iran , pars tv, gooya news, peyk net, iran press and..... but no one put the news up on their site...what are We afraid of, he was not and gave 10 years of his life.......and more..

anyway there`s my blog link and his picture front of congress in washing ton DC, FREE at last.


take a look,




by Setiz (not verified) on

I can't find the report on VOA site, but if true this is a good day!

But how in the world did he manage to escape from between the teeth of the devil?

Rosie T.

Yeah, he sure will, Kadivar...

by Rosie T. on

he sure will.


Darius Kadivar

Wonderful News !

by Darius Kadivar on

All the best wishes of mental and physical recovery to Ahmad Batebi. He will need it.