Majlis to vote on anti-social offenders
Mehr News
01-Jul-2008 (2 comments)
The Majlis is going to put to the vote a plan on imposing tougher punishments on anti-social offenders. “If the plan is ratified, those who endanger the society’s psychological security will be sentenced to death.” >>>
Rosie T.

Majlis: Death Penalty for "EVILDOING"?!

by Rosie T. on

EVILDOING???!! My god, they sound just like George Bush.  Remember his "evildoers"?  Do these people have coffee together or what? Watch out, Doctor Evil and Mini-me.

But seriously, this is an official charge.  This is HORRENDOUS. These people won't be happy until they have EVERYONE strung up over a major thoroughfare.



“Offences endangering the

by Anonymousanonymous (not verified) on

“Offences endangering the society’s psychological security include armed robbery, rape, brothel keeping, blasphemy, human trafficking for sexual slavery, kidnapping, evildoing and running websites and weblogs which promote prostitution,” he explained."


Killing dissidents becomes the law of the land, good to know... Also, this is a convenient method to combat poverty instead of creating jobs; just kill the poor...